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Ken’s Blog

I tweeted a few days ago about how one will never “get” SBI! until one is ready for its message. I learned that from my own sister and brother-in-law, in vivid technicolor, the day before.

My sister is a brilliant woman, a sensational under-achiever by my standards, but by her and her husband’s standards very happy living a simpler life.… Read more

The Power of INM and SBI! To Pass Compliance

Ken’s Blog

The key concepts of InterNETwork Marketing (INM) are….

  • The Content Image Trafffic Image PREsell Image Monetization process builds leads.
  • Don’t sell on your site…
  • Instead, build Content, which builds traffic and PREsells your visitors…
  • Then, and only then, as for all monetization models, are you ready to monetize…
  • Get warm leads.
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An Alexa Tip

SBIer Antoinette from shared this neat strategy in the SBI! Forums…

1) Open your site in like this…

2) Click on the “Search Analytics” tab.  Scroll down below the graph to see this section, “High Impact Search Queries for,” and its description…

“Popular queries that are relevant to this site and are actively targeted by competitors advertising on search engines.Read more

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