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Call To Action!

Written By: SiteSell in CTPM | October 16, 2014

Call To Action!

By Lisa Hanfileti (…

If you are following SiteSell’s online business building course, you’re probably:

  • Reading the Action Guide (or watching the video version)
  • Creating valuable keyword-focused content
  • Attracting targeted organic traffic from all over the world
  • And, over time,watching your website rankings improve.

But there’s a serious oversight that you might be making while you’re business building and developing your site. This potential missing ingredient is essential for converting “browser” to “shopper” …  or “visitor” to “customer” …

It’s a “Call to Action.”

It’s probably the most important part of the marketing and sales process because a call to action prompts  your website visitors to do something.

A call to action is your way of presenting your targeted traffic with an opportunity to contact you, receive more information, and most importantly, when the time is right, prompt them to purchase your product, service or opportunity.

An effective call to action accomplishes two important goals:

  • It separates the browsers from the buyers.
  • It builds your email list of targeted prospects.

A great way to start using your call to action is to entice your visitors to opt-in to your special report, newsletter, or free ebook.

Once your web visitors have subscribed to your email list, a brand new door opens! You have permission to communicate with them and prompt them to take further actions.

 The lifeblood of your online business is your web visitors who become enthusiastic customers and repeat buyers. Loyalty from your customer base is everything in a business. This does not happen by chance. It happens because you have given your web visitors multiple ways to interact with you and get to know you.

Lifelong loyalty can start with an effective call to action.

5 Effective Calls to Action

Call to Action #1: Contact Form

Visitors are on your site because they are searching for an answer to their problem. Go ahead and place a “Contact” item on your navigation and do not be afraid to place a Contact link form at the bottom of  each page (i.e. in the footer area).

Call to Action #2: Become an Elite Editor of Your Own Newsletter

Encourage your web visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Provide them with an incentive, for example, subscribers will be the first to hear about special promotions or get access to exclusive information or events. It’s more than a great way to stay in touch. They are a captive audience because they “opt in” to  receive information from you.  And may potentially take further action to become a buying customer.

Call to Action #3: Give Away the Farm (well, almost!): Free Downloads – Report, Ebook, Audio, Video

People love free stuff! Write a short report or ebook, or record an informative audio or video and give it away for free. But just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s “cheap”. Your free stuff should add value – in fact, consider your freebies as sales agents acting on your behalf and enticing prospects to become customers.

So what do you get in the exchange? An email address for somebody who is interested in your business.

By continuing to send emails on a regular basis you can stay in front of your visitors so that when they are ready to buy, they will likely think of you.

Call to Action #4: Give Away the House, Spouse, Car and the Kids (ok, not the car!): Free Plus Shipping and Handling – Book, CD, DVD

This next call to action is similar to call to action #3 except this is a physical product that you send to your web visitors through the U.S. mail for free, but your prospect pays for shipping and handling.

There are distribution fulfillment centers that will take your audio or video and ship on demand for you without charging you any money up front. You can set everything up online and you only get charged after someone has paid for the shipping and handling. So you do not lose anything! Of course, you want to charge enough for shipping and handling so that you recoup your initial investment.

This is a super method of building a list of very qualified leads. Not only did they spend money to receive your product, but they also provided you with their email, phone number and mailing address.

You now have the ability to contact them by email, phone and direct mail. Whoo-hoo!

Don’t forget – when you are handling personal data (such as name and address) you have a responsibility to keep this information safe and secure.

Call to Action #5: Real Live Cash Sales! Download for Purchase – Ebook, Audio, Video, Membership, Training, Event & More

Create your own product and sell it! Really, I’ve discovered it’s not that difficult to do.

You can create a short ebook in a few days and place it on your site for $9.97. If it’s solving a problem for someone, they will think nothing of dropping the price of what is comparable to going to a fast food restaurant for dinner.

When someone buys your ebook, audio, video, or pays to join your membership or take your training you have hit the mother lode! This person has just placed themselves in a superior qualified lead position.

Now, you can contact them to offer a complimentary consultation, among other options, to further build a relationship and upsell them to your next product or higher- ticket item. All of these methods are ways to learn more about your visitors and to keep them in your marketing and sales funnel.

The more information they give, and the more money they spend to receive information from you, the more qualified they are to buy.

An ideal Call to Action is one that converts a lead into a customer. And that’s when it’s time to celebrate!

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