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SBI! for WP: Do I Really Need to Keep it after the Free Trial Ends?


Recently, a customer who has started with a trial version of SBI! for WP asked an interesting question. He wrote:

But, one question that keeps running through my mind as I’m making my way through this is what is the $17 per month (WP) service? In other words, if I’m hosting it somewhere else and I’m using this tool to set up my site in the first couple weeks, what is needed on a regular basis?

Is your site suggesting that you constantly, or regularly, every month want to run the Brainstormer tool, or is there something else that I will need from the site on a regular basis?

That’s a great question!

The short answer is, if the web were static, you wouldn’t.

The reality, though, is that online business is constantly evolving, growing and changing — rapidly.

So, if you envision doing your initial research, creating content, and then watching as the money hits your bank account, I’m afraid you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Success online, just as in the bricks-and-mortar world, is not passive. Certainly, there are things you can do to make your income more passive (affiliate links) or less passive (selling a service), but your success is still predicated on your actions.

I don’t know your business niche, but ask yourself this: has it changed at all in the past five years?

If the answer is “yes,” then you’ll need to add and/or update your content regularly just to keep up with changes in your industry or specialty. To do that effectively, you’ll need a quality keyword research tool.

Do you think your audience may change over the next five years? If so, you’ll need to add and/or update your content regularly.

Do you think that Google search may change over the next five years? It’s certainly changed a whole lot over the last five! A couple of years ago, a lot of website owners woke up one day to find their search traffic had plummeted after the Panda, and then the Penguin updates. Then came Hummingbird. Just a few months ago there was another Google algorithm change (referred to as “Phantom”), that dropped rankings for a lot of sites, and rewarded others beyond their wildest dreams. Sites that weren’t mobile friendly took a hit this past April.

We stay on top of those updates, and teach you what they do and how to make them work for you instead of against you. We constantly add to and update our Tips and Tricks knowledge library to help you with search, as well as other aspects of maintaining and growing your business.

Obviously, you want to earn money from your website. We’re constantly adding to our Monetization library as well, teaching you new ways to monetize as they emerge, and pointing out when old ways are no longer working as well as they once did.

Then there are the SiteSell forums. We just opened up the SiteSell forums to our SBI! for WP customers yesterday. That’s where you go to ask questions, get answers and encouragement, and access a wealth of accumulated first-hand information from SiteSell customers.

In summary, continuing your subscription means you’ll be able to use SBI! for WP to:

  • Continue to narrow your niche, or discover new areas in which to grow and expand your business
  • Have professional-grade tools to determine which topics to write about that might be of interest to readers and potential customers
  • See exactly what the competition for a particular page or post might be, right within that content, with full WordPress integration
  • Learn about the latest tools and strategies to help you attract more targeted traffic using social media, paid advertising, email and other media

In short, SBI! for WP can help you focus and improve your content, resulting in more traffic, leads and sales.

For more information on SBI! for WP, and to sign up for your free trial, head over to

SBI! for WP
Susanna Perkins
Susanna Perkins is a writer who loves WordPress and travel. After several years in the beautiful Republic of Panama, she's back in the US (for now). She teaches non-technical people how to use WordPress, and writes about WordPress, expats and portable careers. Recently she's been working with a small team to create something insanely useful for WordPress users.

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