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Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM, WordPress | August 19, 2015

If you’re creating an Online Business and depending on search engines to drive traffic to your content, Search Engine Optimization should always be in the back of your mind. Understanding what your audience is searching for, and making sure that the content you create is aligned with that specific need is paramount.… Read more

Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM | August 14, 2015

Just before I started fifth grade, my parents took me back down to school one evening after dinner. Since I wasn’t fond of going to school during the day, the prospect of going back instead of playing with my G.I. Joe’s was not sitting too well with me.… Read more

Written By: Mike Allton in CTPM, WordPress | August 12, 2015


Every day, more and more people are using Google to discover the products and services they need. Google continues to integrate and perfect voice recognition so that customers can simply ask their phone and get the information they seek. And now, Yahoo!… Read more

Written By: Mike Allton in Real-Life Success Lessons! | July 26, 2015


Throughout this month, we’ve been talking a lot about “Personal Freedom” and what that means to solopreneurs, both and new and existing.

Our Sales Manager, Amy, talked about “Solopreneurship IS Personal Freedom” and shared how flexible her schedule, and her lifestyle is, as a direct result from working remotely for a solopreneurial-focused business like SiteSell.… Read more

Written By: Mike Allton in Social Media | July 17, 2015


This is a touchy subject, since there are factions out there on the interwebs who will state unequivocally that you should never, ever pay for, say, Facebook Page Likes. They say that it’s unethical and a waste of a money and nothing but a vanity metric.… Read more

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