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We Are Becoming A Facebook Nation – Is Your Business Part Of It?

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices, Guest Blogs by SBIers | January 6, 2014
Guest post by Sandy Mesmer from

I definitely think we are becoming a Facebook nation.

It never ceases to amaze me – I post something on my Facebook page, go to the kitchen for coffee and come back to 250 people having seen the post, 40 having “liked” it and five more have commented.  The rapidity of communication reaching thousands of people is insane, like nothing else I have ever experienced.

I am approaching 14,000 “likes” on my Facebook page and regularly achieve 30,000 to 60,000 Total Reaches a week (that translates to 2 million to 3.5 million a year!). How did I do this? I follow my 3 rules for Facebook success…

  1. I know how to get my word out to enough people.
  2. I have interesting and inclusive things to say, and I say them regularly.
  3. I always have links where more information can be obtained.


Rule #1: I know how to get my word out to enough people

I am not in general a fan of click ads. Facebook is an exception. When I started paying for a small ad, my Total Reach (that is, total number of people that see any activity from my Facebook page) went up about 10 times. I played with the amounts a bit, and found that the most cost effective is paying a maximum of $3.00 a day. $4.00 doesn’t bump up the numbers especially, and $2.00 is too small. I never need to change the ad – it’s like a little engine – it just keeps on sending me people.


Rule #2: I have interesting and inclusive things to say, and I say them regularly.

The basic concept of my site,, is different from other dog care sites, because my content is…

  1. Based on actual experience.
  2. Written well enough to actually be engaging.
  3. Written “for dummies” – with information that really can help the novice dog owner, as well as clear cut tips and information for more experienced owners.

I post at least once a day on my Facebook page. I make sure that the pictures are great (and I never steal pictures – I either use my own or get permission). Very often the picture gets the feedback long before the information – so…

Good pictures are vital.

I often share others’ material. I want my Facebook page to be a community forum, not purely a sales engine. But even when I share an article that I really like, I write about it myself, and share one of my own photos.

By the way, photographs engage much better than artwork. (Bummer for me as an artist, but I’m willing to face reality. So I use a photo to link to artwork.)

Yes, my readers love cute puppy videos. But they also really enjoy training, product information, and general dog care info. Sometimes I will post about a subject dear to my heart that I know my public won’t want to hear about – I just make sure I also post some more acceptable information at the same time to keep my numbers up.

I always try to put myself into the shoes of my readers – I want to give them the information that they want – and need. I was a novice owner once too, and I know the hard won tips that would have made my life as an owner easier. I get my information from my own, over 200 page website, from Facebook, some dog ezines and from Google Alerts where I get everything about “small dogs”.

Here’s an example where I use information from the Web to introduce one of my new web pages…


My readers love games. I have a regular “Mystery Breed” contest. I’m always surprised at how smart my readers are – I have never had a contest where no one got the answer, and some of the breeds have been pretty obscure. This is one of my most popular posts. Winning contest owner gets a limited edition print.


Rule #3: I always have links where more information can be obtained.

I always link back to more info. Preferably to my website, but not with every post. People like to know where to get more data.

A link from Facebook does tend to bump up the Traffic Stats for my web pages, but funnily enough my perennial website winners – coloring pages – get very little engagement on Facebook. A quirk of the business!

And of course, I keep the website updated and fresh. No one likes a stale website!

Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer has been breeding and showing Silky Terriers for over 30 years. She started her SBI! website in 2010 and her Facebook Page in 2012. Her Facebook Page now has over 13,000 likes and a yearly Total Reach of 2 to 3 million users. The Maxwell Award winning artist and small dog lover will publish her third book “Animal Planet, Dogs 101: Pomeranians” in September 2014.

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