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Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips, How To Build an E-Business | August 25, 2014

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or about ready to retire, think back for a few moments about all the various ways you’ve earned money through the years…

  • A lemonade stand
  • Selling baseball (or pokemon!) cards
  • Making and selling handmade items
  • Corn-row braiding on a beach
  • Part-time summer job
  • Full-time career

As you look back, what stands out most to you?

  • A sense of accomplishment?
  • Did you feel inspired?
  • Challenged?
  • Excited?

What made some ways of earning income better than others? The amount you earned played a role, for sure. But even more so the feeling that you could be yourself.

Be Yourself

Those 2 little words hold the key to discovering yourself through an e-business. Why an e-business? Well… thousands, perhaps millions of people everywhere are discovering a new way to be themselves through the process of starting and growing a web based business.

Fiona McCardle and Jim Andrew, two former Scottish designers now run an online business around renting villas in Tuscany.

Here’s what they said while thinking back on their own job history…

In a strange way, all our previous experiences, which at first glance seems a million miles away from what we are doing now, were actually good preparation.

What about you? What idea, passion, interest, hobby or experience would allow you to be yourself and earn a living from it through an e-business? Think back to those first experiences again. Is there some characteristic or aspect of a previous job or unofficial business pursuit (i.e., traveling lemonade stand) where an entrepreneurial seed may have been planted in you?

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur before. Afterall, it’s a big word with even bigger implications. At least is was pre-internet! But the internet has swung the doors open wide so that literally anyone can launch their own inner entrepreneurial initiative. Like 14 year old Nori did 10+ years ago.

We had fallen in love with Anguilla on our first trip to the island. About half way through that trip, I asked my Dad, “Would Anguilla be a good topic for a Web site?

The rest of Nori’s story as they say… is history.

Ever since I first learned to read and write, I have had a recurring dream. I would write and publish one day. That’s when it hit me. I would publish myself!

Each of these folks (except Nori who was quite young at the start) were doing a certain type of work/job but deep down inside, longed to do something different. They wanted more. And they found their “more” through starting and building an online business based on something of interest to them.

Just about anyone can discover themself through an e-business. What are you waiting for? Be yourself and have a blast (or blast off!) doing it!

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