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What Is A Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA), And Why Is It Good For Business?

Written By: Mike Allton in Social Media | December 23, 2014

What Is A Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA), And Why Is It Good For Business?

Google+ has an integrated chat system called Hangouts. With Hangouts, Google+ users can send and receive text chats, make voice calls, send images and video, and join into video conference calls. Video conference calls can be private, but they can also be aired publicly and streamed to YouTube. A publicly aired video conference is called a Hangout On Air or HOA.

HOAs are fantastic for business.

First, businesses can use Hangouts to create great video content remarkably easily. Hangouts are free and starting one is easy (we’ll review how in a moment). Since the video is automatically saved to YouTube, they can then be shared or even embedded on the business website or a blog post for distribution and long term viewing.

Some specific ideas for how a business might use a Hangout On Air include:

  1. Interview an Expert
  2. Interview the Business Owner
  3. Host a Panel Discussion
  4. Spotlight a Customer or Vendor

Here’s an example of an interview:

And here’s an example of a live panel discussion hosted by Hangout expert Ronnie Bincer:

And as part of +Post Ads, businesses will be able to use Hangouts as display ads within Google’s content network to bring added visibility to the business.

We will spend a significant amount of time in future posts diving into a lot of these uses, but for now, let’s go over some of the basics.

How to Start a Hangout


To start a basic hangout, and I highly recommend you start here before delving into public HOAs, log into your Google+ profile and in the upper right corner of the window, just below your profile image, look for the quotation mark within a thought bubble icon. Click that, and the Hangout chat window will pop out from the right of your window.

Start-HangoutYou can chat with any of your Google+ contacts or, at the bottom of the list, click on Start a Video Hangout.

When your hangout initially starts, you will be prompted to invite others or share a link. This is so you can either invite specific people into the hangout, or just open it up to whomever is interested in joining (or perhaps email the link to specific people). You can close the invitation window if you just want to poke around yourself – or invite others later.

Within your hangout, you’ll see two menu bars – one across the top and one to the left of your screen. The top menu bar (which only appears if you mouse over the screen) is for inviting more people to the call, hanging up, increasing volume, and accessing basic hangout settings.


The left bar is for in-call options like Chat, viewing comments left on Events, and more.

We will be reviewing many of these advanced options in future posts.


Finally, along the bottom of your screen you will see a filmstrip that displays thumbnail video feeds for each other person on the call. You can click on any individual to make them the focus of your main video window, or allow Hangouts to automatically select whomever is speaking. (During a live HOA, if you are the host, the audience will see whomever you select, so you can better control whom the focus is on.)

Pro Tip: When participating in a Hangout, whether it’s private or publicly streamed, you will be tempted to watch the video filmstrip and pay attention to all participants, not just the person speaking in the main screen. The problem is that if your eyes are looking at the bottom of your screen, it’s likely they aren’t looking at your camera! To get around this, simply reduce the size of your Hangout screen by dragging one of the bottom corners up. I make my screens relatively small, so that even if I’m looking at the filmstrip, my eyes are still just a couple of inches below my camera and therefore look, to the audience, as though I’m looking at them.


Hangouts for Business

Jumping into a Hangout initially is as easy as choosing to open a video chat with someone. However, when a business is planning on using an HOA, particularly for one of the purposes above, a little more planning is needed, particularly if you’re hoping to bring in public viewers. For that, you need to start with an Event Page. By creating an Event, you will provide yourself and your followers a mechanism to both plan for your event and a vehicle to share the Event and garner more interest.

In our next post, we’ll review how to start an Event around a Hangout, and share some best practices you can employ for your business.

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Mike Allton
Mike Allton is the Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell. He has spent years helping solopreneurs achieve success online through the precepts of content marketing: write great content, share that to social, and drive new leads & sales.Mike’s focus is to reach people who have a passion for something and show them how it’s possible to turn that dream into a real online business and income.
  • Great write-up about what Hangouts on Air (and related tools) do Mike… and a good starting point for those wanting to know about Hangouts. Looking forward to future posts on the topic re. this “Magical Communications Machine”.

    • Thanks a lot Ronnie! Your constant guidance in this area has been invaluable to so many. Keep up the great work!

      • Thanks so much for the encouragement Mike. The HOA tool is really quite powerful in so many ways, I look forward to how you’ll further “unpack” its usefulness.

  • Really nice overview Mike. Not too much info which avoids overwhelm with succinct instructions and explanations that are easily understood. Well done!

    • Thanks Sheila! That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Series type blog post. It gives me time to prepare all of the material, while simultaneously allowing readers a more digestible format.

  • Fantastic !!!

  • Rajesh SIngh

    I have found this at perfect time Mike. I am planning to schedule an HOA event for my new business next month. This is the perfect starting point. Excited for the next part! Thanks a lot.

    • Wonderful Rajesh! The next post is coming tomorrow…

  • Scott Ryan

    Can anyone tell me step by step how to conduct a Hangout on Air with an iPad in 2015? I’ve seen videos created by them online, but no one is spelling out how to do it – not even Google. They tell you that you can, but do not give instructions on how to do it.
    It is not even close to the PC version, which I can do, but my hamster driven processor only has 1.65 Ghz and Google says you got to have at least 2.0 Ghz. The poor thing generates terrible Youtube recordings and I don’t want to have to buy a new computer at this time, but my 2013 A-1474 iPad should have plenty of torque to do the job.
    Anyone? Please?

    • Hi Scott!

      The short answer would be to log into Google+ using the Chrome app on your iPad (rather than the Google+ app) and then proceed using the normal steps. You may have to force Chrome to use the desktop version.

      The reason, however, that this isn’t often mentioned or discussed is that it’s a terrible idea. First, your iPad is, by definition, on WiFi so your broadband speed will be handicapped from the start. And second, while an iPad may have more muscle than your old PC, it’s still going to struggle with the processing and video demands of a Google+ Hangout. If your objective is to use an HOA to promote your business, you can test this route, but I think you’ll find it to be inadequate for professionally representing your business.

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