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How To Get You Out Of Your Coasting Rut

Written By: Susan Gast in Motivation | October 7, 2015


by Susan Gast,

Are you coasting? You know, just sitting there waiting for your website’s Alexa rankings to soar (See our Definitive Guide to Alexa)? How about hoping for more social interaction? Or wondering why your AdSense tanked and why your site isn’t growing as much as you expected? If so, you’re probably still members of the same club I was in, not too long ago.

Why Do We Coast?

I had to ask myself, “Why are you coasting, Susan?” Then I’d come up with a myriad of excuses. It boiled down to a lack of self-esteem; feeling unworthy of being successful, and not measuring up. We all too-readily compare ourselves to others and feel inadequate. How about we just set the bar for ourselves, and just get on with it and forget “the others.”

So what happened – what prompted me to write this article?

It happened when a rather large publication asked me to blog for them. Yes, “they” asked little ole “me.” At first I was frightened, wondering if I was “good enough,” and then came the usual barrage of “I can’t do this,” and “what if I can’t think of anything to write?” Talk about highs and lows.

Surge of Seriousness

I figured out why I was coasting. My work and my website had not been “validated.” It took the well-known Mother Earth News to basically say “we recognize you as the authority niche website.” And from then on, I have never been as serious as I am now about making Easy Food Dehydrating into a much better website. In my opinion there wasn’t “much wrong with my site before,” but now I’m getting serious about the business side of it.

I realize I’m lucky that I have a husband who goes out to work so I can stay home and get rump-rot occasionally. (Sounds great, eh?) YES IT IS!  I can sit here as long as it takes – and with my newly-found energy and the validation from Mother Earth News AND SiteSell themselves by their wanting me to guest blog too, I’m certainly “back in the saddle” and enjoying my (sometimes 14-hour) days much more.


Sometimes we get bogged down with too much stuff to do. I’ve lost count of the spinning plates I have going at any one time. The best – most simplest way – to get going is to write down what you have to do then you can stop trying to REMEMBER what you have to do. Nothing beats putting a check mark in the box saying “that’s done!”

It’s in black and white on paper (or on your PC calendar) and not out in Susan’s virtual grey cloud that persists in hovering on my head.

Just do what you know you can do. Whatever you “can’t do,” research on the web. Or post in forums where other online business builders meet (like the SiteSell forum that is part of every SBI! subscription) and someone will come to your rescue. And don’t forget, SiteSell’s Tech Support are second to none. Honest!

So, if you’ve been coasting, acknowledge it, ask yourself why and be honest. It isn’t just about the money in the end – it’s the pure joy of knowing what you are doing is making a positive difference in someone else’s life – no matter where they live.

So “get cracking” and post your comments below as to what you’re going to do to get over the “coasting hump.”

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Susan Gast
Susan was born in northern England but left the UK with her family in 1980 for warmer climes and less taxes. She lives in Central Florida with her husband, along with an adopted Miniature Pinscher who pretty much runs the household. You will find Susan glued to her office chair pretty much 24-7, pecking away on the keyboard in total bliss. From there she runs her Easy Food Dehydrating site and creates eBooks and video courses for the Udemy platform.
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