The 90 Day "Confidence of Success" Guarantee: Try SBI! First, Make Your Final Decision Later

Ken Evoy
Ken Evoy, Founder and CEO
SiteSell Inc.

No product is perfect for everyone. I only want you to own SBI! if it is right for you. You likely feel the same.

If you're like me, you tend to delay important decisions because you are not 100% sure. Have you noticed how you only truly become 100% sure after you purchase and use a product?

At SiteSell, we not only recognize this, we encourage it! We want you to take full advantage of the 90 Day Guarantee!

Use it as your free Confidence of Success trial. Purchase SBI! and make a final decision after putting it to the test...

  • Try it. Simply follow the Video Action Guide.
  • Pick the perfect niche and register your domain.
  • Build your business with the right process and tools.
  • Enjoy the rewards... growing profits and equity.

If you decide it's not for you, simply tell us.

We Will Refund You IMMEDIATELY!

  • No strings. Better, actually...

    You can keep the domain name that you register at our expense. It's our thank you for permitting us to introduce SBI! to you.

  • No time limits on the annual subscription!

    Ask for your money back anytime... SiteSell will refund you 100% within the first 90 days of purchase of your annual subscription, and on a pro-rata basis after that.

  • What about the monthly subscription?

    Ask for your money back within the first 90 days of your initial monthly purchase... SiteSell will refund you 100% (up to 3 months!).

There is Literally ZERO Fine Print!

No ifs, ands or buts. There is no "fine print." You can be 100% absolutely, positively sure that we will honor this guarantee.

Since 1997, SiteSell has built a rock-solid reputation of honesty, quality and service. We work with individuals of all ages (over 30,000 customers!), institutes of higher learning, existing businesses of all sizes and vendors who all know that we mean every word we say.

This guarantee is no exception.

If you ever feel that we haven't lived up to this our promise and guarantee, report it to us on the SiteSell Facebook page in front of our hundreds of thousands of fans and happy customers.

The Bottom Line?

Try SBI! for 90 days. If it isn't right for you, let us know.
We will immediately honor your refund request, no questions asked.