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A Plan for Maintaining Your Focus

Written By: SiteSell in Motivation | November 7, 2014

A Plan for Maintaining Your Focus

By Dominique Rooij (…

I’d like to share how I am currently trying to maintain my business focus. I hope it can help someone else.

With little time and many plans, I realized that I needed to focus on my priorities and ruthlessly execute my action plans, without half-starting a new idea every 3 weeks and/or pursuing another one of my brain waves.

To start, I bought a notebook. At the back of it, I wrote down my plan for the year, based on the answer to this question…What do I want my end of year income to be per site/activity?

To meet my objectives, I then developed some strategies, which I rated by “ease of implementation” and “profitability.” For example, an ebook for my running site, which gets high visitor numbers, is quite a bit of work. However, if done well, it could be very profitable. This has a higher priority than starting up a new website completely focused on running injuries.

From my list of 13-15 strategies for the year, I then chose two and developed detailed action plans for each of them. My belief is that a big plan needs to be broken down into small feasible steps.

I am now executing those action plans. At the beginning of each week, I take my agenda and set up two columns:

Column 1: Which actions will I do?

Column 2: Which actions will I delegate to others (article writers, etc.)?

I think carefully about the current strategy that I am working on before I decide what actions I will enter under each column.

The Results?

So far, so good. This system keeps me honest. Every weekend, I do a reality check. I always keep my big plan in mind and more importantly, I have it in writing so I can look at it every week!

I also execute only the plan one week at a time, doing simple action steps that build upon the ones from the week before. This way, I can see real progress in a small number of weeks.

And the chance of getting caught up in brain waves and side-tracked is much smaller. I just jot down the ideas as they come, but I will not execute them if they are not part of my most important strategies.

Whenever I finish one of my main strategies, I then start the next one.

Re-assess the Plan Periodically

Part of my plan is to re-assess my current objectives and main strategies at some point during the year. This might be the moment that one or two of those brain waves/ideas make it into the big plan. Until then, they can sit on the shelf and wait for their turn.

There are probably lots of ways to stay focused and keep your priorities. My method works for me. Try it yourself and see if it keeps you on track, too.

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