Business Success Does Not Depend On Luck

Business Success Does Not Depend On Luck

Building a business with SBI! has nothing to do with luck. You’re in charge now, and you need to use all the skills, determination and good work habits you’ve learned as an employee. But you also need to think and act like a businessperson while you follow the proven SBI! system . . . starting with Day 1 of the Action Guide.

Here are 9 Ways Successful SBI! Businesspeople Think

1) Be focused and consistent.

You wouldn’t expect to build a successful bricks and mortar store by drifting in for a couple of hours here and there. Your online business demands the same kind of dedication you’d put into any other business.

That doesn’t mean you have to devote 40 or more hours per week. Part-time is fine, but spend regular time in your business. It takes motivation, self-determination and consistent effort to succeed. Think and breathe business.

2) Understand first, act second.

Do not skip any DAY or page of the Action Guide. Our most successful customers will tell you the Action Guide is their “Business Bible.” Building a business means following a plan, and that plan is the Action Guide.

You may be itching to jump in and start building your site right away, but time with the Action Guide is time well invested. In the long run, you’ll spend less time and enjoy greater returns when you take the step-by-step approach.

3) Ask for help.

If you think you have all the answers, you will end up taking steps backward at some point.

4) Welcome constructive criticism.

Don’t take criticism personally, but use it as a learning tool and apply what you believe will move you forward in your own business.

5) Work through the “traffic hump.”

There’s a “hump” stage in website traffic. It’s that ugly place where, from week to week or even month to month, your traffic takes a step forward and then a step back. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

This is the time to go the extra mile. You’re not wasting your time (although you might feel that way). Stay focused and don’t get distracted by marketing noise.

6) Set your own pace.

Building a business takes time, and comparing your timing with others’ will drive you crazy. You don’t know how many weeks, months or years someone else prepared for their “overnight” success.

7) Create a realistic plan.

How long will it take for your online business to generate the level of income you desire? One year? Three? Five or more? If you need money quickly, find other ways right now.

Build your business steadily on your passion and knowledge, and use the tools provided. The truth is that success won’t happen overnight, but if you stay motivated, remain focused, work hard, and stick with the entire process, you will become successful.

It’s up to you. Those days when you aren’t motivated (and there will be some), step away, clear your head, and refocus yourself on your long-range plan.

8) Follow the Action Guide and the C- T- P- M methodology. 

C-T-P-M stands for Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize.
C-T-P-M stands for Content – Traffic – PREsell – Monetize.

The “M” will happen and that snowball will begin to roll. There are lots of ways to monetize, so find the monetization modules that work well for your own niche.

9) Read.

Good information abounds. Set a daily reading goal for yourself. A good place to start is with the articles in the Tips and Techniques HQ and the Monetization HQ, a constantly updated knowledge base that comes with every SBI! subscription.

Don’t try to read them all at once. A successful Tortoise never moves quickly.

Follow the Action Guide… Customize The Business

SBI! is all about long-term results. Sometimes you’ll get good short-term results if you deviate from the C-T- P-M approach, but avoid that temptation if you’re in it for the long haul.

Here’s the reality… the folks who do really well in SBI! follow the Action Guide.

Sometimes, you will read advice in the SBI! forums that contradicts the Action Guide. And you will certainly read tons of such advice in outside forums.

Save your creativity for your business as you follow the Action Guide.

As an example, Lori recently shared in the forum about a letter that got her stomach churning — it was from the LA District Attorney’s Office! It turned out, though, to be a request to use a test she offered on her site.

Of course she was thrilled that this authority recognized the value of what she was offering. But she didn’t stop there. In addition to giving them permission to use the test, she also had the presence of mind to ask for a quote in return.

Recognition is nice, but it doesn’t put dollars in the bank account. Mentions and votes of confidence — in the form of quality, relevant links — help drive traffic, and traffic puts money in the bank.

Don’t Count on Luck

A well-done C – T – P – M based website is the core, your springboard to bigger and  better things… “M things.”

Once your core is running well and producing a good volume of PREsold traffic, then add various income streams.

Success with SBI! has nothing to do with luck — that’s the whole point of the 10-Day process. Follow it well. Do it carefully. Execute with excellence.

Nonetheless, here are 6 big mistakes that lead to failure…

They are simply mistakes, and mistakes can be corrected. Even if that means starting over.

Business success is not about luck. It’s about BAM (brain, attitude, motivation).

Business Lessons to Grow Your Business

When you think the way successful businesspeople think, you’ll take the actions you need to take to achieve success.

  • Be a doer, not a talker, go that extra mile, and take the occasional bump in the road as a learning experience.
  • Whenever something good happens (and it will), ask yourself… How can I repeat or leverage this?
  • Follow the Action Guide. Customize the business.

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