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Mix In Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are effective PREselling tools when used properly.  They help to deepen your visitors' trust in you and your products/services.  

Present testimonials wherever you reach your potential customers… on your website, newsletter, blog, social media channels, etc. Be creative and make them unmissable.… Read more

Walking the Fine Line Between Selling and Engaging

Unless you set up a Facebook page as a hobby, if you’re not doing some selling every now and then, you’re probably not reaching your goals. Yes, that even applies to non-profits and social causes (think of “selling” in the broader sense of the word).… Read more

Wrong Keywords, Wrong Results

Wrong Keywords, Wrong Results

EDITOR’S UPDATE: These keyword guidelines are just as valid today as when this post was first published in 2011. Get the keywords right and your site will be right. Keywords need to be targeted to your audience and what they’re searching.… Read more

How To Turn Your Online Business Into a Community

Guest Blogs by SBIers

By Rena Klingenberg from

A few years ago I came across two words that changed my view of my online business….

At the time, I was reading my visitors’ feedback at the end of an article on one of my websites.… Read more

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