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The Gift of SBI! – Growing a Local Business

Written By: Amy Biddle in How Solopreneurs Build Their Business | December 8, 2014

The Gift of SBI: Growing a Local Business

Jeannine just opened her new fitness center in her hometown. She’s got a great location near the business district, so she’ll attract clients before and after work and during lunch breaks. She has a small list of contacts she’s been working for referrals, and she has a Facebook page.

But Jeannine wants to hedge her bets. She wants her new business to…

  • be available to out of town visitors who just need a short term pass;
  • be appealing to fitness buffs of all levels to sign up for her regular series of bootcamps;
  • attract national attention for her future expansion plans (she’d love to be a regular expert on a big TV show like “The View”!)

It’s tough to start a new business. If Jeannine is your friend, give her SBI!. She can grow her site as she grows her business. She can keep doing her local marketing efforts, grow her site and attract that (free, organic) traffic that will help people both in town and from out of town to find her fitness center.

She already has the fitness equipment. Give Jeannine the one piece of equipment she is missing… SBI!. Soon, Jeannine will be the fitness guru she knows she is! (And when she gets on TV, the world will know it, too!)

What business owner do YOU know who wants more clients and wants to do more business? (Hint: all business owners want more business!)

Give SBI! to your favorite business owner and give her what she really wants!

Are you a small business owner, like Jeannine? Do most of your clients come from your town or region? Want to to dominate your local market without fussing with small, expensive and ineffective Yellow Pages ads?

SBI! can help.

Jeannine reached out to one of our SiteSell Advisors to get some pointers on what she could do to use the internet to get online. Here’s part of their chat transcript:

Jeannine: I’ve never built a website before.

SiteSell Advisor: That’s all right. SBI! includes all of the training you need to research, build, and market your site.

Jeannine: What’s the best approach for a small town fitness center like mine?

SiteSell Advisor: Most of your clients will come from your own town, and a certain percentage will be visitors, just passing through town, right?

Jeannine: That’s right.

SiteSell Advisor: When your potential clients search for you, they’ll use keywords, or keyword phrases, to find you. Let’s say they go to Google, or Bing, and type in “Bakersville fitness” or “Bakersville health club”. Even though there are literally millions, or maybe billions of web pages that would come up for “fitness” or for “health club”, do you see that placing “Bakersville” in front of the word or phrase that people are searching, could raise you to the top of the search engine results pages?

Jeannine: Wow, yes! And since I’m offering yoga, and massage, and bootcamps and other services, I can see how I can put my town name and these other things together and get even more people in the door.

SiteSell Advisor: Right! Here’s another technique: some towns or regions have nicknames — names that people call their area.

Jeannine: Right. Bakersville is sometimes called “Copper Town” because of the old mining history here.

SiteSell Advisor: That’s great. OK, so you might also want to see if your website would benefit from using your business keywords along with “Copper Town”. Copper Town fitness, Copper Town spa, Copper Town yoga… you get the idea.

Jeannine: That’s fantastic.

SiteSell Advisor: You’re really going to love all of the education that’s included with SBI!.

Jeannine: I can tell! You’ve already given me some great ideas.

After this conversation, Jeannine was on her way. With SBI! she had all of the tools plus the education she’d need to get her business off to a great start.

We find that geographically based websites do very well.

A business owner with a garage in Golden, or a pub in Poughkeepsie, or messenger service in Miami — any business that attracts local clients who will search for you online can use these tips.

SBI! owners learn and use tips like these and more, every day. Jeannine is going to learn to use professional-grade keyword research tools. She’ll get great ideas for growing her business in her local market. She doesn’t even have to know how to build a website. With all of the SBI! tools and training, Jeannine will be able to build her own online website.

The ideas that Jeannine talked about with her Advisor will work for any business that depends on the local market. With or without foot traffic, you can have a website that works for you, bringing you clients 24 hours a day.

Choosing a website over a Yellow Pages ad is a super smart move! With an SBI! site you have unlimited pages. The phone book ad gives you one page and you have to cram in everything you want to say.

With an SBI! site you have global reach (so you have options to expand what you sell on your site, or attract people who travel to your area). The Yellow Pages ad reaches the local area only (or you can opt for the one-line, impersonal internet listing that looks like everyone else’s).

Amy Biddle
Amy Biddle is Director of the Advisor Team for SiteSell. Amy lives in and works in a small RV, and explores marketing frontiers as well as the frontiers in the lower 48 states of the US.

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