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Lifetime SBI! Sponsorship Contest: Announcing The Winners

Written By: Margit Streifeneder in Real-Life Success Lessons! | May 27, 2015

Lifetime SBI! Sponsorship Contest: Announcing The Winners

The “Lifetime SBI! Sponsorship” contest generated a whopping 212 entries, nominating hard working mothers from across the globe for a chance to take their solopreneurial talents online.

We had nominations from Russia, France, Hungary, Australia, Nigeria, the United States, Canada, Greece and even the little island Kingdom of Tonga.

We got a glimpse into the life stories, struggles and achievements of young mothers, grandmothers, single moms, homeschooling moms, stay-at-home moms and mothers in full time jobs, supporting their families.

It was a really tough job for the contest committee to select just ONE winner among all these wonderful women, each with her own solopreneurial dreams.

Let’s start with the bonus prize winner, which was much easier to determine. The bonus prize of one full year of SBI! for free goes to Dmytro Petrov for referring the most people to the contest. A big thanks to Dmytro for spreading the word about the contest and congratulations on your prize.

We also have a second, unplanned bonus prize to announce: one full year of SBI! for free goes to the runner up in the contest, Maria Aldric. Congratulations Maria! You have a great idea for an online business and the passion and perseverance to make it work. Go for it!

Here is Maria’s submission:

I’ve been a stay at home mum for the past 12 years and over that time have contemplated returning to a “proper job”. However my heart has always been to be available for my family and though I had often desired to set up a home business, I also homeschooled my 4 kids and just couldn’t imagine having time for anything beyond managing the kids and the housework. This year however, the time has come for a change as my kids now attend our local school part time and I am helping my husband to manage his carpentry business.

As I am becoming more familiar with his business, I have seen a great potential for renaming and repositioning the business in our local market as well as considering the possibilities of reaching online customers who want to learn about basic home maintenance.

I am also really keen on complementing my husband’s business by undertaking a course on kitchen design, and using the information I learn along the way, I would love to build another online business to help potential customers move through the process of redesigning their kitchens and bathrooms.

I know my ideas have potential but it’s hard to know where to start, as there seems so much to do and I need some guidance on how to break that process into baby steps. I know one of the primary keys to making my goals a success is by creating an online presence, however I have never done any website design or maintenance before.

I have been subscribing to the SBI free emails for several months and as I learn more about it, I feel excited about possibility of SBI helping me to build my business ideas into a successful online venture. I would love to win the Lifetime Sponsorship from SBI because it would give me a way to realize my dreams, at a pace that works for me and my family, with expert advice and help that I could never achieve on my own.


And finally, here she comes, the Grand Prize winner of a lifetime SBI! sponsorship plus 12 hours of 1-on-1 mentoring with the SiteSell Professionals and 1 hour with Mike Allton…

Pamela Kachowski

Pamela’s dream is to create not just an online business, but an online supportive community, providing knowledge and tools that activate physical and emotional wellness for individuals and their families facing life threatening and life changing illness. She has both personal and professional experience around this topic.

Here is Pamela’s submission:

It is my dream and my passion to develop not just an online business, but an Online Supportive Community through Sitesell. I have followed your company for a number of years now, never being able to afford the fees, so Im so excited about this opportunity!

My dream is to create a site that provides knowledge and tools that activate physical and emotional wellness for individuals and their families facing life threatening and life changing illness. I remember only too well what it feels like to go it alone or feel like you can’t share your true experiences and or thoughts with others so as to protect them, or simply because they couldn’t cope. All the while not knowing where to go or what to do to cope in a personal holistic healthy way.

Inspiring and empowering individual adults and children by Activating Wellness in a body, mind consciousness giving them community, allowing a sense of control in their lives when so much feels out of control is extremely valuable to anyone and families coping with a major illness. Activating wellness through identifying one’s options, one’s strengths, personal constraints, and then Goal Setting and Action Planning, inspiring individuals to their own true greatness!

I am a single mom of three boys who was diagnosed with Bladder cancer when my youngest was only a few months old. I survived that challenge in my life and I know it came from a combination of Life Changing thoughts and actions that I’ve learned throughout my life. I want to share this knowledge with others who are struggling and suffering to help ease those troubled times.

“Knowledge Conquers Fears”

I have been a Social Worker and a counselor for many years, assisting criminals, youth and the elderly young and old alike in addictions counselling, group facilitation, life skills etc. I now live in a very small area and am not able to work full time due to my long term body health issues and feel SiteSell would assist me to reach out to others and fulfill my passion to help others. I have so much to share and need your assistance to do so! I need your mentorship and expertise along with mine and I know so many lives will be changed!

I could not do this on my own and would feel such gratitude if I was chosen. This would not only change my life, but I know it will change others lives as well. We are only here for a short while and I want to reach as many people as possible. Thank you kindly for this opportunity, may you all find peace, love, joy and radiant health and wellness in every moment!

“In every moment there is an ocean of learning” by Pamela Kachowski.


Congratulations from all of us here at SiteSell, Pamela. We look forward to accompanying and supporting you in your solopreneurial journey.

And thank you to everyone who took part in this contest. Just by entering, or by being nominated, you’ve taken the first step to making your solopreneurial dreams come true. With SBI!, you are never alone in your journey. You have access to a fantastic community of like minded online business builders who are happy to help a newcomer. And if you get stuck, our support team is there 24/7 to assist you.

Still unsure if SBI! is right for you? Talk to an experienced Advisor today!

Margit Streifeneder
Margit Streifeneder is the Communications Manager at SiteSell. She handles the Editorial Calendar, coordinates marketing initiatives and is renowned for her organisational skills. She's passionate about helping solopreneurs achieve success, and enjoys interviewing SBI! members about their achievements. Her personal goal is "never being cold again," so she chose to settle in Nicaragua, for now.

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