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Local Business: Top Tips For Getting Your Website Found, Part 4 of 7

Written By: SiteSell in CTPM | November 27, 2014

Local Business: Top Tips For Getting Your Website Found, part 4 of 7

You’ve done your keyword research, chosen a winning niche and defined the right site concept for your local business. That’s a super solid foundation for being found at the search engines by prospective customers.

There are a few more things you can do to ensure that searchers in your area will find your site. Keep these in mind when you add new pages to your website…

  • Include specific geographic details in your webpage title and meta description tags (ex., East Devon, UK travel and accommodations. See the best of Great Britain’s coastline.).
  • Add details of cities, states, zip/postal codes, and the country to your content to help the search engines determine the “location relevance” of your site.
  • Here are examples of the code that can be added to additional meta tags. You may not need all of them, depending on the market area for your business…
    • <meta name=”zipcode” content=”include all applicable zip codes”>
    • <meta name=”city” content=”include all applicable city names”>
    • <meta name=”state” content=”list all applicable states”>
    • <meta name=”county” content=”list specific counties or municipalities, if applicable”>
    • <meta name=”country” content=”include country details by name and abbreviation, ex., United Kingdom, Great Britain, UK”>
  • Be sure to extend your description beyond your locale… ex., “Tucson British Car Repair… serving Arizona, California, Nevada, etc.”
  • Use locally targeted keywords in headlines and throughout your content (ex., <h2>Canada’s 5 Star Hotels in Montreal, Quebec</h2>).
  • Place your mailing address, postal/zip code and phone number at the bottom of every page of your site or in your footer. The Search Engines will pick up that information and show your pages when someone searches for your locale.
  • Sprinkle in words from your country’s official language (ex., French for France-based sites, German for sites about Germany, etc.). Search Engines are learning to recognize content in specific languages and use that as one of their criteria for including a site in their country-specific search results.

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