"Big Media" & SBIers

The media is the toughest audience there is. No one scrutinizes the facts more closely than the media. Bombarded by press releases that they ignore (unless your name is Bill Gates), it's near-impossible for the "average" person to get media coverage.

SBI! owners do...

Why are so many SBI! sites publicized by the media?

Journalists use Google as a primary research tool. They know Google delivers high-quality, relevant results. That's how and why they find SBI! owners...

Google ranks SBI! sites well. A high percentage of SBI! sites make up the Top 0.5%. of all Web sites.

Once journalists find a site, C T P M takes over. The results? Here is a small sampling of the many SBIers who have been found and featured by major media...

Starting a Conversation as Elderly Ones Age

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman interviewed Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds, founder of the caregiving website Talk Early Talk Often (talk-early-talk-often.com), about end-of-life conversations with elderly relatives. Rev. Edmonds also hosted an online chat about this topic for NBC Nightly News.

"I would get this phone call after things had blown up. And almost invariably there would be this help we don't know what to do, we never talked about it."

- Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds

Good Cellphone Service Comes at a Price

Steve Kazella (cell-phone-towers.com) questions tenants' concerns about the weight of cellphone base stations on their building rooftop.

Two links to my site from the NY Times online really puts me on the map in my industry. I already got emails from colleagues in the industry.

When I look back at all of the amazing opportunities that have plopped into our laps this year as a result of our 2 SBI sites, it's really amazing. We are seeing new deals every day, and now have a very healthy pipeline of business for the fall because of the websites.

- Steve Kazella

Recession Aftermath Brings New Wave of Entrepreneurs

Mary and Dave Morris wanted to watch their grandchildren grow up so they decided to leave the corporate world and work for another boss – each other. In 2009, they launched their own revenue-generating website, Porchideas.com, which currently attracts over 9000 visitors per day.

"When we first started off, we made 72 cents," Dave said. "The first thing you realize is -- if you can make 72 cents today, you can make it tomorrow. And if you can make 72 cents tomorrow – you can make a dollar. If you can make a dollar, you can make two. If you can make two you can definitely make 10. The whole thought process is just – if it is working, just make it better."

- Dave Morris

Taking Your Home With You

Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveler of the New York Times, interviews SBIers Randy Sturrock and Marianne Edwards (frugal-rv-travel.com) about their impromptu, affordable, RV traveling experiences.

It all began last week when Matt who writes a weekly travel column called "The Frugal Traveler" contacted me to request an interview. He had found me through my SBI website, of course and interviewed me by phone on Thursday.

I knew I wanted to stop and write this quick note to say...Thank you, SiteSell and thank you SBI! I am riding high on cloud nine and intend to keep the momentum going.

- Randy Sturrock and Marianne Edwards

Oprah and Suze Orman's Recession Tips

A recent episode of Oprah focused on ways to recession-proof your life. The best tip on the show came from Jill Ferrer, who travels with her husband throughout USA in their RV, while earning income from Jill's website about RVing. Jill built her own website, with no prior experience, using a fascinating online self-study course...

Anne (an Oprah researcher) had found our website, www.your-rv-lifestyle.com! She explained that Oprah was doing a show about the impact of the economy on people's finances and retirement plans.

What a great testimonial to the power of SBI!.

- Jill Ferrer

How To Have A Perfect Wedding At A Fraction Of The Cost

Nicola Ray turned her thrifty approach into a thriving online business telling people how to cut costs on the big day without compromising on style. The budget breakdown of Nicola's own "perfect day" can be found on her SBI! site, cheap-wedding-success.co.uk. The site earns enough ad income for Nicola to leave her job in advertising and to work on her passion at home.

I've had quite a bit of media coverage (BBC Radio, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent), as well as many radio and local shows. And WeddingTV (a Sky channel) contacted me about doing a series in the UK.

Credit crunch and cheap weddings seems to go hand-in-hand It's fantastic to get picked up by reputable media. It's a testament to what SBI teaches. So thank you SiteSell, I've learnt so much over the last two years and I love it!

- Nicola Ray

5 More Great Part-time Jobs for Retirees

For Jose and Jill Ferrer, their part-time work is a website (your-rv-lifestyle.com, powered by SBI!) and blog.

"We're living a lifestyle that enables us to move around as we choose..."

"We usually take our time - spending at least a few days and more likely a week or more in an area. We fully intend to get to all of the national parks."

- Jill Ferrer

The Bottom Line? SBI! Sites Get Found

Whether it's cheap weddings or horror movies, whether it's marketers or moms, small business people or the retired, Site Build It! gives everyday people the process and tools needed to build their own Web businesses that get ATTENTION!

SBI! can help you achieve the exact same success.