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Recycling At Facebook

Recycling is a good thing, both for your home and for your Facebook Page. How does it work on Facebook? Follow along as Kurt from "Cat Lovers Only" demonstrates with a real example from his own Facebook Page…

Facebook-marketing-tipRead more

Video Posts Perform Poorly Time and Time Again

Over 84% of Internet users in the US watch online videos and consume an average of more than 20 hours of video per month. So you would think that posting videos on your Facebook Page would be an excellent strategy for optimizing reach and engagement.… Read more

Market Research And Content Generation

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, one of the keys to success is to know your target audience really well. Once you understand their mindset, you can deliver the kind of information, solutions and products they want.… Read more

What Does an Effective Promotional Post Look Like?

A diversified Monetization (“M”) Plan is the best strategy for growing a flourishing, sustainable e-business. So how can your Facebook Page, an adjunct to your website, contribute to your “M” efforts?

Most of your fans come to Facebook for entertainment and to catch up with their friends and family.… Read more

Tease Your Facebook Fans With A Fun Challenge

Everyone likes a fun challenge and Facebook doubles that appeal. After your fans take the challenge on your Facebook Page, they can share it with their friends and then everyone can compare answers.

The best challenges are both entertaining and relevant to your audience.… Read more

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