Entrepreneurs On The Internet...
That's What E-Business Is All About

Are you new to the idea of building a business online or an e-business? Do you find the concept mysterious, or unlikely, or even somewhat intimidating?

The first step to understanding the big picture of e-business is watching this short video overview (4 min)...

Now let's answer those questions you are probably asking yourself right now...

Why Would I Build My Own Business Online?

Online or off, there are well-known, time-honored, tried-and-proven reasons to build your own business...

  • Financial: earn the income you need/want
  • Freedom: control your life (report only to yourself!)
  • Future: master your destiny
  • Personal: add your own special reason.

Why do it online? The reasons are compelling...

  • Compared to offline business, the risk is much lower. No employees, lease, or overhead.
  • Do it from home (comfort, no commute, flexibility).
  • Work at it part-time (as little as 1-5 hours per week) or full-time, at your own pace.
  • Grow it as small or as large as your time, priorities and values dictate.
  • Be as "customer-involved" as you like. Earn "passive income" (i.e., no customers). Or sell a variety of products and services, locally or globally. Or do both -- add as many income-generating ("monetization") methods as you like.

What's The Difference Between Building A Site And A Business?

Most people have come to believe that "site = business." It's not, so where does the belief originate? The marketing of Web hosts, Wordpress, and many other site-building products blurs the difference between "site" and "business"...

  • Building a site is easy.
  • Building a business is the hard part.
  • They only handle the easy part.

It does not matter if it's a sitebuilder, blogbuilder or hosting product, such as Weebly, Yola, WordPress, 1&1, or anything else. The combination of a site/blogbuilder and hosting does not provide what you need to build a business.

That is why the marketing emphasizes "quick-cheap-easy" while implying that "site = business." Some even use the term "business Web site." But clever marketing does not change your reality...

It is near-impossible to build profitable, evergrowing, long-term businesses with what you receive today everywhere else. Web hosting, free blogging software and plug-ins, some scripts (which you must install), various "promos" and "bonuses" (which become upsells for third party products) do not add up to what you need...

  • the complete, logical, powerful process to understand and follow step-by-step
  • all the tools that you'll ever need to "just do it," all in one place
  • support and guidance that delivers the right answers at the right times
  • constant updating, so you don't have to spend time "keeping up."

Only SBI! delivers all of it. Is it possible to succeed without SBI!? Of course! But why make it much harder than necessary? More importantly...

SBI! levels the playing field. The Top 1% of the general population can likely succeed without SBI!. But SBI! enables the ordinary, everyday, non-tech person to build a Top 1% site.

So What's Involved?

Expanding upon the words of an e-business owner who uses SBI!...

  • Brainstorm, research and pick a topic. (In other words, deliver information about what you already know and love, for others who want to know it.)
  • Write about it in a Web site.
  • Get people to find you at the search engines. (Google, Yahoo! & Bing are examples.)
  • Build your credibility.
  • Add income streams.

Many people automatically assume they can't build their own online business. Part-time or full-time, you can grow something real, something that is yours and that will generate income for a long time. Expand your intentions if you like. Or scale your time back and use the visitor-created content (from a new SBI! module, Content 2.0) to maintain and grow your e-business.

Simply adjust your income expectations according to your time availability...

  • A serious time commitment can grow 6 figure profits, but no one earns $200,000/year by working 2 hours/week.
  • Some work as little as 1-5 hours per week, with the reasonable goal of adding to family or pension incomes.
  • Many who start part-time grow into full-time, replacing and surpassing income from jobs or pensions.

Who's Doing It?

Our 10 year experience with more than 50,000 SBI! owners ("SBIers") can answer that. Everyday people from all walks of life, of all ages are starting up, building and generating profits from their own e-businesses.

SBIers range from students as young as 14 years old to retirees, one of whom is 91 years young!. (One SBIer, an aging boomer, did not tell his grown children what he was doing until he could show them his income!).

Think you can't write? You can. This is not "Hemingway writing." Anyone can do it. Right-click here to download our free e-book that shows you how.

What About A Blog?

Too many people drift into blogging nowadays. Why? Because everyone else does.

A blog is just a type of Web site with a particular format. Blogging is excellent for pundits, people who compose clever commentary daily. Blogging is also perfect for short-term, fast-paced, work-heavy, news-oriented sites.

For most people, though, it is the wrong type of site to build. Blogs are like bits of newspaper clippings that get old as soon as you stop blogging. Instead...

Build evergreen "Theme-Based Content Sites" that build greater, long-term free Search Engine traffic. All those visitors generate greater revenues from multiple streams of income with less effort in the long run.

And that brings us to the final question...

What are You Waiting For?
Opportunity Is Knocking At Your Door

All you need to have, in order to march surely through that door, is knowledge about something in your brain, a positive attitude and motivation. We call that BAM (Brain - Attitude - Motivation)! It's the regular entrepreneur's spirit at its best!

You don't need to be a techie or exceptional genius. No special credentials, experience or degrees are needed. You just share what you know about a particular topic.

How can you be sure you do it properly? Use SBI!. You have all the tools, support, community and updates you'll ever need.   "Just add BAM!"   Tens of thousands of SBIers will tell you...

"Just follow the Action Guide." Provided in many formats (written, audio, video, and mobile), the Action Guide is your fearless step-by-step-through-the-process mentor.

There is no other product that delivers the all-in-one process, tools, updating and support/guidance, not at any price...

  • You will find individual tools that alone cost more than all of SBI!.
  • And SBI! has tools that exist nowhere else (ex., "SiteSell Supply," unique brainstormers, Content 2.0 and behind-the-scenes management tools that check links , work with the engines, etc.).

So while it's not fool-proof, nothing else approaches SBI!'s success rate because nothing else delivers a complete combination of process, tools, updating and guidance.

SBI! does not build sites that struggle to build traffic, leaving you to opportunistically make a few dollars here and there.

SBI! builds growing, strong, profitable businesses, from the ground up, for entrepreneurs like yourself. It builds business. E-business.