How To Repurpose Your HOA

Written By: Mike Allton in Social Media | January 30, 2015

How To Repurpose Your HOA

If you’ve been following along through our series on Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA), you’ve no doubt noticed the high amount of work required to create quality HOAs, particularly if you’re going to do produce your HOAs as a series. But with that work comes an equally high level of payback.

In fact, I might argue that HOAs deliver more bang for their buck than most forms of “content” that you might create.

That’s because a single HOA can be repurposed in so many ways as to make it perhaps the ultimate creation of content. Don’t believe me? No problem. Grab your coffee and set aside just a few more minutes to walk through with me all of the ways you can use that HOA you worked so hard to put together.

What Exactly Is Repurposing Content?

Of course, we should be clear on what it means to repurpose content. It’s different from, say, revamping content, which might be done when you take an old blog post and update it. Repurposing involves changing that content in a rather significant way.

Do you ever watch Chopped? It’s one of my wife and I’s favorite TV shows. On Chopped, guest chefs prepare three dishes for a panel of judges over the course of three rounds. During each round, the chefs are provided a basket of mystery ingredients which they’re required to use. They must use every ingredient, and they’re encouraged to transform the ingredients in some way (as opposed to just putting them on a plate).

When it comes to transforming your own content, you have some initial ingredients, whether it’s HOAs or blog posts or something else, and you need to create something new out of them. Transforming content is generally easier than creating new content, and that’s our first benefit.

Repurposing Content saves you time and creative energy, while still enabling you to reach a new audience.
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Each time you repurpose some content, it will no doubt take some time to set it up, but many options, as we’ll see in a moment, can be largely automated.

And those options are the heart of our second benefit.

Repurposing Content allows you to present your material in alternate ways, depending on the needs of your audience.
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While it would be nice to be able to present your content in one form that works for everyone, the reality is that we all have a preference when it comes to learning. Some need to read, while others would prefer to listen or watch video. If you only offer your material in one format, you risk failing to reach a much larger audience.

Not to mention the platforms that support specific formats of material.

So we repurpose our content to dramatically expand the reach and usefulness of our content. For the rest of this article, we’ll focus on how HOAs, in particular, can be repurposed in so many ways. And I think by the end, you’ll agree with me on the status of the HOA at the top of the content pyramid.

Let’s get started.

The Original HOA Content

When you first set up your HOA, you’ll be creating an HOA Event Page within Google+, and that will in turn spawn a YouTube video once you start broadcasting. Unless you remove them, those two properties will remain up forever and are your initial and original pieces of content. Much like this blog post is my initial piece of content.

As the owner of your YouTube Channel, you have the ability to download that video file and do what you wish with it. Keep that in mind as we go through our options for repurposing.


The first method of repurposing that I am naturally a big fan of is your blog. Once your HOA has aired, you should create a blog post about it and embed the video. The blog post might be as simple as a brief introduction of the HOA, or a as complex as a detailed recap of what happened.

When I’ve blogged about HOAs in the past, I like to summarize what the HOA was about, who was on it, and point out some of the topics or questions that came up during the broadcast.

Others might provide a full transcript, or highlights of the conversation linked to the specific times within the video, known as a timestamp. (In fact, YouTube allows you to create links to specific times within a video, giving you the option of creating a Table of Contents, so to speak, of timestamps.)

Putting the HOA on your blog allows you to ensure all of your normal readers have an opportunity to view the replay, as well as future blog visitors. Hopefully your blog posts are part of an RSS feed and regular email newsletter, in addition to social media shares, giving your posts, and your HOA, maximum reach.

Video Snippets

Once you’ve downloaded the video from YouTube, this is one of the major areas where you can be both creative and effective in your repurposing and marketing efforts.

Depending on your HOA and the discussions that took place, you may be able to slice it up in any number of ways. For instance, individual segments lasting a few minutes can be extracted and shared to social media, reinforcing that specific topic. You might even embed them into a blog post and expand on the idea and conversation.

You might take up to 15 seconds of video and share it to Instagram, either as a brief quote, or perhaps a teaser for the blog or future HOAs.

Similarly, a quick quote or sentence can be clipped into a 6 second video that’s repurposed specifically for Vine, Twitter’s video network.

And any one of these video snippets can be re-uploaded back to YouTube and your video channel. You might also upload them directly to Facebook, Google+, or other social networks that support video.

If you have multiple HOAs, consider piecing together snippets from different HOAs to create a teaser or perhaps longer content.

Quote Graphics

Easier and perhaps more fun than video snippets is the creation of Quote Graphics. When you have knowledgeable guests, your broadcasts are sure to be filled with great lines and incredible pieces of advice. If you can find a sentence or two that is so powerful is stands on its own, create a Quote Graphic out of it.

The graphic could be a screenshot from the HOA, the expert’s headshot, or just a themed and branded graphic.

And the quotes can be serious or playful – whatever you think is appropriate.

Of course these Quote Graphics can then be shared to whichever social media platforms you’re using, particularly the more visual networks of Pinterest and Instagram. But what’s even better about the concept is that, once you get into the habit of creating these graphics, your audience may catch on and try to do it as well!

It’s not uncommon, during regular HOAs that have a dedicated audience, for audience members to pick out and share quotes they just heard and liked as a comment. And many will quickly throw together a quote graphic and share that into the HOA (which also gets shared to their stream, further promoting your live broadcast).

While I’ve used Canva and Recite in the past, Denise Wakeman has put together a pretty extensive list of great tools you can use.


Perhaps the coolest repurposing of HOA content that’s en vogue right now is that of podcasting. Podcasting started as a form of pre-recorded audio broadcasting, similar to a radio show. But, unlike radio, the podcast gives you the listener the option of finding a broadcast you like and subscribing to it.

For instance, one of the most popular podcasts right now is the series “Serial” which is a dramatic production. If you’re just now hearing about it, unlike a normal radio or TV show, you haven’t really missed anything. You can go back to the very first episode and listen to it, and each successive one, until you’re caught up and ready for the next one (like On Demand or Netflix for TV).

Podcasts are listed within directories like iTunes, where you can find hundreds of thousands of podcasts on any variety of topics. You can subscribe and listen on your computer or, more popularly, on your smartphone.

And, today, podcasts can be either audio or video, making them perfect for repurposed HOAs.

Savvy HOA hosts will take their recorded HOAs and re-publish them as a podcast, either just the audio or the full video with audio – whichever format they’re trying to expand into. Most will go with just the audio since they’re trying to reach a segment of their potential audience who wants to listen to a broadcast.

Of course, the first trick is to create an HOA experience that can be listened to just as well as watched. That means refraining from too many visuals or screenshots. If your HOA is basically just people talking, it will make for a great podcast.

The second trick then is to convert that HOA into an effective podcast. For that, we’ll turn to our HOA and podcast expert Jeff Sieh. Jeff recently launched the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast and was so well received, his podcast has been featured in multiple iTunes categories, including New & Noteworthy. And each recording is a repurposing of his weekly HOA. Here’s what Jeff does:

  1. Download the video from YouTube
  2. Send to Virtual Assistant to write blog intro and create timestamps
  3. Strip out audio from the HOA with Adobe Audition
  4. Record new intro for the podcast in Adobe Audition
  5. Add pre-recorded intro and exit to the audio file
  6. Tag MP3 podcast file with ID3 editor
  7. Write title and description, optimized for iTunes
  8. Upload podcast to podcast host (Libsyn)
  9. Schedule podcast to release
  10. Double check feed is uploaded successfully to iTunes/Stitcher etc.
  11. Upload podcast to Soundcloud

Jeff goes on to promote his podcast, further extending the reach of his repurposed content, by:

  1. Create New Blog Post in WordPress
  2. Add blog/timestamp content from Virtual Assistant
  3. Add RSS feed/podcast player file to post (I use Pat Flynn’s smart podcast player)
  4. Add YouTube Video to post.
  5. Create image for podcast post (700 x 400 for WordPress Featured Image)
  6. Create image for podcast post (1280 x 720 for social shares)
  7. Create Pinterest image for podcast post (735×1102)
  8. Create image for Instagram (square format)
  9. Publish Post
  10. Pin image to Pinterest
  11. Share to social networks
  12. Pin Soundcloud podcast to Pinterest
  13. Create a twitter image and tweet out the podcast or event page
  14. Add tweet to SocialOomph for future automated reshares to Twitter
  15. Double check that the post is indexed in Triberr
  16. Promote post for $5 on Triberr
  17. Create a short video for Facebook / Google+ / YouTube promoting show or post
  18. Run Facebook video ads for that video
  19. Create a “square” 15 second Instagram video

By following that process, Jeff is able to take a 30 minute HOA and obtain:

  1. A Blog Post
  2. A 30 Minute Podcast
  3. Status updates for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram
  4. Multiple pins to Pinterest
  5. Videos for Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Instagram

The whole process takes just a couple of hours, which is about the amount of time most of us might spend on a single blog post.

Social Media

Each time we repurpose an HOA, or really any piece of content, there’s opportunity for additional social shares. It’s important we let our audience on, say, Twitter, know that they have other options to consume that information.

But beyond that, our HOAs offer other opportunities for social media activity and promotion.

First, over time, it’s a great idea to re-share those fantastic HOA interviews. Make sure that your audience had a chance to watch, and any followers you’ve gained since the original broadcast might have missed the show entirely. You can also use the opportunity to continue to promote and encourage your experts.

Second, consider embedding your best HOAs into your LinkedIn profile. There are several sections, including your summary, where you can use a link to a YouTube video as embedded media, and have the video show up on your profile. It’s a great way to highlight your show or perhaps a specific topic.

Along the same lines, think about opportunities to highlight those best HOAs in your other social profiles, like your Facebook About or Google+ About, where you can at least mention and link to important shows.

If you don’t already have a video created specifically to be your Channel Trailer, you might designate one of your best HOAs to represent you and your channel.

One of the most effective “repurposing” of an HOA when it comes to social media is the timestamping that Debi Davis started doing for so many hosts, and that Mia Voss does every single week. A day or two after a broadcast, she shares the video to Google+ and includes in a share a complete timestamped rundown of that show’s highlights. The real genius lies in the mentions. Each time a guest or viewer says or does something significant, they get a mention. That means that virtually all of Mia’s guests and attendees get a ping when that post gets shared, bringing instant attention to it.


Finally, make sure that every time you record a new HOA, you file it into one or more playlists within your YouTube Channel. Playlists are just ways to organize and categorize your videos, so you can structure them however you want.

Have playlists according to high-level topics so that interested viewers can catch multiple shows on the same subject without having to hunt for them.

Consider embedding playlists into your blog or About page or perhaps a landing page. If you have a website devoted to your HOA, that’d be a great place to put the playlist. By embedding it, you can make it easy for your site visitors to watch a few of your shows without leaving your website.

What’s Next?

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of your repurposing options, just the highlights and best recommendations when it comes to HOAs in particular. Other options include, for instance, creating a slideshow presentation based on the content of your HOA and uploading that to SlideShare. Or creating a PDF of the content for Scribd. Or compiling the learning offered through a series of HOAs into an eBook for digital download or sale on Amazon.

The possibilities are quite endless.

But rather than try to exhaust all of the options for your HOAs, I suggest instead you select a few, specific techniques and focus on those. Develop a process and system for you and your business so that your entire Content Creation path from HOA inception to podcast publication is smooth and practiced. Between an HOA video broadcast, blog post summary and podcast channel, you will have covered the major methods of learning. Experiment with your options so that you’re familiar with them, and just select those that work best for you, your content, and most importantly your audience.

And that’s it! We’ve covered Google+ Hangouts On Air from the basics all the way through promotion and repurposing. We hope you’ve gotten a lot out of the series. In future blog posts, we’ll be diving into some more of the practical applications, such as how a small business owner or entrepreneur can really use this. If you’re starting a new business and building a new website, will an HOA really help you? We’ll cover that and more. So be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you won’t miss any more posts.

And if you have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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