Brainstorm It! Version 3

Get Your Most Important Decisions Right

Brainstorm It! Version 3 ("BI! V3") is included in the complete, all-in-one SBI! bundle of tools. It alone would cost you $400-$600 per year to have access to a niche-researching and keyword-brainstorming tool of this caliber. SBI! though, at $29.99 per month or $299 per year, includes BI! V3 and every other tool you'll ever need.

In any business startup, the first decisions you make are the most important ones. Get them right and your business grows, almost effortlessly. But make mistakes and you'll be wading through quicksand thereafter.

The make-or-break decision when starting an e-business is choosing the right topic for your site. Even if you know your niche, there are so many ways to develop it (don't choose an approach that has a tenth of the monetization potential of a different angle).

How do you make the right decision? How do you find and choose the best niche for you, confident that you've not missed anything? The perfect tool would...

  • gather the right data
  • analyze it with the right tools
  • help you make the decision that's right for you.

Introducing Brainstorm It! Version 3 ("BI! V3")... from the company that first developed the concept of theme-based content sites based on keyword research. SiteSell converted that concept into SBI!, the first (and still only) set of process, tools and updates that enables everyday people to succeed online.

The Latest in a Long String of Firsts

Ten years later, SBI! is widely regarded as the best way to build a profitable business online. Over the past decade, SBI! has launched a long string of firsts.

It has always been, and remains, on the cutting edge of how small business profitably intersects with the Web. And now... BI! V3 is the latest "first." It's the world's first smart brainstorming, niche-picking and keyword-researching tool.

The new filters and the improved Action Guide make the process easy to understand and more "fool-proof." I like the increased focus on the "winnability" of site concepts relative to the anticipated time investment and the new tools for evaluating niche depth.

- Nancy from

Together with a radical new approach for niche-choosing, BI! V3's tools (Site Concept Finder, sequential filtering, pre-set tasks) brainstorm your initial "seed words"... up to three of them at the same time!

BI! V3 then leads you to compare, narrow, broaden, or modify them until it finds the best possible niche for you. It even takes your knowledge, passion, and available time into account!

I have a list full of relevant and "good potential" keywords. I especially like the tasks and filters as these will help guide me with what content to write!

- Colin from

The easy-to-use, streamlined, and blazing-fast tools further brainstorm your chosen niche, while other functions make it easy for you to adjust, delete and add new topics. Keywords appear as you enter terms or numbers into filters. Fine-tune to perfection. Sequential filtering offers never-seen-before power and accuracy.

BI! V3.3 lets you find potential Site Concepts for profitable niches for your new SBI! e-business. If you only have a general idea of your niche, even if you have no idea, BI! V3.3 offers hundreds of possible Site Concepts. Pick the one that's right for you (i.e., according to your passion, knowledge, available time, etc.).

It also lets you import numbers from Google AdWords to see if placing AdSense ads on your site's pages would produce a good income for you. And it gives you a new set of pre-set tasks to make sure you can turn all that data into useful information.

"Custom Tasks" enable you to combine your own filters and sorts and then save them as tasks -- another major effectiveness-booster and time saver.

Even top-of-the-line keyword tools, which alone cost more than all of SBI!, do not include these powerful features that make all the difference between choosing the road to success and the one to failure.

BI! V3's Unique Value (To You)

Naturally, BI! V3 delivers world class, best-of-breed data. Other top-quality software of this kind costs hundreds of dollars...

I've been actually paying $67/month for a keyword service that does just this. AWESOME!"

- Biljana from

Brainstorm It! V3 is just part of SBI!. Its dollar value alone is greater than the actual cost of everything else that's included in SBI!...

That basically means that you receive hosting, your domain name, videos/instruction/updating/help/forums, and every software tool you could possibly need, for free.

Free. All of this would cost you thousands of dollars more if bought separately, except many are not even available elsewhere. SBI! is the only all-in-one business-building product in the world.

Go Beyond Data

Most importantly, though, BI! V3 goes beyond world-class data. The world's first process-oriented keyword tool, BI! V3 helps you make the smartest choices.

Exclusive to SBI!, you will not find this combination of cutting edge technology and niche/keyword smarts anywhere else. So you will make those critical first decisions correctly.

The dollar value of that is incalculable.

Bottom Line?

You'll discover keyword niches you never knew existed! Niches that are perfect for you, niches you can win!

Perhaps best of all, BI! V3 is just a small part of all that's included in SBI!, which delivers over 80 modules in all (which would cost you thousands of dollars if you could buy them separately).

In order to build a genuine, profitable Web business with long-term growth in your future, you have to start with a strong site concept. BI! V3 takes your interests, your passions, your suggestions, all of it. Then it works with you to point to the most profitable niche that is right for you.

Easier, faster and accurate, BI! V3 is much more than a "keyword tool." It helps you choose the best niche possible and to develop the strongest set of keywords. Nothing else comes close to BI! V3.

For even-more-newbies-than-me, it'll be a massive help to be able to show what "the good, the bad and the ugly" keywords look like.

- Wendy (no domain yet) from Sauveterre