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Have You Learned to Put Down Your Guitar?

Have You Learned to Put Down Your Guitar?By Harvey Chapman (…

In an interview, Bruce Springsteen once said there were two important days in his life…

The first was the day he first picked up a guitar, stood in front of a mirror and liked what he saw.… Read more

The Importance of BAM… Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

The Importance of BAM... Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

By Ken Evoy…

Raw intelligence is nice to have, but it’s not the be-all and end-all for achieving successful results with your online business… or life, for that matter.

Intelligence is overrated. Worse still, it does a disservice to the top 5% of successful online business owners who do have it, and it makes the 95% of people who form the big middle bulge of the bell curve feel “ordinary.” Here’s why…

Our education system measures us all according to intelligence.… Read more

Business Success Does Not Depend On Luck

Business Success Does Not Depend On Luck

Building a business with SBI! has nothing to do with luck. You’re in charge now, and you need to use all the skills, determination and good work habits you’ve learned as an employee. But you also need to think and act like a businessperson while you follow the proven SBI!… Read more

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