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How I Use Photos At Facebook To Drive 200+ Daily Visitors To My Website

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices, Guest Blogs by SBIers | November 26, 2013
Guest post by Carrie Profenno from

Shortly after launching my Maine Coon Cat website, I created a Facebook Page to go along with it. I knew I would be building a community, and wanted to tap into the strong sense of community that Facebook naturally promotes.

Very early on, I began utilizing SBI!’s Content 2.0 tool as a way for visitors to share photos of their cats, and it took right off! Before long I was receiving submissions every day. So the next logical step was to integrate this new community into Facebook, grow it, and send it back to the main site.

Pet sites, travel sites, hobby sites and others tend to be very visual. I found that organizing my hundreds of cat photos into regular, monthly photo albums kept them neat and tidy. And best of all, these photos are perfect for sharing on Facebook!

Pet owners love seeing their beloved pet featured on a popular Facebook Page. They often contact me to ask how to get their cat featured. There are two ways I utilize and encourage this. The first keeps the page growing, and the second directs these fans back to the main site, where they discover more photos, content, and shopping choices.

Many Facebook fans post a photo on the Facebook page itself. At this point I get so many photos I can’t click on each one to share to my wall! Some of the funniest, most engaging or beautiful cats will get shared directly to my Facebook wall. These types of posts do not have a link back to the main site, but they do tend to get seen and shared by more Facebook users. These posts help grow my page.

Secondly, my visitors are encouraged to fill out a Content 2.0 form on the main site, where I manually copy and paste their cat into my monthly photo album. Photo submissions of over 500 words receive their own page. Each good quality photo gets posted directly on the Facebook Page itself, with a jump link to the photo submission itself!

I recommend finding a unique angle to your Facebook posts, a theme to tie them together. Also, keeping it simple is key, as time goes on and the photos keep pouring in. Nearly all of my posts are formatted the same, they are an invitation to “meet” a cat or kitten. Here is an example…

Note the jump link, which is an invitation to visit this cat for more about him. This is different from a typical post, which is usually a link to a page, with an automatic preview. This is considered a photo post, and it normally reaches a larger audience than a link type post. By slipping a link into the text manually, you get the best of both post types!

Facebook Marketing Tip

When you post photos to your Facebook Page, follow these best practices…

  • If you get a lot of photos, try to spread them out. I find that photos do not reach my personal news feed if they are closer than 2hrs apart. So I try to schedule them ahead, every 2hrs and 10 minutes. Play with it and see what works best.
  • Try to be regular. Taking a few minutes each morning and evening to share photos really keeps your community engaged!
  • I do not use any auto-posting service. I don’t think they look like a person was behind the wheel. This really doesn’t take much time, and when done with a personal touch, it is well worth the repeat visitors.

Once your Facebook fans, or friends, as I like to call them, become used to these regular photos, they come to expect and enjoy any posts from their favorite page. This includes links to new articles, links to product reviews, invitations to sign up for a newsletter, as well as links to new and updated photo albums.

When I am following these practices regularly, I can expect to see over 200 daily visitors from Facebook to my site. These are “regulars,” who enjoy the sense of community and keep coming back to engage, browse, share more!

Since launching her website, in early 2010, Carrie Profenno has quickly found a passion for working online while being available for her young family. When not tending to her busy household she can be found enjoying the Maine Coon community both on her site and on Facebook.


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