Design Your Perfect Work From Home Space Contest

Presenting The Winners

58 entrants took up the challenge of showing us their perfect work from home space. The variety of dream home offices was astounding... and there was one common theme in there... your firm desire to take control of your life! You want to work from where ever you call home and at times that suit you, not your boss. You want to do something you are passionate about. You want to have a healthy balance between your work and personal life!

Jump right down to the winning entries...

All of this is much more doable when you work from home.

And now, drum roll please for our WINNERS...

#1 Roger Blanco
Your Prize: A MacBook Air plus 1 year of SBI! or bizXpress

Roger, you presented your plan of starting a housecleaning business with lots of enthusiasm and design skills. Your combination of a hand drawn sketch and a photo collage gave the Jury an accurate picture of what the future holds for you and your family!

#2 Gloria-Jean Browne
Your Prize: 99Designs Logo Design Bronze Plan plus 1 year of SBI! or bizXpress

So many Glorias in one photo almost made us dizzy! We loved how you expressed all aspects of your life - work, hobbies, household chores, pets, caring for your Mum - in a creative photo collage.

#3 Jen Harding
Your Prize: 99Designs Ready-Made Logo plus 1 year of SBI! or bizXpress.

Jen, your submission expressed beautifully the simplicity a work-from-home (or rather work-from-anywhere) lifestyle can bring to your life. It's not the expensive furniture or equipment that matters, but inspiration, motivation and stories to share.

In addition to our three Grand Prize winners, we chose 7 Honorable Mentions. Each honoree wins a 1 year subscription to [email protected] plus 1 year of SBI! or bizXpress. Here they are, in no particular order...

Paul Mungai

Edmar Vazquez

Caitlin Hendon

Amara Ezeanowai

Amanda Dion

Syllabus Onajobi

Dmytro Petrov

Congratulations from all of us at SiteSell! Please watch out for an email from us with instructions how to claim your prize.

What a fabulous contest! Thanks to everyone who participated.