Celebrate Milestones with Your Facebook Fans!

Guest post by Rachel Bruner from LoveMyFire.com

Everyone can relate to reaching milestones, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, new births, etc. Who doesn't love to congratulate their friends when they see these kinds of posts? Even if they just hit the like button at least they are letting you know they saw it!

Asa social community, Facebookers love to celebrate milestones with each other. Fortunately, this also applies to your website and its Facebook page!

Some of my best Facebook posts have been milestone announcements related to
my website or my Facebook page itself. Here's one I posted when I reached 1,000 fans…



Thank you to all my Kindle Fire peeps who have "liked" my Facebook page, I couldn't have reached that number without you! 😉

Also, thanks a million for all your kind comments, questions, and ideas! Isn't it fun sharing our passion for the Kindle Fire?!

Here's to our next 1,000 fans!


Read the original post on my Facebook Page here.

This post received 35 likes, 10 comments, and reached over 800 people! Definitely one of my more successful posts.

Facebook Marketing Tips

1) Promote the milestone post off Facebook

this milestone with my newsletter subscribers on the same day bumped up the post's number of views as well as my number of fans. By
the end of the day I had a record of 33 new Facebook fans! (People are
more likely to follow your page when they see that it's growing and has
an active community.)

2) Don't wait until you reach large milestones

You don't have to wait until you reach large milestones before you make
an announcement. Small milestones work great too. For example, I
announced when I hit 111 Facebook fans and that post did great back then
too. Of course, it didn't hurt that I also asked my fans what kind of
prize they would like when I held my first giveaway now that I had over

3) Get creative with the types of milestones you can celebrate

For example, you could celebrate when your website reaches an anniversary. When my site hit its one year
anniversary I announced it on my blog, Facebook Page, and newsletter.
The number of responses I received was very encouraging and supportive
as my followers celebrated this special milestone with me.

can post about all kinds of milestones… Perhaps you wrote your 25th
article, received your first link or award, or achieved a special

posts don't always have to relate to your site's topic either. If you
feel comfortable sharing a personal milestone with your Facebook
followers you might be surprised at their response. They like seeing
that you're a regular person, just like they are.

To sum it up…

is the perfect medium for celebrating milestones. These kinds of posts
usually get a good number of likes, comments, and views. If you've been
following SiteSell's Facebook Page then you'll know how great this
technique has worked for them too.

Speaking of SiteSell, I'd like to thank them for the opportunity to share this Facebook Marketing Tip with you!


When Rachel Bruner discovered SBI! in 2012 she instantly knew what she wanted
to write about. Her passion for her topic can be clearly seen in her
website, Love My Fire, which
has quickly grown into a substantial income earner for Rachel. She enjoys working at home where
she juggles her time between building a vibrant community with her site visitors and Facebook fans and taking care of an active toddler. Rachel has been a passionate contributor to SiteSell Facebook from early on. Thank you for sharing your Facebook marketing tips with our audience!

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