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Micro-tasks Build Momentum

Written By: SiteSell in Motivation | December 10, 2014

Micro-tasks Build Momentum

By Janna Melissa (…

It’s tough to find much time and energy to build my e-business when I’m working 40 hours per week in an office.

Here is my solution…

I commit to work on my site at least 15 minutes every day during the workweek.

First, I make a list of the next 5 “micro-tasks” I need to complete. Then I write them down on a post-it on my desk at home. It could be something like researching the keywords for the page, writing a first draft, adding images to the Media Library, etc.

Next I commit to knocking out at least one of those tasks each day, and often I’m able to do more.

By the end of the work week, all that micro-action adds up to a new page. I usually try to add another new page on the weekend.

I discovered one thing that I can do for my website during the workday is “research.” For example, I just added a new page about using Green Protein Smoothies to Boost Energy.

What inspired my content?

Each morning I made myself a different smoothie, which I took to work in a thermos and sipped on periodically. During lunch I wrote down my notes and observations about how it affected me.

My goal right now is 2 pages per week, “Tortoise Style.” By next year my efforts will add up to 100 pages!

It’s important to keep the momentum going. I recently switched to working on my website first thing in the morning – the first 15 minutes before I get ready for work. I feel fresh and energetic in the morning, unlike the afternoon when my eyes are really tired and I sometimes don’t feel like looking at a computer screen.

If I find the time or energy to do more work in the evening, great, but it’s also important to have a life.

Try the micro-task strategy, if you have limited time to spare. It’s working for me.

Ken’s note…

Micro adds up to macro surprisingly quickly. And doing these little tasks keeps the momentum going.

Don’t underestimate either of those benefits.

Find 15-minute blocks, have a list of micro-tasks, and keep building (no matter how time-pressured you may be).

And to help you find the right work-life balance, the article “Have You Learned to Put Down Your Guitar? provides an excellent starting point.

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