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How To Monetize Visitor Questions

Written By: SiteSell in CTPM | November 21, 2014

How To Monetize Visitor Questions

The Dilemma

You’ve built your website according to SiteSell’s Business Building  Action Guide.

Your high quality content has attracted targeted traffic and interested visitors return to your site on a regular basis.

Now you start receiving questions from real people.

It’s time to get excited.

Momentum builds and inquiries, comments, feedback increases as your site popularity grows.  It’s a good news story, right?

Fast forward in time and you now dread opening up your email as you are currently spending more time answering emails than you are building your business.

Let’s face it – you can’t build a profitable business if you spend all day answering questions for free.

So how can you make money from answering these questions?

Should You Charge for Questions?

One solution would be to charge for questions, but you’d have to be careful with this strategy because with some business models, it could actually hurt your business.

For example, have you ever been somewhere, got lost and then asked someone for help? What a relief to get the right answer. Now imagine if that person had asked you to first pay $5 before he helped you. You’d probably think he was selfish and rude.

If you ever hope to sell a product on your website, you never want your visitors to think that you’re selfish. Answering questions shows your visitors that you care about them, but “how” you answer questions is up to you as a business owner.

Surprisingly, people appreciate you more and don’t take you or your time for granted when you answer their questions in the form of a paid product. And that’s why you really need to pay attention to the questions you receive. They are a potential goldmine.

Questions Are Also Feedback

As an ebusiness owner, questions are feedback on your business and website – where you need to make the information stronger, clearer and easier to find. The more valuable you make your website to visitors (even freebie-seekers!), the more they will come back.

Consider questions as feedback about the type of information your readers value. And what is valuable to them is what they will pay for.

Monetize Your Questions by Creating a Product

First step? Save all of your questions in a word document (or whatever format you want) and then organize them by subject or category.

Over time you will start to notice common themes. If you see the same question or theme come up more than twice, put an asterisk (*) beside it.

Asterisks alert you to potential infoproducts. Now all you need to do is to put that information into a format that you can sell.

In a way, you are still getting paid for questions, but the format is more socially acceptable to the masses. People generally expect questions to be answered for free, right? They also generally expect to pay for a product. So turn your questions into a product!

Use common questions or themes as chapters for an eBook, or modules for a video course, or DVD sections, or the installments of an email course, or even live webinars (which can be converted into an mp4 and mp3 file or even transcribed and turned into an eBook).

The product or its price is not the most important lesson in this article. The key takeaway is that you have turned lemons (time-consuming questions) into lemonade (an income stream).

Questions are like a hidden goldmine. Don’t get frustrated by them. Instead, keep mining them for monetization possibilities.

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