E-goods Creators/Sellers

If you can digitize it, you can sell it (e-books, e-photo collections, e-music, e-clip art, e-sounds, cartoons/art/illustrations, database products/software).

The basic process, as with any product or service that you want to sell, remains the same...

  1. Develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.
  2. Fill that site with high-value content. This is the foundation.
  3. Use that content to attract your own niche-targeted traffic.
  4. Build a following through your own e-zine.
  5. Use your e-zine and site content to PREsell your targeted visitors. And finally...
  6. Convert that PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into sales of your e-product.
  7. Diversify your revenue plan to include other monetization models (ex., AdSense, sell services), all related to your theme.

The sales of e-goods, especially e-books and e-photos, is a natural extension of the information-providing nature of your Theme-Based Content Site. The right e-product can add a substantial new income stream.

Selling E-goods Online is a Dream Come True
And SBI! Is Fully E-commerce Enabled

Can there be a better business in the world?...

  1. Nothing to "manufacture."
  2. Nothing to pick, pack, and address.
  3. Nothing to ship.
  4. Nothing falls off the back of the truck.
  5. Totally automated. Sales occur overnight while you sleep. (Just plug-n-play best-of-breed solutions and you're ready to accept payment and ship product.)
  6. When you make sales, inventory does not decrease.

Simply create great electronic products, get paid by credit card in real-time, boosted by thousands of affiliates who refer traffic to you, and enjoy the impact you make on others' lives... plus a self-sufficient income.

SBI! makes it all a snap... develop your product, copy-and-paste your transaction payment and fulfillment system, and attract thousands of targeted visitors to your site... every day.

Here are two sample articles from SBI!'s Tips 'n Techniques HQ about how to use SBI! to (first) build targeted traffic and then sell e-goods.

Make the Offline to Online Mindshift... It's "Information, Information, Information."

Selling E-goods