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5 Ways To Invite Influencers Into Your Content

Written By: Dave Schneider in Strategies for Business Growth | January 4, 2016


It’s pretty much accepted nowadays that including influencers in your content is an effective way to generate interest in shares onces it’s published.

Look at this post featuring dozens of influencers and having over 200 shares:



Mainly, because often when influencers are included they will then share the content with their audience, generating a wave of exposure.

People rarely struggle with this concept, but what they do struggle with is the way in which they can integrate influencers into their posts.

As a result, we’ve come up with 5 ways that you can start integrating influencers into your content today!

The Link


The link – it’s the most basic gesture one can make to an influencer.

It requires effectively zero permission, and can be done in an instant.

And perhaps more than anything, it’s extremely appreciated, because we all know that links are what make the ranking world go round.

How To Do Linking Right

While there are many ways to do linking right, the most effective way is to find content from the influencer that is both beneficial to your audience and relevant, and link to it with descriptive text (such as the title).

Now, many people think about linking as a single thing to do, however, there are many traffic hacks out there that will show you the benefit of including multiple links from influencers in a single post for added effect.

The Quote


While I don’t see this tactic used all that often, quoting an influencer is a great way to add additional credibility to the post, while also featuring an influencer at the same time.

Although this is a step up in terms of the ask as compared to the link, because it requires the influencer to actually write something, it’s still not all together that hard to organize.

How To Do Quoting Right

My favorite technique for getting quotes from influencers is via Twitter. It’s altogether an easy task to send them a quick message and get one back. It also limits the length of the quote, if you’re interested in brevity.

Lastly, I like taking a snapshot of the entire conversation, as shown above from this article by Stuart from NicheHacks.

The Interview Series


You don’t see interview series as much as you would think, but they take quoting and linking to a whole new level by adding a new dimension – consistency.

Consistency, with interviews, is the key.

For example, consider John from EntrepreneurOnFire. Perhaps one of the reasons John’s podcast has been so successful is that he consistently publishes an interview with an influencer every, single, day (for the last several years, I might add).

In short, if you’re going to do this, try to make a weekly or at least monthly segment out of it.

How To Do Interviewing Right:

Everyone prefers their own style of interviews, but my favorite are Groove’s.

The reason I like Groove’s is because they tell a story. Instead of a standard Q/A format, the questions and answers are interwoven into a story that you follow along, taking you through the solopreneurial journey from start to finish, including comments from Alex – Groove’s CEO.

For example, here’s an interview that Groove did with Mention about how they ballooned to 350k users.

The Expert Round Up


Expert round ups have exploded recently as a means of incorporating dozens of influencers into the same post, in a relatively coherent way.

The idea is to ask dozens of influencers the same question, and then organize their responses into one, authoritative post.

I have even seen expert round ups featuring over 100 influencers – crazy:

How To Do Expert Round Ups Right:

Organizing an expert round up is not altogether that difficult, and I usually recommend these two tutorials (here, and here), which I think cover everything you need to know.

The Guest Post


Finally, we have the guest post.

Most people think about guest posting as a content marketing strategy, but once you build up your own blog as an asset, it becomes a place on which you can host guest posts from other individuals.

What’s great about this is it lightens the editorial load for you as a webmaster, and also showcases different opinions and writing styles to your audience.

For example, on Matthew Woodwards blog you see a lot of different internet marketing writers featured every week.

How To Do Guest Posting Right

The key to accepting guest posts on your site is to uphold the original content standards you set forth on your blog.

There are many people out there looking to pass off blaise content to anyone who will publish it – that’s not who you want to look for.

In general, you should be turning away more people than you are accepting.

How To Apply This To Your Blog

If you haven’t been inviting influencers into your content you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to increase your social shares and build relationships with authority figures in your niche.

Start with one out of these five methods today, and let us know how it goes!

Did I leave out any ways to include influencers in your content?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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