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Local Business: How To Build Strong Customer Relationships, Part 5 of 7

Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM | December 4, 2014

Local Business: How To Build Strong Customer Relationships, Part 5 of 7

Successful local business owners know that creating ‘customer intimacy’ is a critical element in forging strong customer relationships.

Get to know your customers AND let them get to know you (your business)…

  • Don’t hesitate to ask your customers directly for their email addresses. Tell them that you will be sending them news about your business periodically. Then publish a regular e-zine to keep “top of mind” exposure with your customers. For example, if you own a restaurant, you might have a weekly mailing with “Subscribers Special” lunch deals for the upcoming week.
  • Provide and promote Web-only discounts. Give people a reason to go to your website often. Present your site in such a way that it’s the only place they can access particularly inviting discounts on a continuous basis, which they can use by coming to your place of business.
  • Use a contact form so that people can reach you online.
  • Add a discount coupon on Thank You pages as a special way of saying “Thanks!”
  • Create an RSS feed so that people can receive notice of changes to your business (ex., a new discount, change of hours of operation, etc.) or additions to your site (more great content that helps them meet a need or fulfill a want).

Go Mobile To Reach More Customers

Mobile is becoming an essential part of any local business’s marketing efforts. Part of that means making your website as mobile-friendly as possible.

A ‘responsive’ website is one that optimizes the viewing experience based on the device being used by the visitor.

Get Social!

There’s no denying the importance of establishing some kind of social presence for your business. To understand the “Role of Social” in business today, read The Role of Social in Today’s Online Business Building, then get your social priorities straight by following the advice in How To Get Your Social Media Marketing Priorities Right.

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