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Written By: SiteSell in PREselling | August 5, 2010


Why do the vast majority of online businesses fail? Their owners do not understand…

  • the importance of quality relevant content and
  • the difference between “PREselling” and selling.

Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you – they don’t know you (yet!).… Read more

Written By: SiteSell in Network Marketing | August 4, 2010

Network Marketing

There are 5 major factors that affect how well you convert online visitors/leads to potential customers and downline members. Let’s examine each one…

Factor #1 — Network Marketing Has a Stigma

If you have a website about telecommunications, for example, and try to “pitch” your ACN Network Marketing opportunity too soon (i.e., right on your site), the odds are you are…

  • not going to convert that person, and/or…
  • going to alienate visitors to your site who might otherwise have been interested in some of your other income-producing offerings (how you monetize your traffic).
Read more
Written By: SiteSell in Digital & Hard Goods |

Digital & Hard Goods

If you can digitize it, you can sell it. Selling e-books, videos, digital photo collections, MP3s, DVDs, clip art, e-sounds, cartoons/art/ illustrations, or software takes the Internet beyond a communications medium.

When you sell digital or electronic goods, the Net becomes a frictionless, automated distribution channel.… Read more

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips | July 17, 2010

Business Tips

Check out the 2 new searches at Search It!

Back Links > To SUBDOMAIN from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

Back Links > To Page from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

These two SEOmoz searches are useful ways to check links to your site and to any page on your site.… Read more

Written By: SiteSell in PREselling | July 9, 2010
Business Tips

Studying the response of a new Web page or an e-zine issue helps you to fine-tune your message to just the right level of understanding and credibility.

Are there any confusing points or assumptions or built-in biases affecting the clarity of your communications?… Read more

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