Imagine Visitors Building Your Business.
For Free. Why? Because They Want To.

A Video Introduction

"Content 1.0" drives the viral power behind every SBI! site...


"Content 2.0" shifts your business-building efforts into high gear. Only SBI! members (SBIers) can put this content-generating platform at the fingertips of their visitors.

Content 2.0 enables every visitor to an SBI! site to create web pages (with text and images) on the site, expanding its content base and attracting more natural search engine traffic. Each new page is automatically linked within the site for optimal search engine results.

Other visitors comment on the newly created pages. (Yes, visitors comment on other visitors' pages!) The pace accelerates and spreads virally, just like at such famous sites as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr... except it's your site.

Facebook... YouTube... Twitter... Flickr

What do the above businesses have in common?

OK, you wish you owned them!! So do we. What else?

If you answered, "Their visitors built their businesses by creating and uploading content for them," you're 100% correct.

Visitors upload...

  • "themselves" to Facebook
  • videos to YouTube
  • short messages to Twitter
  • photos to Flickr.

Why do they do it? Because they want to.

How do we know that? They do it for free!

It doesn't stop there. It's just the beginning. People develop followings, build relationships, communicate. Strangers become friends, pass the word virally, and round and round it goes, growing like crazy.

Content: What Is It?
Why Is It So Powerful?

What happens when you combine the power and usability of a perfectly executed content site with the RSS distribution of a blog and Content 2.0? The best of both worlds just became way better. SBI! is much bigger than blogging!


Here's the basic concept...

  • Content: High quality information (text, images, video), when properly developed and formatted, attracts free, targeted visitors.
  • Traffic: These targeted visitors who arrive through search engines like Google are, by definition, interested in your niche. They're impressed by good content.
  • PREsell: Your high-value information develops trust and confidence. Your targeted visitors like you.
  • Monetize: Then, and only then, can you convert that targeted, PREsold traffic into growing income in a variety of ways.

It all starts with Content, which is anything that Web surfers "consume" online... text-based web pages, photos, videos, even catching up with what's new on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, it's a good example of several well-financed and sophisticated startups that have been able to spend tens (hundreds, in some cases) of millions of dollars to create platforms to enable visitors to create 100% of their content (see above).

SBI!, with the addition of Content 2.0, is the first platform that gives solopreneur-run e-businesses the same capability.

Blogging is not true Web 2.0. Why? Because you still create most of the real content. Comments are generally non-existent or of low "content quality." (Exceptions merely prove the rule.)


"Content" has become so widely accepted as "the key" that, naturally, the Get Rich Quick industry has entered the field with "automated content creators" and "Private Label Content Clubs." At these clubs, you pay hundreds of dollars for pre-written articles...

  • Most articles, of course, will have nothing to do with your site's business.
  • You have to modify them substantially (to avoid duplicating content).
  • Even then, there's nothing unique, nothing that "smells special or real."
  • It's not real. And Google has caught on to this trick.
  • And, of course, there's nothing viral about regurgitating old, useless content.

Bottom line? They don't work. "Tricks," as they say, "are for kids."

For a fraction of the price of Private Label articles, Content 2.0 empowers you to develop a community that contributes hundreds of pages of real content for you. No tricks, this is real. Your site grows and becomes a true "hub" for your niche.

Build The Platform and They Will Come. So Will Their Friends.

What else do Facebook/YouTube/Twitter etc. have in common? They provide "the platform." This is the technology that enables visitors to...

  • upload as easily as possible
  • let others know about it
  • enable others to visit, interact (e.g., rating, commenting, "friending") and spread the word even farther.

This potent combination is responsible for the explosive viral growth that has made them so popular, so quickly. YouTube serves over 1 billion videos per day! Facebook is closing in on Google as the most visited site on the Web. Twitter is in the Top 30.

Remember, they do not create a single bit of "content" (text, images, videos). When others do it for you, when it's easy to pass the word, when visitors do it because they want to do it...

Your site builds itself. Community happens. Traffic soars. Business grows.

What Does This Have to Do With You?

It would cost you tens (hundreds) of millions of dollars to build a platform and pay for the hardware and bandwidth to start a company like Twitter. You likely don't have that type of money in your wallet.

There are companies that will host your blogging for free (e.g., Blogger, If you're serious about business-building, this is the most serious mistake you will make because you do not control your business. Ultimately, your business is exposed to changes in rules, a decision to terminate the service, etc. Check the agreement. You'll find your risk is total and out of your hands. Beyond that...

You're back at Square 1.0, not at Web 2.0 for you! If you think of it, your blog is merely content that you create for Blogger and others like them. They benefit from it far more than you ever will.

So what does Content 2.0 have to do with you?

Everything! Because it's all about you and your business. You don't build content for us (SiteSell Inc.). You use Content 2.0 to accelerate your own business growth.

Up until now, the small-business person was shut out of all this action. The most interaction you could hope to generate was to get a few comments on a blog post. The only trouble is that most blogs are basically unvisited...

Only a few exceptional people have the time, talent and inclination to blog frequently and become a high-traffic "news center" of their particular area of interest (e.g.,, or to be known as a creative commentator (e.g., Even then, many of their posts have few or no comments.

So, for the most part, blogs are not really "conversations." One person still writes all the content. You. That is not Web 2.0. It's hardly the viral hub of activity that you want your business to become. It's not much different than the "1-to-many writing" of non-blog websites.

This was as good as "user-generated" content got for the small-business website. Until now.

Want to Start a Small Business Online?
Blogging Is Not the Correct Format

Yes, blogging is "easy to do." But creating sites has been easy for years. It's building a long-term, ever-growing e-business with equity that's hard to do. How many blogs have any real, long-term value to them? How do blogs build equity? They don't.

A blog is organized like a stack of magazines (by date), and not like an informative and entertaining reference book. For example, if you blog on the island of Sicily, your "site" is a bunch of dated posts.

But if you build a traditional site about Sicily, your site is organized properly, by major topics, and then by sub-topics. You update the pages rather than leaving 3 year old posts lying around (who reads 3 year-old newspapers?).

Why is this so important? Usability. Most people only search for information about Sicily when planning a trip, for example. They want a site that's knowledgeable, passionate and properly structured. They don't want to figure out how a bunch of clippings fit together.

And that's why, according to Google, most people who follow a blog come to read the most recent post, don't comment, and leave. No one reads outdated posts. But visitors explore good content sites.

What happens when you combine the power and usability of a perfectly executed content site with the RSS distribution of a blog and Content 2.0? The best of both worlds just became way better. SBI! is much bigger than blogging!

Blog or build? More information here.

Welcome to Content 2.0 and Visitor-Created Pages!

We saw earlier how Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr have cornered the market on "user-generated" content for personal profiles, videos, short messages and photos, respectively. Only one type of content remains for visitors to upload...

Full web pages! For your particular niche!

SBI! already delivers sites that attract high volumes of targeted niche traffic and become profitable, growing small e-businesses. With the addition of Content 2.0, SBI! also enables your visitors to create unlimited web pages for you... free.

Why would they do that?

For the same reason we saw earlier... because they want to.

Prefer to Watch Rather Than Read?

Click here to view the "Intro to Content 2.0" video (7.5 minutes in length).

Let's say that you have created an SBI! site about child modeling. The original SBI! has an unmatched track record of success. So your traffic builds even without the "2.0" (Top 1-3% results).

Who's visiting your site about site modeling? People interested in child models... agents, parents, clients. Content 2.0 (C2) enables them to participate, to build pages on a countless number of topics that relate to your niche. And because this is their interest, they want to comment on each others' pages, as shown in what's a real-life example...


980 Content 2.0 pages after one year. We have even had entries from celebrities who have entered their children and child stars.

One of the coolest things is that I have been invited to teach a training workshop at Universal Studios for Aspiring Talent with Disney Studios. C2 is amazing.

Renee Lauren,

Is SBI2-4U? Here's how to use it to...

Accelerate Content | "Viralize" Traffic | PREsell Authority | Monetize More

See the Difference in "Many-to-Many?"

This is not "one-to-many" where you write it all.

It's "many-to-many," where your visitors do. You give a voice to like-minded people with the same passion. Instead of your visitors' neglected option of commenting about what you wrote (i.e., it's all about you), you give everyday people with the same passion as you a real voice (i.e., it's all about them).

Give them a voice... and do they ever use it!

Because they want to.

Compare SBI!'s Content 2.0 to Blogging
The Differences Make All the Difference!

Let's itemize just how different Content 2.0 and blogging are.

1) Bloggers have to create their own content, while visitors are limited to merely commenting. As Chris Anderson, former executive editor of WIRED magazine and one of the most prominent bloggers, said (in Blogging Heroes, a book published by Wiley in late 2007)...

"A blog is this beast - a monkey on your back. It wants to be fed every day, but we all have jobs and it's hard to do. So I don't blog as much as I'd like."

With Content 2.0, your visitors do 99% of the work, from writing the content pages to commenting to each other.

2) Blogging is the right format for a small percentage of business models. Everyone else use it because "everyone else does." Of more than 200 million blogs, almost all are dead.

A relatively small group of 40,000 SBI! users have a bigger edge than ever (assuming the goal is to build a profitable e-business). Check here for proof.

3) Content 2.0 synergizes with other modules. As visitors create new Web pages, another module automatically adds these new pages to the site's RSS feed.

Subscribers visit. They read and comment. They engage with the site and each other. They don't just come to a blog, read the most recent post and leave. They explore a full Web site, not a journal of chronological postings.

4) Content 2.0 grows long tail traffic. The more good content your site presents, the greater your "long tail traffic." Because Content 2.0 explodes the content base, the amount of Long Tail traffic keeps increasing. Diversity of content (wider variety because there are so many more contributors than just you) means even more long tail traffic.

5) Content 2.0 and AdSense It! automatically converts that traffic into AdSense income. AdSense It! takes every Content 2.0 submission and places Google AdSense ads in it, varying in size and location according to your choices.

This intelligent module maximizes income, delivering a near infinite number of placements, even varying the presentation of ads according to length of the initial page (written by your visitor). It does the same for comments (if you set it to do that).

The secret? A complex algorithm drives the placement of ads, using Google's and experts' advice on how to maximize income (within your own comfort level of how aggressive to be).

AdSense It! is true set-it-and-forget-it monetization on your site!

6) Content 2.0 can be used to reinforce under-performing parts of your site. Because SBIers can choose which pages to include Content 2.0, you can focus on underperforming areas, create more stimulating opportunities for visitors to participate, then sit back and conduct the growth.

7) Content 2.0 keeps your site alive when you don't have time to work on it. Because your visitors churn out lots of free content, your site is frequently updated, even when you're too busy. Visitors come back again and again. So do the engines.

8) Content 2.0 is cheaper than blogging.

Blogging software is free. Many people choose to combine that with free blogging hosting (e.g., This is a serious long-term mistake, as explained above.

Next, they "move up" to reasonable hosting at $100/year. Perceived as cheap, many people start blogging. But without a single location that delivers all they need, only a very few exceptional people with specific businesses (news, pundits, those who blog about blogging) can thrive.

The opportunity cost of lost time is never factored in. But you lose thousands of dollars worth of your time every time you start over.

Meanwhile, for only $229.99 more than the cost of blogging software plus hosting, SBI! delivers...

  • the step-by-step process you need to follow
  • every business-building software you need
  • constant updating and upgrading of both process and tools (saving you the time of keeping up to date)
  • unmatched help by both SiteSell Support and the SBI! forums.

Even without Content 2.0, SBI! is, in the long run, both cheaper and more profitable.

And with Content 2.0? Well, if you put a value of only $10 on each Web page, it would cost you thousands of dollars per year to write as many Web pages as your visitors do.

Review all that SBI! includes. You just can't get all that for $229.99 more than what you pay to blog. Not anywhere.

The only bloggers making money are those who write "how to blog" blogs, outstanding journalists who stay ahead of everyone else in their niche, and the very few, extraordinarily talented pundits who can turn out smart commentary on a frequent basis.

For everyone else who wants to build a long-term, profitable e-business, there is SBI!.

Snowball Traffic That's Already Snowballing

Content 2.0 takes SBI!, already the e-business building program with the best business-building track record in the world, to the next level. Visitors grow your Web business exponentially, while creating a community of like-minded participants using your site as a single point of interaction.

Just like Facebook or Twitter, your visitors don't care (usually don't even realize) that they're building your business. Those wildly successful startups became worth billions of dollars through the free, voluntary "labor" of others. Content 2.0 won't do that for you, but it will multiply the equity in your SBI! site even further.

How? Why?

Web 2.0 builds traffic insanely quickly. If you've ever built a non-SBI! site, you know that the biggest problem online is building free, targeted traffic. If you can't build traffic of your own, it's hard to get the Web 2.0 viral spread going.

But SBIers do build their own traffic, highly targeted visitors who are just as interested in the niche as the SBIer in many cases. SBI! traffic is often referred to as a snowball, starting slowly and steadily gathering momentum as the interactions feed upon themselves.

Furthermore, visitors to SBI! sites are the type of people who want to participate! That is why Content 2.0 increases SBIers' traffic exponentially. It snowballs the snowball.

Content 2.0: The Small-Business Person
Finally Owns the Explosive Viral Power of Web 2.0

Content 2.0, a multi-million dollar technology, delivers the platform that enables "Web 2.0 for small business sites."

You are no longer on the outside looking in, wondering how in the world you can capitalize upon people's desire to share, to show off, to help, to have fun, to contribute, in areas and ways that interest them.

In many ways, it's the best form of user-generated content. Your visitors don't merely create "Profiles" and gossip ("Whassup?"). They do much more than just upload photos or videos. They create real, valuable text-based Web pages, the kind of content that Google really gets its teeth into and delivers tons of long-tail search traffic.

Take the best of Web 2.0, eliminate the worst, and you have Content 2.0, a new module integrated into SBI!. Visitors create valuable content for you, quality-controlled by you...

  1. Turn any SBI! page into an irresistible invitation for visitors to join in the fun.
  2. Visitors build Web pages (including up to 4 images per page) to share everything from Caribbean adventures to, um, unusual tattoos.
  3. Other visitors then comment and rate the pages.
  4. Viral e-mail notifications are built into every step!

And it's all internally linked, automatically, to strengthen the search rankings of your pages that offer C2 invitations. So your "core keyword traffic" increases, too.

What Does Content 2.0 Cost You?

Content 2.0 (C2) was originally developed as an optional add-on to SBI!. It sold separately to SBIers for $99. It has undergone 2 years of additional development. Now that we have refined it according to SBIers' wishes, it's no longer an "optional add-on."

C2 now has a permanent home in SBI!'s all-in-one bundled price of $329.99.


In truth, this traffic-magnifying tool is worth hundreds more than $99. And when you consider what it does to site growth and interaction, traffic increase and monetization, it is actually worth thousands more...

For free.

Your Visitors Want More

Surfers are becoming more sophisticated by the day. They want to do more than comment on what you wrote. They want to express themselves. They want to participate. They want to communicate with like-minded visitors.

Only Content 2.0 puts this power into the small e-business person's hands.

How Do SBI! Members Use Content 2.0?

SBIers use C2 in many ways. Some of the more popular strategies include their own niche versions of...

  • Facebook   Create pages for people who want to be regular contributors.
  • Super Blogs   C2 makes your site a low-maintenance super blog!
  • Directories   Enable businesses to create a presence on your site for a fee!
  • Ratings/Reviews Services   Visitors review/rate goods and services related to your niche!
  • YouTube   A ghost site even created "BooTube!"
  • Yahoo! Answers   Visitors ask questions. Others (and/or you) answer them.

My most successful invite is my 'ask a question' page. People are having fun with it, asking questions that I used to answer 1-on-1 by e-mail.

Now, by having people use Content 2.0 to submit their questions, I apply some impressive leverage. My answer is available to MANY more people with the same question.

The new C2 pages are nicely indexed by the Search Engines, drawing in even more visitors to my site with the same question. C2 not only saves me time while establishing me as "the expert," it gives me some opportunities to monetize on an amplified scale.

I have BIG plans for this module. It fits my site like a glove (or should I say, gauntlet).

Paul Southren,

Is SBI2-4U? Here is how to use it to...

Accelerate Content | "Viralize" Traffic | PREsell Authority | Monetize More

SBIers use C2 to gather testimonials for goods or services they sell, to provide coaching services, to offer a place to share gripes and pet peeves, to hold contests, to have people provide book reviews.

Some others also use SBI!'s built-in e-zine functionality to boost C2. (Many people still prefer e-zines over RSS feeds -- many "ordinary surfers" still don't understand RSS.) They e-mail their lists of subscribers (thousands to tens of thousands of active e-mail addresses) about what's new, including great new pages created by visitors. Naturally, they invite everyone to jump right in.

As usual, you don't need to be brilliant to use it. The C2 Guide (both written and video) shows you many more ways to use C2 to leverage your site many fold.

And the back-office tools make it fast and easy to monitor and control the quality and quantity of user-created content. The result?

Traffic Soars!

C2's potential is, as they say, "limited only by your imagination." Nothing is left to chance. The C2 Guide shows SBIers how to really push C2's buttons. And speaking of buttons...

Content 2.0 is like having a "traffic-hyperdrive button" for SBI!'s already powerful, Top 3%, traffic-generating, business-building power. Traffic grows by leaps and bounds because...

  • All C2-created content is optimally formatted (you are found for thousands of new keyword searches, the so-called "long tail of search").
  • Visitors set more and more real inbound links to your site and the pages they create.
  • Content 2.0 automatically creates the optimal, internal linking architecture.
  • Repeat visits by your community increase dramatically.
  • "Buzzzz" buzzes as e-mails fly around (e.g., e-mail alerts tell contributors when folks have commented on their pages).
  • C2 automatically updates and pings your site's Sitemap XML file to all Search Engines.
  • C2 also updates the RSS feed of your "site blog" (another special, automated SBI! feature), alerting both blog subscribers and blog engines.

If the above points sound complicated, they're not. It doesn't even matter if you understand them. Why? Because it all happens automatically. SBI!, together with Content 2.0, eliminates all the technical barriers, allowing you to focus on growing your business income.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for being so wonderful & creating the best product on earth.

I stumbled across SBI! 2 1/2 years ago and my life has not been the same since! In November of 2005 I decided to start my first site,

It was steadily growing, slowly but surely. I would get some nice affiliate & Google checks of a couple hundred dollars each month.

Then C2 came and turbo-charged everything! I had no idea what this was going to do to my little website!

I quickly jumped from 700 visitors a day to 2500+ per day. Yesterday I had over 3500 visitors (my highest day yet).

I am now making over $100 a day in Adsense and affiliate commissions. And I currently rank #2 in Google for my main keyword!

I am not writing this to brag, but to simply tell you that SBI! is absolutely wonderful and I thank you with all my heart!

SBIer for life,
Amy Cordray,

Is SBI2-4U? Here is how to use it to...

Accelerate Content | "Viralize" Traffic | PREsell Authority | Monetize More

Monetizing Is the Easy Part

A click of a button puts AdSense ads up!

Sell e-books, services or hard goods to your community.

Charge (recurring!) fees for specialized directory or ad listings.

Monetizing is the easy part (it always has been with SBI!).


My traffic and Adsense income have both gone up with the use of C2. My SBI! site was already getting a huge amount of traffic before C2, but the constant addition of C2 pages is causing the spiders to visit more often. Many of the pages built by visitors are being found very quickly on the first page of Google searches.

And SBI!'s automated RSS blog feed strengthens the results. Often times I'll find the new blog entries in Google searches within 2 hours on the first or second page of google.

This is a huge advantage for me. I would never be able to do all this on my own.

Wendy Legendre,

What Else Is in SBI!?

While C2 is the shiny star, let's not overlook SBI! as a whole. Merely consider one tool, the powerful new Brainstorm It! V4, the world's first smart brainstorming, niche-picking and keyword-researching tool. It alone is worth more than $329.99.

Basically, SBI! was already a product that includes a proven process, all the tools to execute, superb Support and unmatched forums, and constant updating — a product that delivers success at a rate that no other company can document.

It just got much, much better.

For free.

What Now?

Close this window, returning to where you were. And get started. Order SBI! today. It's risk-free because you're covered by the Money-Back Success Guarantee.

"Action separates the successful from the rest." Take action.