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Are You The “Work From Home” Type? The Answer May Shock You!

Written By: SiteSell in How To Build an E-Business | March 17, 2014


Odds are that you have at least considered it, working from home is very appealing. You’ve created this perfect cocoon of comfort and serenity, where all your needs are accounted for. So why wouldn’t you want to work from there? If you really are interested in working from home, many great opportunities are within your reach. Now, before you go off and start researching Zen home office designs, here is some information on the various work-at-home types that are out there.


Many companies offer work-from-home programs to their employees. More than half of the U.S.  workforce (64 million people) currently have the option of working from home occasionally. As working from home gains popularity, it is believed that more than a quarter of the world’s workforce will be working remotely by 2020. The key to most successful corporate work-from-home programs is having a culture that is easily ported to working remotely. Communicating and cooperating with colleagues is efficient using today’s collaboration tools and communication technologies. If you spend all your time working on a computer or on the phone, then you could just as easily do it from your home office.  If you are fed up with long commutes or traffic but prefer a steady paycheck, telecommuting is for you. But it is not perfect for everyone, especially if you live for office politics and water cooler gossip.


Freelancing covers a wide range of outsourceable tasks, from running errands to consultation. Even if you aren’t an expert in graphic design, writing or IT consulting, you can still be successful. Over time you will build a portfolio and testimonials, not to mention repeat business. You will become your own marketing department and build the brand of you. There are many freelancing websites where jobs are posted but you will quickly realise that there is an abundance of competition. Online freelancing is a numbers game, so the more jobs you bid on the more work you will obtain. Approaching local business networks is a great way to start building your freelancing career.  Not only can you capitalize on face-to-face relationships, but your customers will often be very happy to refer you to their business contacts.

Hard Goods Seller

Selling products online is not as complex at it seems. Even a small catalog of unique or trendy products can provide steady income and possibilities for growth. Sourcing products from suppliers is excellent for quickly building a product catalog, but provides very slim profit margins. In order to obtain the highest profit margins, consider manufacturing products yourself. Driving quality traffic to your website will be critical, and learning how search engines work is essential. Setting up an e-commerce platform that mostly takes care of Search Engine Optimization can give you a head start. You will manage everything from website hosting to setting up a transactional ecommerce platform. Drop-shipping is becoming so common that you don’t even need to physically handle products if you don’t want to. Providing great customer service is what will set you apart from the competition and help word-of-mouth drive even more business your way. If you want a work-at-home job that can grow into much more, selling hard goods is a great way to go.

Service Seller

There are many options for opening a business by offering a service in your home. Usually the type of service offered has local reach, such as a child care or beauty services. Advertising in local media or via postings on bulletin boards will get you started. Word of mouth will do the rest of the work. Some equipment may need to be purchased in order to provide the service, but start-up costs are often reasonable. There are however barriers to providing a service in your home. Customers will be expecting a certain level of proficiency. Si if you have no training or experience in the service you propose to offer, you are setting yourself and your customers up for disappointment.

Information Monetizer

Using your knowledge is a brilliant way to make money from home. Setting up websites or blogs and posting thought provoking themed articles can attract lots of quality visitors. Building an active social network presence around this website can give you even more visibility.  Once you have a steady stream of traffic coming into your website, making money from your visitors becomes feasible. From paid advertising to affiliate marketing, various income strategies offer the potential for consistent profit. You won’t get rich overnight, but its honest money and is a really great way to work from home if you enjoy writing and have a good sense of humor.

With all these work at home options, there’s no harm in mixing things up. You could create a great information monetization plan and, once you have sufficient website traffic, skyrocket your income by selling hard goods or e-goods to your visitors. Perhaps you can also freelance on the side and teach others what you have learnt from your experiences. If your current employer does not have a work-at-home program, perhaps you want to start applying at companies that do. Regardless of whether you want escape the office, supplement your income or build the next Amazon, working from home is a great way to earn a living! So which work-at-home type are you, and why? Take the Quiz, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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