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What Is WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

“What is WordPress?” is a great question to ask when you’re learning about the internet. It’s also a great question if you’re an experienced webmaster who has never had the opportunity to use WordPress.

Very simply, WordPress is a free software tool that helps people build websites.… Read more

The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

Open Graph (OG) tags are part of every page of your site. This article discusses why OG tags are important, and what each one does to help you and your visitors promote your site on social media sites.

Why OG Tags Are Important

The OG protocol allows you to turn your website into objects in Facebook’s social graph.Read more

SBI! News Ticker: 10 Brand New Site Designs Released
10 Brand New Site Designs Released


Every SBI! subscription comes with access to hundreds of free design templates for your website. You can use them as is or customize them to your hearts’ desire. Every couple of months we add new designs in ten categories.

All templates are mobile ready, so that your visitors can easily browse your site on their mobile devices.Read more

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