SBI! Sites Fire On All Traffic Cylinders

35% Traffic Gain Post Panda 4.0!

Google Panda Traffic Increase

No visitors = no business. For many solopreneurs, generating traffic (prospective customers) costs hundreds or thousands of advertising dollars per month. It is an expensive addiction - the traffic stops when you stop spending.

Eliminate that money treadmill. Instead work with the search engines, especially Google (since it handles 68% of all search queries in America, 90% in Europe) to generate free, targeted traffic.

People use search more than ever, on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Traffic from search engines is the #1 traffic source for most websites. And those visitors tend to be more engaged than visitors arriving via social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

Free search traffic (called "organic traffic") is your engine. SBI! enables you to build this engine better than any other product.

How Does SBI! Help You Attract More Traffic From Google?

Google’s success depends on the satisfaction of the searcher. In order to show them the best, most relevant results for every search term, Google constantly refines their search algorithms, getting better and better at delivering what people want.

Usually these adjustments go unnoticed; but every now and again, Google makes a significant algorithmic change and names it. “Panda” is one of those major algorithmic changes. Its main goal is to reward great sites that add value to the Web by ranking them higher in the search results.

SBI!'s combination of proven process and tools helps you create exactly what searchers and Google want and love, in a way that gets found. That’s why, at a time when many solopreneurs are struggling, SBI! owners have been, on average, steadily gaining traffic from Google, culminating in an average 35% increase with the Panda 4.0 release.

Not a One-Trick Panda... Err Pony

Some people think that "search" is all that SBI! does. No, it's the complete business-building solution. What many don't understand is that one of the big reasons that SBI! is so search-effective is that it's hard-baked into the entire process.

That process starts way before you write your first word. And it continues to build traffic in many other ways.

People will always search for information, so SBI!'s process will work even better in 2, 5 and 10 years. As engines get smarter and the Web gets more complex, SBI! will provide an ever-increasing advantage in search. But it does not end there. For example...

The active use of social media enables you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. We show you (and give you tools) to build a community of potential customers, as well as a network of "influencers" in your niche. Done well (and you will do it well), you extend your reach far beyond your site's audience.

Even if you don't have time to actively social market, we enable you to get as much as possible out of social media "passively." Your visitors spread the word about your site and bring in more traffic, after a one-time set-it-and-forget-it step.

Steps... that is how SBI! helps you get it done. Building a business is as intimidating as eating an elephant. But, when you do it "one bite at a time," you'd be amazed at what you achieve. The "social bite” helps you build yet more traffic.

Mobile, expected to account for 50% of traffic, is another step. With the advance of mobile devices, more people are doing more than ever on the Internet. Mobile search volume exploded in recent years, and so did the use of social networks on smart phones and tablets.

No need for you to "keep up with it all." We show you how to get the most out of major new trends. And that leads us to the most important point...

We Do It All For You

SBI! stays on the cutting edge of the big trends in today's online landscape. It follows hundreds of bloggers in a variety of fields and weeds out the fluff, bad information, and schemes. You end up using a small number of critical traffic-growing strategies that work, whether it's in social sharing, mobile optimization, user-generated content, RSS distribution, newsletters, etc.

So while we're fiercely proud of our track record in search engine traffic, you'll build traffic in many other ways. Some sites, for example, generate more than half of their thousands of visitors per day through Pinterest!

And we don't stop there. In the same way that traffic-building starts way before you even pick your domain, income-generation is planned way before, too. You are ready to convert visitors into dollars as they arrive and increase.

So, once again…

Stop Paying for Traffic... Turn Free Traffic into Income

Follow SBI!'s Content Traffic PREsell Monetize process from Day 1. Within a few months, traffic will be coming from a variety of sources (don't believe anyone who promises you results faster than that). It's exciting...

Actual human beings, interested in what you have to offer, start arriving from search, social and mobile, from RSS, your newsletter and on and on! As traffic grows, you monetize it in a variety of ways. Many SBIers start with "passive models" such as AdSense and affiliate marketing. Then, as "site work" begins to stabilize, they turn more attention to maximizing dollar-per-visitor activities.

While you could stop at passive income generating models (some are perfectly happy there), we don't advise it for those who aim to build a serious business (not just income, but one with equity). SBI! guides you, step-by-step, towards higher-paying monetization models. You’ll learn how to develop and sell digital and physical products, from Kindle books to your own, originally branded widget. That’s right, with “Make It!” (included in SBI!, it alone is worth hundreds of dollars), anyone can develop, manufacture and market their own hard goods!

The formula is simple: Growing traffic x increased dollar-per-visitor ratio = exponential increase in your business profits!