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The 10-Lesson Big Picture of the World of Business

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips, How To Build an E-Business | October 1, 2014

The 10-Lesson Big Picture of the World of Business

You’re in business. Be ready for what that means…

1) Like offline, success is not a straight line.

2) When you hit a setback, get up and get going again.

3) If you’re ready for success, be ready for copycats. They’ll happen.

The good news is that engines are getting better at finding them. And you can get rid of them.

The better news? You are a success. No one copies failures because they don’t find you.

So act like a success. Steve Jobs never whined about copycats. He was two steps ahead by the time others copied him. If you’re successful, you’ll be copied. So keep ahead, push farther and faster.

4) Think logically, and with a “quiet mind.”

A setback is something to overcome. Right away start building towards the next plateau. One SBIer said it well in the forums… “You can visit pity city, but you cannot live there.”

5) Keep things in perspective.

You are a sample size of 1. The “keep it real” rules have not changed. The core fundamentals are more important and valid than ever.

6) The A in BAM is Attitude.

A positive attitude, a confidence that you CAN overcome adversity, is so important to making it happen.

7) Add real value to the Web.

Audit your site and correct faults… I’ve seen people say they’ve “done the audit.” I check and see 5 mistakes without trying. Do it, step by step.

8) Stop depending solely on AdSense and/or affiliate programs.

Think of all your visitors. Why are they there? What do they want? Turn that into income by offering something that is worth more than the money they’ll part with. Grow beyond AdSense.

9) We all need the chance to ventilate.

It’s healthy. But if you stop there, it’s not.

10) “Adding value” and “keeping it real” are age-old business practices that don’t go out of fashion.

The more you have kept it real, the less you have to worry about the future.

It’s All About Perspective

Building and owning your own business is work. And no matter how you want to do it (online, offline, big or small, VC-fueled or bootstrapped), there will be setbacks.

But it’s worth the effort, more so in today’s economy than ever. When your business is based on something you know and love, you fully understand the difference between job and business, (as in, “your own” business).

For as far as I can see into the future, there is no better way, nor a more important time, for the “regular” person to start his/her own business. Integrating these lessons, I believe, will make you tougher, more effective and ready-to-succeed.

It’s about perspective…

Business is like golf. When things are going well, when your swing is crisp and easy, you think it’s going to be like that forever. Wham! Downturn. You get frustrated. It’s totally human. Sometimes you’ve got to go right back to basics to start your next upturn. Do that and you will succeed.

Going that extra mile is often what makes the difference as others fall by the wayside (and it is one of the reasons why copycats can’t succeed — they are lazy and can’t take the setbacks). So how do you go the extra mile?

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