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Local Business: Monetization Strategies To Boost Your Profit, Part 7 of 7

Written By: SiteSell in CTPM | December 18, 2014

Local Business: Monetization Strategies To Boost Your Profit, Part 7 of 7

Monetizing a local business is a little different than monetizing an online-only business…

  • You already have the cash register set up.
  • You’re local. Folks likely know you or they’ll quickly identify with you. A few good pages of content on your site and your PREselling is in gear!
  • Your primary focus is not on ads and affiliate income, which take substantial volumes of traffic to generate revenue.

Instead, your focus is on PREselling/selling your services or products to people in your area. You want income generated by visitors ordering your service (via email, phone, or in person), or buying products offline in your store.

So… when you monetize, it can be sooner than online-only businesses can.

We’ve collected tips from owners of local businesses who are also on the Web. Review the list and select the strategies that best fit your situation…

  • Capitalize on the Web as a convenient way for future clients or customers to get to know you… and like you. It’s that emotional connection that helps to convert your visitors into customers.
  • Use more photos. More and more people are searching for images these days. Remember the old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Add your business to Google My Business. The information you provide about your business (e.g. business address, hours of operation, etc.) can appear on Google Search, Maps and Google+.
  •  Think locally as well as globally! What can you offer on your site that would appeal to visitors who are interested in your service/product but live outside your region? Make every visitor count!
  • What goes around… comes around! For example, Nancy (a licensed minister) offers free online coaching and takes prayer requests.A “helping hand” increases your likability in your visitors’ eyes and their trust. Extend it beyond your site… volunteer in your community.
  • Keep adding content to your site. As your site expands, so does your credibility.
  • Present prices for your products or services after your visitors fill in your contact form. That way you prescreen targeted traffic and you get to add email addresses to your potential customer list for future messages.
  • Pull, rather than push. Check to see if you’re pulling your visitors towards the sale.
  • Drive traffic to your site through offline interactions with people in your community. Mention your website whenever the context is appropriate.
  • Create a Facebook page for your business and develop a loyal fan base there. Update the page on a regular basis.
  • Keep in touch periodically with past customers or clients. Use MailChimp, AWeber or another mail service to send out email messages via an autoresponder.
  • Be sure that your website/Facebook URL is on all your promotional materials.
  • If you belong to an association or organization, take advantage of any free or paid way to promote your site through their mailouts.For example, offer something free, like a report. Make the link in your promotion go to your contact form. You can then follow up any leads, face-to-face or by phone.
  • Create an ad on your town’s Craigslist, and while you’re there, post in a discussion forum related to your business.
  • Positive first impressions are critical. Images and a sharp presentation will attract/entice visitors to explore your site.Structure the way you present your content to make it easy for your visitors to find the information that they’re seeking and also to ask you any questions.

This combination of easily accessible, quality content and a pleasing site design reinforces your expertise and strengthens your credibility (PREselling, in other words).

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