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How AI Is Being Used To Make Solopreneurs More Successful

Written By: Mike Allton in How Solopreneurs Build Their Business | August 1, 2017

How AI Is Being Used To Make Solopreneurs More Successful

Would you like to play a nice game of chess?

With this computer-generated, nonchalant invitation to play a casual, two-dimensional game, the entire control room at NORAD breathed a collective sigh of relief.

A computer had just brought the country to the brink of Global Thermonuclear War, only to be thwarted at the end by the young hacker who had caused the whole mess to begin with.

Game Screen for DEFCON
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Some of you may recall the 1983 film, WarGames, and how one of the earlier instances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) had shown such computer development to be unreliable… even scary and threatening!

HAL 9000Over the years, Hollywood has returned to that theme time and again, from HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey to Skynet in The Terminator. Every instance another reminder that computers are getting ‘smarter’ and that humanity’s control over them is tenuous.

Yet, today, AI is all over the news and headlines in a very different way.

The fact is, AI is a very real, very positive development with uses and ramifications everywhere. Even here at SiteSell.

Putting Artificial Intelligence Into Business Building

For decades, the goal of SiteSell has been to connect with individuals who have ideas and a passion to pursue them, and put the proper tools and techniques into their hands to help them succeed.

And succeed they have.

Compared to other online business building systems & platforms, nothing holds a candle to the degree of success that solopreneurs have achieved using Solo Build It!

But it’s not good enough.

We want more of our dedicated solopreneurs to achieve the top tiers of success – and we want those who are already there to improve even more.

One approach that we’re taking is to integrate the depth and power of AI into how our solopreneurs research their business niche and determine the focus of their business and content.

Brainstorm It! 4

It all starts with our Brainstorm It! tool, now in its fourth major release, which is on the threshold of an incredible series of developments.

Today, Solo Build It! users are now able to “ask questions” of Brainstorm It! and the wealth of keyword / site data that it has accumulated in order to surface conclusions that, before, would have been next to impossible to discover.

For instance, you can now ask Brainstorm It! “Where’s the traffic?” and the system will:

  • take a look at the keywords you had previously researched and targeted
  • compare them against predicted performance data
  • focus in on the ones where you’ve created relevant content but that content isn’t getting search engine traffic, and
  • sort the results so that the best, most profitable opportunities are listed first.

In other words, Brainstorm It! can tell you exactly which pages of your site are truly underperforming in search, and which to work on first.

Other questions include:

  1. Can Rank Higher?
  2. More Traffic?
  3. Quality Traffic
  4. Overused Keywords
  5. More Money
  6. Easy Money
  7. Most Money
You can also set up your own customized sets of filters and sorts to determine whatever it is you want, such as, “what high value keywords have I not yet written about?” These can be saved as tasks, and more pre-sets will be coming in future releases.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Mike, that’s not really AI – that’s just clever use of data and filters and sorts.” And you’d be right, though I appreciate you not making a big deal out of it.

Actually, this is just the beginning.

With version 4.0 the groundwork is laid for future releases by bringing in additional data points and reports, and the kind of “macro” reporting tasks that can be set up like those 8 questions above.

What comes next is the kind of futuristic development that Arthur C. Clarke might have written about.

AI Beside You

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the purpose for having the highly-advanced computer system HAL 9000 on board was to help monitor ship’s systems and mission status.

The Discovery was launched from Earth to investigate mysterious developments with Jupiter’s moon, Io. Due to the length of time it takes to travel that far in space, most of the ship’s crew was placed into hibernation with just Frank and Dave, and HAL, left in charge.


For instance, in one scene HAL reports, “I’ve just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It’s going to go 100% failure in 72 hours.” That’s the kind of preemptive warning you desperately need if you’re in space, millions of miles from Earth, and can’t afford to have critical systems shutting down.

So what might it look like if HAL was sitting beside you, helping you to run and monitor your business?

What if HAL could alert you when, say, one of the keywords you’ve targeted and written about isn’t performing as well as it should?

Nori, I’ve just picked up a fault with the topic ‘Anguilla Beach Rental’ and am showing a 82% lag in expected performance.

That’s exactly what will be coming in the near future for Brainstorm It! – a partner for your business who will constantly monitor your site and targeted keywords, and give you smart alerts and notifications.

Instead of a tool that you use just when you’re getting started, Brainstorm It! will now provide you with new ideas and opportunities throughout your business lifetime.

In fact, the more content you create and the more search traffic you generate, the more value Brainstorm It! provides. In true AI-fashion, Brainstorm It! continues to learn and improve and grow, right alongside you.

The Future of Solopreneur Success

Never before have solopreneurs had so many and such a diverse array of tools and resources at their disposal. And never before have we seen so many solopreneurs achieve unheard of levels of success.

Yet, as we said earlier, that’s not good enough.

For every solopreneur who is able to put together a fantastic online business that brings in traffic and revenue for their family, there are many more who don’t make it.

Part of that is psychological, which is why we’ve shared “How NOT to Fail At Business” – a primer on overcoming your own fears and misperceptions so that all of the barriers between you and success are swept away.

But the other part is making sure that you have the best possible platform and support system in place to help you.

That’s where Solo Build It! comes in.

Solo Build It!Solo Build It! is the premiere solution for everyday people who want to do extraordinary things. People, just like you, who have an idea for a business and want to create something for themselves and their family.

We encourage you to take a closer look at Solo Build It! and see how that unique combination of education, tools, community, support and “auto-updating” can help you achieve greatness.

Mike Allton
Mike is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and author at The Social Media Hat, and Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse where he strengthens relationships with social media educators, influencers and agencies.

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