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Online Business and Your Site Concept Tolerance Range

Niche Selection

Looking for a formula to determine the best niche or site concept for your online business? It's impossible to give a set formula, as much as we'd all love to have one.

You have to look at the interplay of the number of keywords, along with their Demand, Supply and Profitability, along with your own goals and time commitment, etc., etc.… Read more

Personal Photos and Your Unique Voice

Content & Article Writing

Let’s consider this two-part question about adding content for your website…

Do family pics on a site look amateurish?

Does race [in those pictures] matter?

Sharp family pictures, positioned well and in context, foster trust/credibility in your visitors’ minds and contribute to your “unique voice.” Amateurish?… Read more

Busting Urban Myths About SBI!

Ken’s Blog

Over the past decade, SBI! has built a worldwide reputation for enabling people to build profitable online businesses. SBI! has grown from a specialty affiliate product into the only complete e-business building product.

Along the way, it’s attracted many urban myths.… Read more

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