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SBI! for WordPress Feature: Learn About Your Competition

Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM | October 30, 2015

SBI! for WordPress Feature: Learn About Your Competition

We are going to explore a number of features and aspects of SBI! for WP in a series of posts. Today, we’re digging into the Competitive Insights, and how you can use it to learn about your competition.

Competitive Insights is built into Brainstorm It! and the SBI! for WordPress plugin. It is designed to help you understand other sites and articles you may be competing against for a particular keyword.

Suppose, for instance, you wanted to write about “Blog Post Ideas.” It might be helpful to understand who else has written about, and is ranking well, for that term.

But more than just a Google search, Competitive Insights tells you the top ten sites ranking for a particular keyword, as well as ten additional sites related to each of those initial top sites, giving you an extensive look at the actual competition that specific keyword faces.

Here’s an example:

Competitive-InsightsYou can see from the example that one of the top competitors for “blog post ideas” is HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator (which makes sense). Brainstorm It! gives you the direct URL, the Alexa Rank (Definitive Guide to Alexa Traffic Rankings) for the site, as well as links to the page, links to the site, and links from the site.

Below that, you’ll see a list of the related pages and their Alexa Ranks.

There are two routes to get to the Competitive Insights for a keyword you’ve targeted–  from within the SBI! for WP dashboard, or within your WordPress site and the post you’re working on. Here’s how:

How To Access Competitive Insights From Within SBI! for WP

  1. Log into your SBI! for WP account at
  2. Click on Brainstorm It! to open your Master Keyword List (note: if you haven’t yet done a brainstorm and found some keywords to target, do that now).
  3. Find your target keyword in your Master Keyword List and click on Site Info to the right of that keyword.

And that’s it. It will take a moment for Brainstorm It! to return your keyword information and competition, but once it does, it will be displayed in a popup window like you see above.

How To Access Competitive Insights From Your WordPress Site

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and either start a new post, or edit one in progress.
  2. In the upper right side, in the block titled “SBI! for WP Keyword Insights,” enter your targeted keyword. If you’ve previously researched it, the WordPress plugin will attempt to pull it, and the data, from your Master Keyword List. If not, you can add a new keyword on the fly.WordPress-Plugin-Keyword-Insights
  3. Once you’ve selected a focus keyword, scroll down to below your post, and look for the SBI! for WP block.
  4. Select the Competitive Insights tab and view the competition data there.


With your competition research in hand, you can take a look at what those other articles have focused on and make sure that your own content is positioned well. Did they cover aspects of the topic that you didn’t? Is there anything you can add?

You might also discover businesses you weren’t aware of. These might represent competition, of course, but they might also be opportunities for you to consider a partnership. Perhaps it’s an article you can simply link to as a resource for your own, or perhaps you’ll find another online solopreneur whose business is complementary to yours.

Either way, SBI! for WP helps you discover tremendously useful information about the competition each targeted keyword, and your business, faces.


You know that customers are the lifeblood of any online business. But solopreneurs and bloggers often struggle to determine what their business should focus on, or about what their target audience is really interested. SBI! for WP is a combination of powerful web-based learning courses, and a WordPress plugin that helps you find topics, find customers and focus on your business goals. Take advantage of the free, no credit card required, 30-day trial to explore what SBI! for WP can do for you and your business.

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