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How to Build an Online Business With
Solo Build It!

What's not to love about running your own online business?...

  • Being your own boss.
  • Having creative and managerial control over everything you do.
  • Gaining personal and financial independence.

Oh sure, the life of a solopreneur isn't all wine and roses...

There'll be tough decisions to make. Bumpy roads to drive down. Midnight oil to burn.

But none of that stuff — none of it — comes close to outweighing the advantages.

Only there's a problem...

Where the heck do you even begin?!

Starting an online business (or making money online) has been a hot topic on the web for many years. Everyone has an opinion on how to succeed, and no two opinions are the same. Most are persuasive, too, making it doubly difficult to separate the hype from the truth.

That is the reality of our industry. It is noisy.

Worse than that, the hype — from so-called gurus claiming “laptop lifestyles” and 6-figure incomes working only 10 minutes per day — makes the most noise of all.

"As I do not believe in “get rich quick” schemes, I was happy that SBI talked about the hard work and the time that goes into building an online business. They also made it clear that the benefits will come only later, and the amount of your success depends on you."

- Svetlana Rubejov

Here’s the truth…

To Succeed, You Need to Start a Real Online Business

A real business is one that exists to maximize profits for the owner by over-delivering something of value to the customer. Notice the “win-win” in there...

  • You win because you achieve an acceptable (or better) return on your investment of time and money.
  • The customer wins because they receive a product or service at least as valuable to them as the price they paid.

That’s just the way the world works, right? If a business doesn’t make a return on investment, it eventually goes out of business. If a customer doesn’t receive value, they spend their dollars elsewhere.

An unreal business attempts to make money by effectively scamming the customer. It’s a “win-lose,” in other words…

  • The winner is that guy selling the “secret” to a six-figure income for only 10 minutes work a day.
  • The loser is the person who believes him.

There is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick.” Here’s why…

The Success Equation

They say you get out of life what you put into it. It forms an "equation of success"...

What You Put In = What You Get Out
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What You Put In = What You Get Out - SiteSell

In business terms, "what you get out" is measured in dollars. The first part of the equation is made up of a combination of the following...

  • Money
  • Time
  • Smartness

And so the full "success equation" looks like this...

Money x Time x Smartness = $$$
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Money x Time x Smartness = $$$ - SiteSell

As you know, equations must balance. So to get more dollars out of a business, you need to put in more at the front end. For example, you could...

  • Invest money (in an employee or advertising or some fancy software, for example).
  • Give more time to your business (by burning some of that midnight oil).
  • Work smarter by following a time-proven strategy (rather than stumbling around in the dark and hoping it somehow works out).

Get Rich Quick "opportunities" don't work because they offer a high reward (a big fat number on the right-hand side of the equation) but nothing on the left-hand side to balance it...

Money Balance - SiteSell

You don't need to invest money. Apart from the money you pay to the seller of the GRQ scheme, the claim always goes that there is little, if anything, to invest financially. ("So long as you have a telephone and internet access, you have everything you need!")

You certainly don't need to invest much time. Remember, 10 minutes a day is all it takes!

And that just leaves smartness — or the "secret sauce" that allows you to make big money for minimal investment.

Trouble is, the sauce doesn't exist. Why not?

Because if you truly possessed the secret to instant riches, why the heck wouldn't you keep it to yourself?

Let’s get really honest about this situation and acknowledge it’s time to dampen the noise. Let’s focus on a strong signal and fine tune the core message ...

Making an Online Business Plan

Building a successful online business starts with understanding that your goal is NOT to “make money online.” It’s to provide value to customers.

Do that and you will make money. Forget it and you’ll lose money to the “Get Rich Quick” crowd.

The second thing to understand is that you can’t succeed without investing time in your business (the hours you work) and multiplying the value of those hours by following a smart strategy.

You could invest money, too, but let’s assume that you either don’t have thousands of dollars to invest or you aren’t willing to risk that kind of money.

If you’re worried about investing the time, keep your eye on the rewards that the investment will eventually bring…

  • Spending more time with the ones you love.
  • Schedule your work around YOU, rather than the other way around.
  • Ending your daily work commute.
  • Leave a stressful workplace environment behind you.

What about a smart strategy — or a way to make optimal use of those hours you’re going to invest?

Glad you asked…

Solo Build It! — The Smart Way to Start a Website

It's easy to believe that the online business landscape is constantly changing — that what worked yesterday won't work today, and that what works today will be gone by tomorrow.

And to an extent, it's true — there are always important new developments coming along, and things that were important a few years ago drifting off into obscurity.

But beneath all that surface flux, the bedrock of how to succeed online has remained remarkably solid. Here's that "secret sauce" you need...

  • Identify your unique place on the web. The Internet is both huge and hugely competitive, but there remain countless "niches" in which you can grow and thrive.
  • Build an audience and engage the heck out of them. Customers buy from those they like and trust, so establishing those things before you go for the sale is critical. We call it PREselling.
  • Sell something. The "something" could be a product you create yourself or a service you deliver yourself. Or you could make money by promoting the products and services of other businesses.

And that's it!

Sound easy? It is... so long as you're willing to commit the time and follow a smart strategy.

What's the first step?

Start With You!

Everyone knows something about something — a hobby, a special interest, work experience. You don’t need to be an expert, merely passionate.

No matter what your passion is, you can build a niche online business around it by following our time-proven roadmap to success.

We can’t promise a six-figure income (although that’s well within your grasp). We can’t promise a 10-minute working day (if anyone does promise that, you now know to run in the other direction!)

We can promise an evergreen roadmap to online business success, together with the tools you need to succeed.

The one thing YOU need to do right now is decide to take action. Start the journey.

"A journey begins with a single step. You don’t have to put 30 hours a week into a website. You need to put in the time YOU decide. When I started in 2010, I was working full time at a preschool. Some weeks I worked 2-3 hours on my website, some weeks not at all.

As a Mom, your children will see your passion, learn from your entrepreneurial journey and, you will be modeling how to pursue a passion and how to start a business. They will notice. They will observe. They will benefit from your journey."

- Cheryl Hatch

When you decide to take action, would you make these promises to yourself?

  • I will make a commitment of time and effort.
  • I will tap into my passion, knowledge and be willing to learn.
  • I will have a positive mindset with a determination to succeed.

Everybody has their own definition of success. For some it’s all about financial independence. For others it’s mastering a new skill.

However you define success, the ultimate business accomplishment is to experience the joy of freedom, the ability to pursue lifelong passions, and the opportunity to take command of your life.

It's the chance to quit the day job, live life to its fullest, and spend more time with the ones you love. It's about independence, self-reliance, and financial growth.

Now’s the time to become an online entrepreneur.

You can create a relaxed, secure lifestyle, while challenging yourself by learning something new. The exhilaration and pride that comes from building a popular, highly visited, useful resource on a topic you love is unequalled.

Whether you’re a stay at home Mom or Dad who wants to contribute financially to your family, or a retiree exploring your interests, pursue your goals and ambitions, take on new challenges, and enjoy and revel in your new-found freedom.

What’s stopping you?

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