An Introduction to E-business

Are you new to the idea of building a business online? Do you find the concept mysterious or unlikely?

Many people are intimidated by the word "e-business." It simply means "online business" or "Web-based business."

Why is this better than an offline business and superior to an "opportunistic make money" site or blog? And how can you can build your own long-term, significantly profitable Web-based business, even if you have no technical knowledge or skills?

All good questions! The first step to understanding the big picture of e-business is watching this short video overview (4 min)...

Important Note   After watching the video, you know enough about "e-business" to continue. We suggest that you print this page and read it later at your leisure.

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Why Build Your Own Business? Why ONline?

Online or off, there are well-known, time-honored, tried-and-proven reasons to build your own business...

  • Financial: earn the income you need/want
  • Freedom: own your life (report only to yourself!)
  • Control: build it as small or as large as you like, and earn income however you prefer
  • Future: master your destiny
  • Personal: add your own special reason.

Why do it online? The reasons are compelling...

  • Compared to offline business, the risk is much lower. No employees, lease, or overhead.
  • Do it from home (comfort, no commute, flexibility).
  • Work at it part-time (as little as 1-5 hours per week) or full-time, at your own pace.
  • Grow it as small or as large as your time, priorities and values dictate.
  • Be as "customer-involved" as you like. Earn "passive income" (i.e., no direct dealings with customers). Or sell a variety of products and services, globally or locally. Or do both -- add as many income-generating ("monetization") methods as you like.

What's the Difference Between a "Site" and an "e-Business"?
9 Steps (Out of 10)

Most people have come to believe that "site = business." It's not. So where does the belief originate? The marketing by large Web hosts and prominent site-building/blogging products blurs the difference between "site" (or "blog") and "business"...

  • Building an e-business takes 10 well-organized steps and the software for each.
  • Building a site or blog is merely Step 6 out of 10.

How can one expect to earn significant, evergrowing, long-term income without the proper research and planning before starting to build a site? How can one hope to turn a site into an e-business without the traffic-building and income-earning steps after building a site?

The answer is that you can't.

It doesn't matter if it's site-building (e.g., Yola, Weebly) or blogging (e.g., WordPress/TypePad) or hosting (e.g., 1&1 or Hostgator or GoDaddy), or all of them put together. The combination of a sitebuilder/blogging platform and hosting does not provide what you need to build a business...

It's only 1 out of the 10 steps that you need to perform well. Only SBI! provides the complete (and constantly updated) process and tools to perform all 10 steps with excellence.

That's why the others' marketing emphasizes "quick-cheap-easy" while implying that "site = business." Some even use the term "business website." But clever marketing does not change your reality...

It's near-impossible to build profitable, evergrowing, long-term businesses with what you receive today. Web hosting, free blogging software and plugins, some scripts (which you must install), various "bonuses" (which are upsells for third-party products) do not add up to what you need...

  • the complete, logical, powerful process to understand and follow step-by-step
  • all the tools that you'll ever need to "just do it all," and all in one place
  • support and guidance that delivers the right answers at the right times
  • constant updating and upgrading, so you don't have to spend time "keeping up."

Only SBI! delivers all of it. Is it possible to succeed without SBI!? Of course! But why make it much harder than necessary? More importantly...

SBI! levels the playing field.

It enables the "rest of us," the non-techs and non-Web-savvy, to build a Top 0.5% site.

What's Involved?

Building an e-business is more than putting up a website or writing a blog and then figuring out how to "make money online." It involves less work in the long run, but it yields far greater financial and other rewards.

Deliver information about what you already know and love, for others who want to know it, and who will use the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo) to find it. Let's break that down, using the words of an SBI! member...

  • Brainstorm, research and pick a topic.
  • Write about it in a website.
  • Get people to find you at the search engines.
  • Build your credibility.
  • Add income streams.

Many people automatically assume they can't do it. And most do indeed fail (some estimates run as high as 99%!) because Web hosts and site/blogging software do not provide the solid process and the right tools needed to execute that process.

Think you can't write? You can. This is not "Hemingway writing." Anyone can do it. Right-click here to download our free e-book that shows you how.

Think you don't know anything of value or that "it's all been done"? There are more opportunities today than ever. SBI! even provides tools to discover your most valuable knowledge or hidden asset and to figure out how to position it.

What Is the Time Commitment?

Building an online business does not require 20-40 hours/week. Do it at your own pace. Set expectations accordingly...

  • A serious time commitment can grow 6 figure profits, but no one earns $200,000/year by working 2 hours/week.
  • Some work as little as 1-5 hours per week, with the reasonable goal of adding to family or pension incomes.
  • Many who start part-time grow into full-time, replacing and surpassing income from jobs or pensions.

Part-time or full-time, you grow something real, something that's yours and that will generate income for a long time. As your e-business grows and becomes established...

  • Expand your intentions and time commitment if you like and grow your business big... Or...
  • Reduce your time to "maintenance mode" and use visitor-created content (using the unique SBI! module, Content 2.0) to maintain and grow your business for you.

Who's Doing It!?


Our 15 year experience with more than 50,000 SBI! member ("SBIers") can answer that.

Everyday people from all walks of life, of all ages, are starting up, building and generating profits from their own e-businesses.

SBIers range from students as young as 14 years old to retirees, one of whom is 91 years young! (One SBIer, an aging boomer, did not tell his grown children what he was doing until he could show them his income!)

Many still find it hard to believe or understand that you could somehow start a business online. After all, you cannot see this type of business, not the way you see products in a store or people in an office. That leads to the ever-doubting question...

"C'mon, Do People Really Earn Income Online????"

Offline business seems more real, more serious. The concept of an e-business seems fuzzy because...

  1. You use words to build, instead of bricks and mortar.
  2. You work from home instead of committing to an expensive lease, equipment, or inventory.
  3. You employ your brain first instead of employees. (Hire and outsource later, as your business grows. SBI! even shows you how to do that optimally.)

It's normal to take offline businesses more seriously. After all, just compare the expenses of the above 3 points. You'll invest $20,000+ to start an offline business. That is serious risk. Let's compare risk to potential rewards...

Properly built, starting with market research and solid planning, building an e-business costs you less than $30 per month with SBI! (including all the information/process and tools you'll need) instead of $20,000+. And yet, your Web-based business...

  • stands to be more profitable with less stress
  • is as uniquely yours as any offline small business
  • can more easily expand beyond your original concept and expectations.

Many also have doubts about building online businesses because we all know someone who has been scammed by an online "business opportunity"...

E-Business vs. "Biz Opps"


"Make Money Online" ("MMO") and "Get Rich Quick" ("GRQ") schemers form a substantial part of the "biz opp industry." They feed shamelessly, ruthlessly, on people who would like to believe that getting rich quick is possible or that making money online can be easy.

Building a real e-business is all about the opposite message. Its for those with motivation and patience. They understand that, even with the right process and tools, it takes time and effort to build a genuine business that increasingly grows income and equity.

"Make Money Online" is not the same as e-business.

The opportunistic making of money here and there is not the same as building a solidly based business, not online or off. Building a site and then "tacking on" some AdSense dollars and affiliate programs is short-term, ill-organized planning. They try all kinds of tricks...

For example, they build hundreds of mini-sites, which, in the long run, don't stand a chance against well-executed "authority sites." Others try to fool Google with linking schemes, manipulations that violate Google's "terms and conditions" and that will get them banned (income plummets).

Update! This scheme, like every scheme ever designed to manipulate and fool the search engines, was "busted" by Google. The tens of thousands of people who were misled by the gurus are the ones who get hurt. The gurus? They did indeed "make money online" by selling products related to the scheme they were promoting. Here, by the way, is our official reply to the "site build it scam."

That is not "e-business."

E-business is about executing a bigger, long-term plan to grow something serious that's yours and that pays dividends year after year, without constant running around.

E-business vs. Blogging

Too many people drift into blogging nowadays. Why? Because everyone else does. When everyone is rushing into the same thing, the smart money is usually elsewhere.

As mentioned earlier, building a site or a blog is merely Step 6 out of 10. WordPress leaves you on your own to figure out everything else. Gurus fill the void with various systems.

Blogging, for most, is the new "cheap-quick-and-easy" way to fail. Except that after a year of trying and hundreds or thousands of dollars spent trying to make it work, it does not seem so "cheap-quick-or-easy."

If you have not done Steps 1 to 5 properly with all the right tools, nor Step 7-10 to grow traffic and convert it into income correctly, what's the point?

Blogging, due to its particular format, does have its place...

If you are thinking of blogging, know why you want to blog. Be sure it makes sense for you and your future business...

A blog is just a type of website with a particular format. Blogging is excellent for pundits, people who compose clever commentary daily. Blogging is also perfect for short-term, fast-paced, work-heavy, news-oriented sites.

For most people, though, it's the wrong type of site to build. Blogs are like bits of newspaper clippings that get old as soon as you stop blogging. Instead...

Build an evergreen "Theme-Based Content Site." It builds high amounts of long-term, free search engine traffic. All those visitors generate excellent revenues from multiple streams of income with less effort in the long run.

And use SBI! to induce your visitors to create full web pages for you (not just comments like on blogs). "Theme-Based Content 2.0 Sites" build even greater, long-term free Search Engine traffic.

And yes... all those visitors generate even greater revenues from multiple streams of income with even less effort in the long run.

E-business Vs. Hosting

Web hosts sell hosting. Period.


Big-name Web hosting companies are not in the business of helping you build a successful e-business. Blog or site? It makes no difference to them, as long as you host it with them.

They sell hosting (bandwidth and storage space for your site). To sell it, they include the "quick-and-easy" site-or-blog-building software, including cPanel and WordPress, "FREE!"

But it's far from free. 99% of these efforts turn into failed "time-and-money pits" because...

  • people build sites fast, yes, but they do it wrong from the start (no process)
  • they do not have the right business-building software (no tools for market research, traffic-building, income generation, content creation by visitors, etc.)
  • they don't have time to keep up-to-date with the fast-changing world of e-business
  • they lack useful forums where thousands of other people, just like them, help each other advance.

Without the full business approach, so many mistakes are made before, during and after creating a site or blog. As a result, almost everyone soon realizes that they have a show-stopper problem... no traffic.

And that severely limits income potential.

Building a profitable e-business needs a different process, requiring all the right tools. When you do this correctly...


Thousands of people visit your site every day, subscribe to your e-zine and RSS feeds, become fans and generate income. Where are revenues generated?

Visitors click on ads, retain your services, purchase products that you sell or that you recommend (SBI! leads you through your choice of 15 ways to convert traffic into dollars).

Please re-read the previous paragraph carefully because that is an SBI! e-business.

It's built to last. To grow. To change your life.

SBI! Vs. The New Generation Of SiteBuilders

A new marketing approach is to emphasize free and easy-to-use sitebuilders, then sell Web hosting and other "premium" features. The best known companies are Yola and Weebly.

In Feb, 2010, Yola announced it had surpassed 3 million users, "helping small and medium businesses create, host and grow professional, customized websites."

The press release went on to say that those 3 million users attracted "9 million global visits per month."

9 million visits, 3 million users. That works out to an average of 3 visits per month for each user (lower if they have more than one site each, as many do).

3 visits per month cannot drive an e-business. The average SBI! site? 1500 times more visitors! The conclusion...

Whether hosting tries to give away free sitebuilders or free sitebuilders try to sell hosting, the average person needs a complete all-in-one process-and-tools approach.

Sitebuilding and hosting, no matter how much they try to promote "cheap-quick-easy," is only one step out of 10 that you must do well to achieve e-business success.

A Site Or Blog Is Just A Place Of Business


Without visitors, that is all it will ever be. A place. But not a business.

So where are the visitors? How do you get found? How do you convert them into income?

There are two ways to deal with "the-place-of-business-that-has-no-business" syndrome...

  • Over several years, spend thousands of hours and dollars to figure it out. Most fail before that happens.


  • Avoid the time-and-money pit by doing it right from DAY 1. Top-1%-traffic sites generate substantial income in a variety of ways.

No matter what you know and love, whether it's exotic international sandwich recipes or propagating tortoises, you can convert your knowledge into a highly visited site by...

  • following a proven process
  • using the right tools to execute
  • asking for help when needed
  • depending upon high-quality, up-to-date information and tools to "just be there."

When you do that with SBI! (and only SBI! delivers all that), here's the type of good results that happen every day, all over the world, in thousands of ways...

  • Someone from England plans to move to a suburb of Toronto, Canada.
    He finds your real estate site and books an appointment to view houses.
  • A person in northern Canada is searching for information about Swiss chocolates.
    There you are, with Google ads for Swiss chocolate.
  • A woman from the Upper East Side in New York seeks the best beach in Anguilla.
    She finds your site and books the hotel you advertise.

In other words, you are earning income without spending a penny to buy advertising at the engines because your traffic comes free. And each of those SBI! owners earn income in several other ways, too!

It's all driven by free, targeted visitors who arrive from the Search Engines. SBI! includes the process-and-tools that enable you to build Top 1% trafficked sites.

And that brings us to another critical step, converting traffic into income...

Monetizing All Of Your Traffic

Plan an e-business correctly from the start. Visitors arrive with various intentions. So plan several ways to convert them into income. As always, do this at your own pace, adding new monetization methods as your time and priorities permit.

You may think you "know" how you want to earn income. But as you work through the process and tools of SBI!, you will be surprised at how much more income your well-trafficked site can generate.

Choose the right monetization options. Develop multiple streams of income. Maximize each one.

You need the right process and tools to build an increasingly profitable, long-term business. Prepare properly before you write your first word. Continue the discipline all the way through to the point where you are banking ever-increasing amounts of income.

Don't put up a Web site or start a blog, just to make a few AdSense dollars. There is so much more that you can do with an e-business... take it as far as you want. Done right, you do it in less time and more effectively.

Opportunity Knocks!


March surely through the correct door.

All you need is knowledge about something in your Brain, a positive Attitude and Motivation. We call that BAM!

You don't need to be a techie or exceptional genius. No special credentials, experience or degrees are needed. You just share what you know about a particular topic.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do the same as thousands and thousands of SBI! owners with BAM.

Having read this introduction, you now understand more important business-building principles than some who study "Net marketing fine points" for years.

The most important "takeaway point" is this...


E-business is real business with high potential. Don't let its low risk relax your determination. Since the downside is so low, focus on the upside as your motivating factor.

How can you be sure you do it properly? Use SBI!.

You will have all the tools, support, community and updates you'll ever need.   "Just add BAM!"   Tens of thousands of SBIers will tell you...

"Just follow the Action Guide." Provided in many formats (written, audio, video, and mobile), the Action Guide is your fearless step-by-step-through-the-process mentor who shows you how and when to use all the software that is integrated into the all-in-one package called SBI!.

Every piece to the "puzzle of successful e-business" is included...

  • Follow a clear process that has been proven to work by tens of thousands.

    (The Alternative: Try to figure it all out on your own with site/blog-building and regular hosting, losing years while trying to piece it all together.)

  • Use one complete set of tools to execute SBI!'s 10 key steps. Examples include...
    • keyword brainstorming and researching
    • high Search Engine rankings
    • enabling your visitors to build full Web pages for you (stronger than blogging)

    (The Alternative: Find an assortment of free and expensive tools, likely be misled by MMO and GRQ along the way, wasting thousands of dollars on tricks and bad tools.)

  • Ask for help whenever you need it at SiteSell Support and the SBI! Forums, a unique "help and be helped" community of thousands of SBIers who are always there, speaking your language, helping you move ahead.

    (The Alternative: Ask for help at a variety of marketing forums where most have an agenda and are subtly trying to sell you something.)

  • Count on SBI! to follow and figure out all the daily "Net news" for you, eliminating 99.9% of it that is just "noise," incorporating the important piece every now and then into new articles and tools.

    (The Alternative: Instead of losing even more time following "the latest hot trend or products.")

Is SBI! Perfect?

No. Nothing is fool-proof. But nothing comes in as "close second place" to SBI!, either. There is no other product that delivers the all-in-one process, tools, updating and support/guidance, not at any price...

  • You will find individual tools that alone cost more than all of SBI!.
  • And SBI! has tools that exist nowhere else (ex., "SiteSell Supply," unique brainstormers, Content 2.0 and behind-the-scenes management tools that check links, work with the engines, etc.).

So while it's not fool-proof, nothing else approaches SBI!'s success rate because nothing else delivers a complete combination of process, tools, updating and guidance.

SBI! does not build sites that struggle to build traffic, leaving you to opportunistically make a few dollars here and there. It builds growing, strong, profitable businesses, from the ground up. It builds your e-business.