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Written By: SiteSell in Content & Article Writing | September 8, 2014


As a website or blog owner, you want to attract readers and keep them coming back for more. But how do you do this? Information seekers are inundated with the opinions of what seems like the entire planet online. Sometimes even their pets have something to say. To stand out from the crowd (and their pets), you need a system, a methodology for creating engaging content on a consistent basis. Below we explore five ways to kick-start your creative process for writing content that your readers will love.

Research trends

One foolproof way of increasing your readership is to write about trending topics. Search engines will be your primary source of information. If you are not particularly talented at searching online, you will find browser plugins, such as Search Cloudlet, which can greatly improve your efficiency. Google trends provides interesting insight into trending topics and is utilized by savvy content marketers. News media can also be a great source of trend information. Piggy-backing on media stories can bear fruit, but be weary of the short lifespan, which can often be counted in days or even hours. The holy grail of content is using keyword research tools in collaboration with trends to find hot topics that are underserved.

Build new expertise

Do some serious reading

In order to develop expertise in a new field or topic, you will need to research. If you invest two to three hours per day, by the end of one week (sometimes even a few days) you can have a solid base in any subject. Capitalize on community forums, capturing the expertise from their archives which often go back many years. Active members of online communities are usually more than happy to share their knowledge with someone who is genuinely interested; don’t be scared to reach out to experts with questions.

Get your hands dirty

If you want to learn something profoundly, experience it. This may also provide a genuine emotional tone and confidence to your content. Consider documenting your projects and take photographs or videos. This sort of added value can spice up an article, attract a larger variety of viewers, and add to your credibility.

Identify Opportunities

Once you have a good understanding of a subject, you often see highly creative offshoots. You may have found, during your research, that specific information was difficult to find. Perhaps you would have appreciated an article or video about a specific topic, and therefore others may also find it useful. If your hunch pans out, and people are indeed actively searching for it, you can capitalize on this. In truth, you should always be looking to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. Continuous monitoring is therefore important.

Be Ethical

The last thing anyone needs is even more inaccurate information being disseminated online. If you’ve ever taken a media ethics class, you have probably heard of the “rule of three”. This mythical rule states that you must validate information from at least three reputable sources. This is easier said than done online, and you must create your own criteria for what exactly a credible source is. Another common pitfall is plagiarism and copyright infringement. Steal the work of others and you will quickly find your website or blog disabled, until the offending content is removed, following a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) notice from the copyright holder.


Even if you don’t capitalize on trending topics or become an information sponge, anyone can create great content with basic knowledge if they are willing to experiment and learn. If you incorporate a system for creating content that is tailored to your creative process, you will learn and improve your skills. The real key to writing is to keep creating. What is your process for writing great content? Please share your comments below.

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