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Top 7 Tips For Growing A Highly Loyal And Engaged Facebook Audience

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices, Guest Blogs by SBIers | November 14, 2013
Guest post by Catherine MacMillan from

Making an emotional connection with your audience is one of the keys to Facebook success. I believe it’s critical to develop an emotional connection with my followers.

Make an emotional connection with my Facebook followers? How do I do THAT, you ask?

Here are my top 7 tips:

1. Find out what makes them tick. What do they like to do? Is your audience mostly male or female? What do they think is cool? What do they think is not cool? If you don’t know, you’ll find out fast when you post and your post bombs!

2.  Know the ‘niche’ language, the ‘lingo’. Know how to talk the talk, and walk the walk… get into the mind set of the “typical person in your niche.” If you don’t know ‘the language’ of your niche followers, get out there and find out.  

My trucking niche, as an example, has an entire language unto itself, so it’s an ideal way to connect with my followers.

A few examples of  ‘the lingo’ of my trucker niche…

  • Rooster cruiser
  • Chicken truck
  • Stylin & profilin’
  • Keep the shiny side up, the greasy side down and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

My followers know these phrases. Using this language makes them at ease and they know they are with others of ‘their own kind’, who understand them.  They feel at home.

Use the lingo (language) in your posts… Don’t overdo it though, or they’ll peg you as phony.

3. Pictures are the easiest way to make that special connection with your people. Yes, they do speak a 1000 words. Try it and see for yourself. Test to find out what pictures do  best. My audience loves loves loves photos of trucks, and especially photos of the older model rigs.  

Many of the drivers will comment on the truck, not so much talking about the particular truck in the photo, but how they remember learning to drive in a truck just like the one in the photo, or how their ‘dad’ taught them to drive in a truck like that, or how ‘trucking was so much better then than it is now. This is that ‘all important emotional connection’ you should be shooting for.

4. Make an infographic using the ‘lingo’ and post them to your Wall and to your Pinterest account as well (if you have one). Your followers will love it. It will mean “you’re one of them.” 🙂

5. Use Facebook’s new embed feature. If you have a post that gets lots of likes, comments and shares on your wall, embed the code and include it on an applicable page on your site (like I did below). Your followers can then interact with your Facebook post without leaving your web page. This is a big time ‘win-win’ for you and your visitors.

6. Consider installing a “Fan of the Week App.” Every week one fan is picked as fan of the week. You can pick the initial fan, after which your fans can apply to become fan of the week. This is the app I am using…

7.  Post about a controversial topic. Be prepared for crowd control though! But, don’t be afraid to go for it… your fans will love it (just set really strict parameters for language and respect.)  The passion and emotion comes out when it’s a ‘sensitive’ topic. That’s what you want.

Two Examples From My Smart Trucking FB Wall

This post was successful because it’s a photo and I already know truckers like ‘cabover’ trucks. They like cabovers not because they were really fantastic trucks, but because they are ‘retro’… and retro is in, in ANY niche.  

Many truckers learned to drive in cabovers and cabovers remind them of those good ol’ golden days of trucking.

This post worked because it’s a sensitive, emotionally charged topic in this industry. Had I interacted more on the post, there would have been even more comments. There aren’t many likes, but lots of good comments.

To Sum It Up…

The concept of making an emotional connection isn’t really something new to you, if you own an SBI! or other e-business site. Know your audience, know your niche. This applies to your website and your Facebook Page.

My Facebook followers love being part of a group… they love being part of the Smart Trucking Facebook Community, which I refer to from time to time. They like the sense of belonging. I reference the term “we,” meaning the Facebook community, and they really love that.

My fans are extremely protective of the group as a result of the special connection we have. It’s awesome to watch them interact with each other and me, when they offer support and complement one another… that’s another emotional connection. It’s social and it works.

Much of your success with this technique will depend on your particular niche. Some groups are easier to connect with than others. But, dig deep and “get into their heads.” Find out what works.

Get into the groove. It is NOT difficult. In fact, it should be easy, if you have a true passion for your niche.

It’s that emotional connection they make with your posts, you and each other,  that will keep them coming back. was created in late 2011, following Catherine’s 30 year involvement in the trucking industry. “It felt like the right step into a new chapter of a family business,” Catherine says. Truckers are extremely social and the Smart-Trucking Facebook Page has been a perfect, successful fit in the social media mix for the family business. Catherine dedicates herself full-time to several SBI! sites, and she loves it!

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