The Crime of Selling Get Rich Quick

The Lure...

"Get Rich Quick Schemes" have been around forever. And it's not because "There's a sucker born every minute." It's because people want to believe it's possible. We are all susceptible to this lure, when the right copywriter creatively manages to convince you that "this time it is different." But...

It is simple common sense that it takes time and effort to build a long-term, profit-generating business, online or off. We all love to suspend that common sense when presented with a compelling tale of "how my closest insiders made $34,000 in just the first month."

But it's just not true. It can't be. We would all be rich if it was. To overcome the impulse to buy the latest "Get Rich Quick" ("GRQ"), remember to ask yourself this one simple question...

"Would you sell a GRQ scheme that WORKS?"

Of course, you wouldn't! You'd use it, quietly, not telling anyone. Why? Because as soon as too many people catch on to "a good thing," that opportunity disappears.

So people sell a "Get Rich Quick" scheme for one of two reasons...

  1. It does not work, and never did.
  2. It used to work, but the end is over or in sight.

Either way, they line their pockets at your time and expense. They hurt others. The second is, by far, the worst, since there may be a smidgen of truth that makes you spend a great deal of time and money.

While many can overcome that "what if this is true" impulse, many can't. They lose money... over and over and over again.

The Current Make-Money-Online Scam

A good example is the area of "Search Engine tricks." These are specific strategies that fool the engines (focusing on Google) into inappropriately giving poor sites high rankings for certain terms. To help you understand how subtle this can be, here is a current example...

There is currently a group that markets a system that involves creating hundreds, even 1000s, of mini-sites or micro-splogs or "money pages." You build a 1-5 page site of content that is taken from others (they advise you to "change it just enough so it can't be recognized by Google or others as plagiarism"). Next...

You create an elaborate link-network to a specific page to push it up in the search ranking. Free page-hosting locations such as Squidoo and Hubpages (which have recently been blackballed by eBay) and others harbor tons of Web spam, much of it plagiarized or minimally changed.

You can even take one article and use software to automatically "slice-and-dice" it into 50 or 100 articles, which are then automatically submitted to article-marketing sites. This software alone costs $67/month, more than double all of Site Build It!.

This strategy may have worked at one point. But just like other Search Engine tricks (ex., keyword stuffing, doorway pages), this one will be eliminated, too. After all, Google has several hundred computer-search geniuses whose job it is to figure out this abuse. And their gurus know this or they would not talk about "leaving no Google footprint" and "avoiding detection at Google" and "we'll talk about this offline since Google may be watching," and creating "aliases" when they build fake link networks.

When the Google hammer falls, the tens of thousands of people who were misled into buying all sorts of expensive tools and coaching programs to pollute the Web will be back at Square 1, while SBIers, who work with Google, merely keep pulling farther ahead.

The lure is appealing. With almost no work, you create hundreds of "money pages" and fake link networks and hope a few make enough money. But, if you stop for a moment and think about it...

  • It is immoral.
  • It violates every Google guideline.
  • It is actually harder and more expensive than building one, strong SBI! business.
  • Success with it, if any (they provide no proof at all), will be obliterated by Google.

No wonder the gurus promote the system instead of actively working it nowadays. They make much more money promoting or selling products for a system that supposedly requires only "free or cheap hosting" and the "cost of a domain." Meanwhile, the system is destined to fail, to hurt others.

SBI! Is Real... It Removes the Barriers, But You Still Have To Work

It takes time and effort to build a real, profit-making business. Nothing in the world can change that, not offline or on. But the good news is that the SBI! process and tools focus the correct application of your effort.

You work with maximal efficiency, no time wasted on overcoming technology, SEO, constant "what's new" noise, etc. You create true, "value-added" content, information that others want, in an area that you have determined can be well monetized. You are honest, proud, never hiding, and growing steadily.

It's not sexy. There are no "magic secrets." If you bring your own knowledge, a good attitude, and motivation to succeed, you will succeed as others have. That's it. That's the promise. No "Get Rich Quick," just this...

You really can start an e-business, whether you want to go at it full-time and quit the day job (or replace a lost one), or if you only have a few hours per month to supplement your income (and, of course, ambitions can grow from there).