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The Role of Social in Today’s Online Business Building

he Role of Social in Today's Online Business Building

Many business owners today struggle with social media. It requires time to learn, time to execute, and time to realize real benefits. And time, as we know, is at a premium.

It helps though to understand not just what social can do for you, but the role that it can and should play in growing your online business.Read more

It Is Not Always About the Money

Ken’s Blog

While SBI! is generally about business-building, we can measure returns on our investment in so many ways. For some people, it’s when you know with a smile on your face that you will leave the planet a bit better than how you found it.… Read more

One Winning Idea Is All It Takes

Ken’s Blog

I love reading the inspirational success stories in the SBI! Forums, especially those stories where persistence is being rewarded! The lesson gained from previous failures with SBI! is an important one for all SBIers.

I often think of people as various types of animals…

  • Many are like sheep — they follow what everyone else is doing.
Read more
Create a Strong Business-Building Chain

Ken’s Blog

There are many mistakes that small e-business owners make. I would say that most non-SBIers fail simply because they don’t have the right process-and-tools to take them all the way.

They may think they do, but they’re usually just buying into a faulty model (a Get-Rich-Quick scam, the latest hot thing, whatever).… Read more

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