Disclosure Statement

The people who provide case-studies, testimonials or otherwise appear on receive no compensation of any kind from SiteSell. Their stories are true, but are not intended to imply you can achieve the same levels of success for one simple reason.

If you read their experiences, you will notice one common thread... They all simply did it. They have "BAM" ("Brain - Attitude - Motivation"), the key ingredient that you must add to SBI!.

"Brain" does not mean "brainy." It means they have, or developed, knowledge in a niche. "Attitude" means they are positive. And "motivation" means they want to build a business and take control of their lives enough to sacrifice leisure activities.

We point this out because we do not want to falsely raise your expectations. SBI! does not deliver "automatic success." Nothing can.

Your degree of success depends on your own level of "BAM," upon how much time you devote to building your business, and upon following the process correctly (every successful SBIer will tell you, "Follow the Action Guide").

If you seek "Get-Rich-Quick," seek elsewhere. Prepare for disappointment because it does not exist.

SBI! does deliver what it promises... your best chance at e-business success. SBI! works... if you work it.