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Nothing beats the voice of experience when researching a product. That's why these SBI! reviews are written by everyday people.

"What's SBI! like?" Find out from everyday people, folks just like you, writing just for you.

No "professional Internet marketers" here. They recommend whoever program pays the most. You'll even find fake reviews about SBI!, written only to bait-and-switch you to inferior products that pay high commissions.

We "keep it real." No games, only reviews from the heart. We don't pay these SBIers. In fact, they pay us — by paying it forward to you.

Who better to tell you all about it? This brief video collage gives you a flavor of who and what SBI! is all about. Some go back 15 years, all still with us...

SBI! Reviews
From Real Solopreneurs

SBI! Review Gerhild Fulson -

SBI! Review Gerhild Fulson

"My lightbulb moment came when I changed my attitude from building a website to building a business.

I'm bragging on what SBI! has done for me. It has taught me, trained me, helped me, guided me, and provided all the tools I needed to be successful.

This whole German recipe site is built around the keyword phrase, German recipes. You can check it out yourself.

Put the words "German recipes" into your search engine... and have a look for yourself at the results!"

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SBI! Review Jill Loeffler -
SBI! Review Jill Loeffler

"My San Francisco site is one of the most visited sites in the world. It's currently ranked in the top 300K of the total 170M (yes 170 million) sites in the world and continues to grow each day. Remember, many of these sites have been around for 10, 15 or even 20 years with a full-time staff.

In the short time since I've had my site, I've learned so much, started to make a living full time online, and have the freedom to travel where I want, when I want. SBI! is part of the reason my site is successful today.

I am able to meet and interact with other successful site owners (all SBIers also). This is another really cool part of SBI!. They have a VERY active forum community. I'm not a "techie", so if I have questions that need to be answered, I can jump on the forums and ask others SBIers to help me out. Within minutes, I usually get an answer to my question so I can continue to move forward. I'm also able to now help others that have questions.

I would absolutely recommend SBI! to anyone looking to build a SERIOUS online business. It takes time, hard work, and dedication, and SBI! will take you down the right path to success. They will give you the tools and support you need to build a business where you can make a good living online or add to your current income."

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SBI! Review Ian Morton

SBI! Review Ian Morton

"It all started as a dream, and after few years of beginning my site using SBI, I was now ready to leave my Industrial Sales position and earn my full income strictly from All About Houseboats.

Little did I know that my site would get 2k visitors a day, and serve over 2 million webpages to readers a year (just mind boggling statistics).

I'm very grateful to have my office on a houseboat and be able to enjoy the scenery while growing the business. Dreams can happen when you believe in them.

If you can DREAM IT, you can BUILD IT with SBI."

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SBI! Review Sue Koranki -
SBI! Review Sue Koranki

"My business allowed me to stay home with my kids at a time when it really counted. That was priceless to me, and has continued to give me a security and freedom I treasure.

As a life-long dog-lover, puppies have always been a passion of mine, but I have to admit that it wasn't the topic I had originally intended to build my website around.

Fortunately SBI's tools and Action Guide forced me to re-think some of my assumptions and expectations.

It steered me away from overcrowded, unsustainable topics such as 'make money online'.

Instead the incredible tools pointed me in the direction of something I was passionate, and knowledgeable about... taking care of dogs.

And boy, am I ever glad they did.

SBI has added another dimension to my life, one that brings me so much enjoyment, fulfillment, pride (and yes $$$s) that I am grateful every day that I found SBI!"

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SBI! Review Tracy Scorzafava -

SBI! Review Tracy Scorzafava

"Looking back, what I started with in 2001 was not exactly flashy. But I was able to communicate my messages in a way that real people could relate to. When you focus your website on helping others, you truly are a winner. The money is just secondary.

But my real success comes in the form of positive feedback from my visitors. So many women have emailed me or written letters letting me know that has made a difference in their lives. The fact that I can truly help other women far outweighs the effort involved in maintaining and building this site."

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SBI! Review Rachel Bruner -

"In February 2012 I was browsing the Internet in search of tips on how to best create a website for others.

During my search I stumbled across a website that talked about Site Build It! (SBI!). What I learned resulted in an explosion of emotions.

I realized that SBI! had the missing pieces to the puzzle I'd been attempting to put together on my own! My previous website experience had given me most of the pieces, but SBI! had the rest- the MONEY MAKING PUZZLE PIECES.

After seeing the successful websites of other people who had used their system I knew (with their help) I could be one of those too!

A few weeks later I took the plunge and signed up. That was the beginning of my new career as the owner of my own business at Love My Fire.

Not only have I had a blast creating this fun, successful website that helps others, but it's ALL MINE! No more taking orders from others. Now I create what I choose to create.


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SBI! Review Rachel Bruner
SBI! Review Dan Peterson -

SBI! Review Dan Peterson

"Thanks to following SBI's Action Guide, instead of having to re-enter the workforce when my original online calculator business (not built with SBI!) sank, I've able to maintain my freedom to serve others performing a work that I love (creating online calculators!).

And not only that, but my business has grown the point I've been able to grow my "rainy day fund" to a level that will support my freedom to work at what I love for years to come -- regardless of what might happen to my site's traffic levels."

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SBI! Review Catherine Simonton -
SBI! Review Catherine Simonton

"I'm a teacher at heart, with lots of background in English and language learning, but very weak tech and marketing skills. I would probably not have found a way to teach online if I had not discovered SBI.

Once I started following SBI's step-by-step process for finding a niche, developing a business plan, and then building a website, I saw a real hope of actually helping interested people improve their English.

My fellow Solo Build It owners come from all over the world. Our websites are in a number of languages, though we all need to understand considerable English to read or listen to the SBI! Action Guide and all the other guidance, and to participate in the forums.

We have websites on an incredible variety of subjects, from recipe and health and travel sites to financial planning, education (like EnglishHints), local businesses, music, and hobbies. It's been a wonderful education for me.

I knew when I chose it that teaching English had less potential for large earnings than other possible fields, but it was and is my passion. I am so glad I'm able to work at something I enjoy!"

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SBI! Review Karen Patry -

"My first foray into writing a website did not start out smoothly.

I discovered a program with very good information but the guidelines were incomplete. It was during this initial learning season that I chanced upon SBI!. Oh, it sounded great! I watched and read all the testimonials. It sounded awesome. But, all that sounded TOO good to be true so, I simply filed away the information about SBI!, and then proceeded with a website hosted elsewhere.

A couple months later, I learned that the writer of that first course, used SBI!. That grabbed my attention. I cut my losses, and purchased a subscription to SBI!. That was in 2009. I have not looked back since.

My current Alexa ranking as of today (September 2017) is 360,467, or well within the top 0.5% of all websites for traffic. With a system as solid and as comprehensive as SBI!, even newbies can follow directions and succeed."

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SBI! Review Karen Patry
SBI! Review Elyssa Bernard -

SBI! Review Elyssa Bernard

Back in about 2008 or so, I searched Google.

"How to build a website"

And, to my extreme good fortune, links to SBI! showed up.

I watched their intro videos. I saw with my own eyes how SBI! was a really solid, meaty product.

I heard them when they told me I was NOT going to get rich quick, and that anyone who told me I would, was probably not legit.

They said it would require real work. Passion, dedication. This was so me!! I was ready. And I was hooked.

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SBI! Review Tobias & Stephanie Locsei -
SBI! Review Tobias & Stephanie Locsei

"Learning how to do all this web business stuff has been a really interesting journey. We started out with absolutely zero knowledge of web-design or online business . All we had was a craft hobby and an inkling that other people out there were somehow making money on the internet.

It was so tempting to just jump straight in, start a blog or a website with cheap or free hosting, and hope that we’d figure it out as we went along. But thankfully Tobias stumbled across something called “Solo Build It!” , or SBI for short. SBI is an all-in-one course in internet business plus all the tools you need. Basically it takes you by the hand through the process of building a web business step-by-step . I like to think of it as the web-business equivalent of a really thorough craft tutorial with all the materials, scissors, and glue included :-)

A great thing about the website is that it keeps earning money even when I don’t have time to work on it . Tobias and I put a lot of work into the site in the early days, and now it can basically run on autopilot on those occasions when we get too busy with other things. I barely had time to work on the site when my children were very young (babies are fun but a lot of work!) but the income from the site continued to grow and grow in that time. Both our children had various health needs in the early years which meant a lot of appointments and daily therapy, and I could work around all of these commitments. And now that James and Sophie are older I have a flexible job that can work around our life, and it’s great to have a “job” that let’s me take “holidays” for as long as I want and still pays me".

Read Tobias & Stephanie's full SBI! review on their site.

Real People, Real Reviews

These reviews deliver "first person" insight. As you could tell, they're not pro marketers out to sell you something, "just" everyday people who have created extraordinary businesses on their terms.

Combine that with verifiable proof of success (no one does this because no one else can). Don't overthink it. Just get started...

Try SBI! today. If you love it, great! You'll be on your way. If not, you may cancel within 90 days and receive a full refund, fully guaranteed.

In other words, use the 90-Day Guarantee as your "Can't Lose Free Trial." We'll even tell you right now why you are most likely to give up — "too much work." And that's more than OK because you really can't lose...

Henry David Thoreau, American author from the mid-1800s and champion of self-reliance and individualism, once said...

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
and die with their song still inside them.

It's profound, truer today than ever. Most of us do want to live life on our terms. SBI! unlocks your song. It takes time and effort, though, to master — to make a difference. In short, it takes some sacrifice now to achieve key life goals later.

Suppose you start SBI! and discover that you aren't willing to do it, that "it's too much?" So? That's not a failure. You gave it a good try! Few do.

Give yourself permission to let go of that "quiet desperation" to want "something more." Enjoy life as it is. Please believe this — there is no more doable, more efficient way than SBI! to build a profitable business with real life-changing impact.

People get sucked into "make money" schemes over and over, only to be disappointed. Suckers to "this time is different" copywriting, that is sad.

But giving up on SBI!? All you are telling yourself is "accept life as it is." You gave it a shot and that's all that anyone should demand of him/herself.

Yes, we're aware that's a strange way to close a web page. But it's also as true as you're ever going to get...

You win, even if you lose (stop chasing what isn't meant to be). And you really win if you win (achieve goals that matter by growing a profitable business you love).

Nothing puts doable success on your side like SBI!. Start now...