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Are You Making This Mistake Too?

Written By: Susan Gast in CTPM | October 15, 2015


by Susan Gast,

It’s the old “putting all your eggs in one basket” syndrome. My gosh, my egg was getting stale – or worse – the chickens had already hatched and flown off.

I figured it was time to put my Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage eBook on other platforms, other than just the (Amazon) Kindle. This revelation came about when I realized that I was “coasting,” and doing an awful lot of “wishful thinking.” Really you just need to have someone spell it out about 15,000 times before the proverbial penny drops.

Leaving Cash On The Table

I know I was leaving cash on the table but still, I just was complacent. In my earlier article, How To Get You Out Of Your Coasting Rut, I discovered what my problem was: a lack of validation. When that occurred, my mind was churning out ideas and at times it was hard to keep up with.

I took a free Udemy video course and a paid course by Adriaan Brits on eBook Sales Secrets for Kindle, iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo. I felt so naive when I learned just how “the big dogs” make their mark in the publishing industry. Talk about feeling like a small fish in a big pond. More like a tadpole in the ocean!

Over the years, Amazon has lulled us into believing that they’re the only game in town. I believed it. Adriaan Brits set me straight. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard the recommendation to use other platforms; like I said, sometimes it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r  before you finally take action. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Love that Buddhist Proverb!

A Bit Wiser And Older …

In days past, I would rush into things. Then came the arduous task of fixing the problems. So, instead of rushing into converting my (oldish) eBook into a new version, I’m taking the time to think things through and do the converting properly. Turns out I really only need to create ONE new version that can be sold on “the other” eBook platforms, and then use a service called Draft2Digital to easily upload it there.

So long as I have my current eBook OUT of KDP Select, I’ll be good to go. KDP for my main Food Dehydrating eBook runs out tomorrow, so no prizes for guessing what I’ll be up to next!

Unregister Your eBooks From Amazon’s KDP Select

I began unregistering my eBooks in Amazon’s KDP “Select” – it’s the “select” part you need to be aware of. Go into your Amazon KDP account, click on “Bookshelf” at the top of the page. Next, hover your mouse on “Book actions:” over on the right but particularly hover over the three dots/ellipses (…)  and there you’ll see options for: “Edit Details,” “Edit Rights, Royalty, and Pricing,” “KDP Select Info (or “Enroll in KDP Select” if that book isn’t already in it of course), “Enroll in Matchbook,” and below that “Unpublish.”

Click on “KDP Select Info” and UNcheck the box right next to “Automatically renew this book’s enrollment in DKP Select for another 90 days.” (I’m assuming you’re reading this because you do have eBooks enrolled in KDP Select.)


That’s it. That now allows you to sell your eBook on other platforms without annoying Amazon. Seriously, unchecking that box gives you the right to sell your book in Amazon’s competitor’s stores, providing you LET the book run its course for the full 90 days in Amazon KDP. Unchecking the box doesn’t mean you can upload your eBook right away – you must wait UNTIL the 90 days are up. Take note of the “Term start date” and “Term end date” at the top of the “KDP Select Information” window. You’re free to publish the day after the “Term end date.”

What To Do if You Don’t Have an Apple PC or Phone

I’m a Windows and Android user, so I ran into this obstacle: I couldn’t upload my Easy Food Dehydrating eBook to iBooks! What? Why not? I panicked. Then I read on and discovered that you can use an “Aggregate” service. I chose “Draft2Digital”. OK, but what do they do? What this means is that Draft2Digital will upload/convert your eBook for you into the proper Apple PC operating system format, bypassing the need for me to splurge on an Apple PC. (I’ve had several Macs in the past – I’ve nothing against them – but Windows-based PCs are cheaper, as you all know.)

I was surprised at how pleasant it was to use Draft2Digital (aka D2D). It’s free to upload your books BUT they do retain 10% commission on your sales for the conversion/listing work. D2D have an easy-to-navigate dashboard, showing you at a glance where your eBook is being uploaded to, and shortly (I hope) how many sales you have.

You have several upload choices at the moment which are: iBooks, Nook, Kobo, OYSTER, Inktera (Page Foundry), Scribd, and Tolino. I was bummed out when I saw that “Google play” were NOT on the upload list; turns out, Google are working on updating Google play and will continue with that service (soon I believe).


If you’ve tons of time, go ahead and try uploading your books yourself to the individual stores. I mentioned Adriaan Brits at the top of this post and he suggested using Calibre that’s free to use. It has the awesome capabilities of converting your Word docs (either .doc or .docx) into .mobi and epub and a host of other formats! Wow! Do you know, sometimes I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.

Why Did I Take My eBooks Out  of Amazon KDP Select?

I decided to take my eBooks out of Amazon KDP Select due to their changing over the “borrows” to a “pages read” system. Two months’ later and I’m no wiser about the changeover – dollar-wise. I didn’t want to wait another month for the 60-day payment period to pass before payments are issued. Plus, it seemed “silly” to keep my eggs in the one basket. Time for the eBooks to hatch on the other platforms!

NOTE: When uploading to iBooks, you may be notified that you have “competitor’s links” in your eBook. I did … so I had to open up my Word doc (again!) and take out Amazon links (blush) that I’d forgotten to remove. Fingers crossed that all’s well this time!

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Susan Gast
Susan was born in northern England but left the UK with her family in 1980 for warmer climes and less taxes. She lives in Central Florida with her husband, along with an adopted Miniature Pinscher who pretty much runs the household. You will find Susan glued to her office chair pretty much 24-7, pecking away on the keyboard in total bliss. From there she runs her Easy Food Dehydrating site and creates eBooks and video courses for the Udemy platform.
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