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Local Business: Use Social Media To Grow Your Local Business, Part 6 of 7

Written By: SiteSell in Social Media | December 11, 2014

Use Social Media To Grow Your Local Business, Part 6 of 7

Are you thinking that online social media doesn’t make sense for your local business?

John Jantsch, a social media publisher and author of “Duct Tape Marketing,” wants to change your perspective.

This article summarizes John’s strategies for using social media to enhance your offline relationship-building efforts.

Experiment with one tactic, monitor the results, and then try another, if you want. As always, though, be mindful of these two key business principles…

1) Follow the 80-20 rule (80% of the reward for 20% of the effort). Social media marketing is one way to raise your reputation on the Web, but don’t let it distract you from building a quality inbound links program (as stressed on DAY 7 of the Action Guide). That’s what starts the free search engine traffic snowball rolling.

2) “Keep it real!” Add value to any discussion, group, blog, etc. that you join or create.

Ready to get social?

Try one of the following methods…

1) Start a Local Online Group

2) Network With Local Bloggers

  • Do you have a blog? Hook up with relevant bloggers in your area. Posting/commenting on their blogs can build relationships and raise your profile.
  • Monitor and post on local media blogs (radio, TV and newspapers) as another way to keep your business on their radar.

3) Organize Meetups and Tweetups

  • Use Meetups to promote your local event (grand opening, seminar, product demo, open house, etc.).
  • Capitalize on the networking power of TweetUps, where an online community arranges to meet locally.

4) Utilize Local Search

  • Type in your city or town in the search function at LinkedIn to source potential leads or reciprocal relationships
  • With Twitter, you have two localized search tools, Twellowhood or LocalTweeps. Once you find local people, filter their tweets to turn up leads. For example, a landscape designer could set up searches to find people who are discussing lawn problems and then tweet some advice and tips.
  • Experiment with Facebook’s Ad Targeting. Create ads to promote your website or Facebook business page. These will only be shown to people in the geographic region you choose.

5) Enhance Local Search Results

  • Create profiles on dozens of social media sites and link those sites with local keyword content back to your main website. For example…
    • Generate inbound links by optimizing your profile (either by brand or location) on sites like YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare.
    • Creating profiles on Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Bing Local will help your business show up higher in the local results.

6) Get Reviews

  • Join social review sites like Yelp! (available in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK) and Insider Pages (USA only).
  • Ask your local customers to write reviews about your business. Google Maps and Bing Local add these reviews to their local profile database.

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