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Anyone Can Build a Website.
Few Become Profitable Online Businesses.
What’s the Difference?

Solo Build It! for WordPress

Struggling With WordPress? Starting With It?
Introducing SBI! for WP

Have you ever noticed how building an online business seems so fast and easy in TV commercials? “Build a website - it’s easy!”

The good news is that it is indeed easier than ever for solopreneurs to put up a "stunning website." But many huge sitebuilders (Wix, Yola, Weebly, etc.) want you to believe that a site or blog is a business. False.

In fact, putting up a stunning design is the “easy part” - point-and-click easy! The hard parts are never mentioned in the commercials. Here are 5 basic steps you must complete in order to win...

“Start a business - Build yourself a website”

  • Research and plan (perfect niche, best topics, site structure, positioning, visitor “thumbnailing”).
  • Create standout content that visitors want (a stunning site is like a gorgeous soda bottle - empty without consumer-delighting content).
  • Further grow your “Brand of One” with sharp social media (and other strategies).
  • Build high volumes of targeted, “PREsold” traffic.
  • Monetize by converting visitors (who like and trust you) into income.

You’ll note something curious about the ad above. It doesn’t mention that there’s a heck of a lot more to starting a business than “building a website.”

Not surprisingly, 99% of solopreneurs fail at the critical ”hard parts.” That’s why so few of those ”all-pro, stunning” sites become profitable businesses that deliver both growing income and equity.

Your “top takeaway” (so far)...
“Site”   is   not   the   same   as   “Business.”

Simple logic dictates that building a profitable business can never be easy. If it were, everyone who saw that SuperBowl ad in 2016 would be rich today. Instead...

BEWARE! What do you do when you can't beat the best? One company's affiliates write fake reviews about SBI!. And then? They recommend their product - no proof of success, of course. If this wasn't so sneaky, we'd be flattered. Beware of this dirty trick - it cuts your chances of high-traffic success by 97%!

Almost everyone fails. All that “build a site” and “it’s easy” advertising also fails to mention what it does take to build a business that grows both income and equity...

  1. It takes a process, one that guides you every step of the way.
  2. You need all the tools to execute the steps of that process (before, during and after “sitebuilding”).
  3. Guidance is necessary from kindred spirits who are ready to “help and be helped.”
  4. 24/7 Support must be handy, for when something goes wrong.
  5. Auto-updating is a must, too. Who keeps you up to speed so you can focus 100% of your time business-building, not “keeping up” with the latest?

SBI! does all of that and more. The business-building difference delivers proven results that are far greater than every “sitebuilder+hosting” product.

Every one? Yes. WordPress too. And that brings us to something you must be wondering about by now...

Why Talk About Wix When This Is About WordPress?

Great question, perfect timing! The point is that it really does not matter which sitebuilder you use - Wix, WordPress, Yola or GoDaddy’s “GoCentral”...

There is so much more to business-building than site-building. That’s why no study has ever shown that any sitebuilder delivers a better chance of success.

WordPress does have one important special ability that makes it stand out above all others. More on that in a minute or two...

The irrelevance of sitebuilders (to online profitability) is obvious when you stop to think about it. After all...

A sitebuilder can’t write your content. It can’t help you with social media, nor perform optimal keyword research and niche selection. It is not going to help you grow or monetize traffic. Those are all part of business-building...

Sitebuilders build sites. Period.

Solo Build It! is built by solopreneurs, for solopreneurs, to grow successful online businesses.

The best way to understand the full SBI! for WP experience is to try it.
We are offering a 90 day guarantee on the best system for turning your Wordpress site into a profitable online business..

Yes, I’m Ready! Start Me Up!

A SiteBuilder in a Business-Building System

Even our very own sitebuilder, BlockBuilder 2 (aka “BB2”), only contributes a little to the high SBIer success rate. That’s more than other sitebuilders, but not because it’s better (all are in the same ballpark of excellence)...

BB2 makes a contribution to “business success” because it’s part of the process outlined in the SBI! Action Guide. A great deal happens before you even finalize a domain name, let alone touch site-building software! And you’ll do a lot more than “site-building” as your business takes shape.

We developed BB2 with all that it mind - we baked it into our C T P M process. See the Action Guide’s Table of Contents to see what we mean.

Other sitebuilders?

  • There’s no business-building process wrapped around them.
  • They don’t come with a suite of tools to execute all the non-sitebuilding steps.
  • Their forums focus on site-building. Compare that to the Solo Build It! Forums, which cover the gamut of business-building topics in a flame-free, no-selling environment.
  • Ditto for product Support - it’s only about sitebuilding.
  • Auto-updating? Sitebuilding software evolves with the times (e.g., design, social, mobile), so we all update accordingly. But the entire solopreneur environment is constantly changing and growing...

“What’s new?” “What’s out?” “What’s hot?” “Does it matter?” “Why?”

“Auto-updating” is mission-critical because a solopreneur’s time is especially precious...

  • Consider how many hours per day you want to put into your business.
  • “Keeping up” takes at least an hour per day, much more to really track it all properly.
  • Decide if your time is best put into “keeping up” or working on the single task (at any particular moment) that best pushes your business ahead.

Hard decision! You can’t afford to miss anything new and important. But for every 100 hours that we spend doing all this for you, there may only be one useful nugget to share. The rest is “noise” or worse (bad information, Get Rich Quick, etc.).

Skip down for more on auto-updating.

To summarize, sitebuilders come with none of the “Big 5” you need to succeed. It’s kind of like having a hammer and nails, but not the other tools or blueprint to build a home (with a happy family inside).

It’s no wonder that SBI! way outperforms Wix and WordPress at business success. That brings up the obvious question...

“What If We Wrapped Solo Build It! Around WordPress?”

WordPress’s sitebuilding software is excellent. Its really important advantage is its huge ecosystem of plugin makers. What’s the big deal about that?

If you don’t use WordPress, you have to figure out which third-party resources to build into your site. With WordPress, “there’s a plugin for that.” They have to be built according to WP specs, so they are all installed in the same way and work within the same system.

For example, instead of buying third-party software to add a membership site to your non-WordPress website (figuring out how to use it and so forth), you simply plug that functionality into your WordPress site.

That’s mighty handy.

It comes with some downsides, though...

  • Unlike sitebuilders (which provide hosting) or hosting services (which provide a sitebuilder), you’ll need to find your own hosting or buy WordPress hosting.
    While WordPress and other sitebuilders do provide free hosting, you stand no chance of succeeding without your own domain name hosted on high-quality hosting. These services all try to upsell you to paid service (or force your site to have ads, etc.). If there was such a thing as a truly “free lunch,” that company would soon be bankrupt.
  • The ecosystem is one more thing you have to master, and keep up with. Also, since plugins are made by different companies, one can conflict with another. Upgrades of plugins, or of WordPress itself, can cause problems.
  • It’s not as simple to manage as Wix, which is updated for you. Ditto for SBI!, where all tools (many more than just our sitebuilder) are not only updated remotely, they never conflict with each other.
  • The best plugins and templates either aren’t free or are “freemiums.” Still, you can add quite a bit of what SBI!’s tools provide at little or no cost (if you can figure out which ones you need, are best, won’t crash, etc.).

WordPress also shares all sitebuilders’ most basic deficiency. You need more than a sitebuilder to build a business. Plugins are great, but which ones form the best set of tools? They must be high-quality, not conflict with each other, etc. And, of course, they must be part of a process that works.

Solopreneurs have the same high failure rate regardless of which sitebuilding tool they use, including WordPress. So SBI! for WP is the perfect marriage...

We wrap the identical business-building system (process, non-plugin tools, guidance, support and auto-updating) around an outstanding sitebuilder with the perfect set of plugins.

SBI! for WP Brings Business Success to WordPress

What you, the WP-using solopreneur, need most is a partner who focuses on your success as much as you do. We take care of everything complicated, everything tedious, all the technical stuff. We do mean “everything” (we even test WP and plugin upgrades to give you the “safe-to-upgrade” green light)!

There is only 1 business-building combination of process, tools, truly helpful guidance, fast support, and auto-updating. Its proven and unmatched 15-year history of success is no accident. It’s...

Solo Build It!
And Now It’s Available for WordPress

Do exactly what every successful SBIer has told others who are starting...

“Just follow the Action Guide.”

The best way to understand the full SBI! for WP experience is to try it.
We are offering a 90 day guarantee on the best system for turning your Wordpress site into a profitable online business..

Yes, I’m Ready! Start Me Up!

What Is SBI! and How Does It Differ From SBI! for WP?

SBI! is a business-building product that has a 15-year history of the highest rates of online business success. The differences are not slight - a recent study showed a 100-fold greater chance of success! When we discovered that WordPress users do just as poorly as other solopreneurs, it was a revelation.

We 💖 WordPress... As a Sitebuilder

WP’s huge ecosystem creates a ton of free marketing for WordPress. It gives the impression that WP is a business-builder, but it’s really a terrifically flexible sitebuilder (but still “just” a sitebuilder).

Its plugin ecosystem has made it the most-used sitebuilder/blogging platform. The results were inevitable. Out of 40 million WordPress users, the percent who succeed is as dismal as for any other sitebuilder.

Solopreneur WordPress users should, in theory, do better. They don’t - it’s a bit worse, if anything. Wrapping SBI! around WordPress unleashes its full business-building potential.

Which is better, SBI! or SBI! for WP? The question should really be, “Which is bestest?” 😉 Seriously, in a choice between these two, both take a quantum leap above all others.

You’re choosing between #A1 and #1A. Either way...

Both versions of SBI! include the identical core elements...

  • SBI!’s unique and 15-year proven business-building process that grows long-term income and equity (i.e., salable value).
  • full use of tools that are not available as WordPress plugins (e.g., the all-important Brainstorm It!, along with several others, including Search It!)
  • full access to the SBI! forums for “help and be helped” guidance
  • 24/7 support
  • auto-updating - the SBI! for WP version of “auto-updating” also includes our monitoring of the WordPress ecosystem and our “green light” testing of upgrades (more on that below)

You follow exactly the same steps in exactly the same order as users of the original SBI!, as outlined in the “original” Action Guide.

The only differences?

  • Use the WordPress sitebuilder instead of our BB2.
  • Use our recommended perfect set of plugins, rather than several of our built-in tools. (If you are experienced with WP, you can replace a recommended plugin with a favorite.)
  • Use your own hosting.
  • Purchase a domain name (when the process calls for it).

Another important difference...

The price of SBI! for WP is half that of the “original” SBI! because hosting, sitebuilder (and some other tools such as email marketing) and domain name are all included in the original (and not in SBI! for WP).

Aside from that, the only changes to the Action Guide are the inevitable adjustments that come from using WordPress and its plugins. For example, while the original SBI! includes world-class hosting (hence no need for discussion), SBI! for WP...

  • analyzes and recommends the best hosting for WP (and even discusses the more expensive “WordPress Managed Hosting” options)
  • suggests the ultimate set of plugins to use and covers the use of WordPress

    All third-party products or services we recommend are based purely on objective analysis. We receive no commission. We are often able to negotiate reduced prices for SBIers.

  • covers how to minimize WordPress’s security risks.

Summary: Aside from the necessary adaptations, SBI! for WP is identical to SBI!. The price is 50% of the original version.

Who Should Use SBI! for WP? vs. The Original SBI!?

That’s simple. Any solopreneur who has yet to succeed multiplies his or her chances for success by 100X (no typo) by using SBI!. That includes...

  • total novices   If you prefer to keep it simple, use the original version of SBI!. If you don’t mind some technical work, getting your own hosting, and if you are sold on WordPress, use SBI! for WP.
  • intermediate knowledge base   If you like doing your own HTML or have been using a sitebuilder such as Wix (or Weebly, Yola, etc.), use the original version of SBI!. If you are comfortable with WordPress, stick with SBI! for WP.
  • high-level knowledge base   Ditto for mid-level, but please read the following carefully...

Commit to It

Stripping the definition of the Internet of all “tech-talk,” it is just a worldwide network of computers that can speak to each other. Its users are people with predictable behavior patterns.

When you think about it that way, winning boils down to math. Focus on the variables that matter and execute on those well. There is a reproducible way for any person with “BAM” to win.

It also means that there is a reason that you have failed (so far). And you are far from alone. In fact, the math sucks for most.

The reasons for failure are most likely fundamental (i.e., you have failed at one or more of the critical variables). If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep failing...

If you commit to a serious effort with SBI!, we believe you’ll win. Here’s the thing, though...

We track nearly 200 resources in every area that has a bearing on solopreneur success. We noted something important regarding the participants in forums and groups...

An incredible number of people know too much of the wrong stuff - misguided (at best) or flat out hurtful to your efforts (at worst). Many of those folks sound sophisticated and clearly influence others.

The problem? If that’s you, SBI! may seem too simple to you. Or it may contradict what you believe. In the SBI! forums, you’ll find that some SBIers know less than you. You may, frankly, look down on it, SBIers, and us.

No offense intended, but you’d be wrong. SBIers know the right material and apply it in the right way and in the right order. In math terms, they master the key variables. The results speak for themselves. So we ask you to put us to the test by committing to it...

Just follow the Action Guide to a tee. Do not “add” any favorite strategies (e.g., link-building techniques, automated and multiple tweeting of your blog posts, obsessing on followers more than engagement, etc.). Take a leap of faith and execute it exactly and excitedly.

We know that some won’t. We also know that those who take that leap will be delighted to finally crack into the winner’s circle!

The most important difference is results...

SBI! for WP enables you to succeed at the same rates and levels as those who use the “original” SBI!. Your chances and level of success are substantially greater than “regular” WP users.

Why Most Solopreneurs Fail ⏳

The upside of being a solopreneur is wonderful (control, independence and freedom).

The downside? Time. More specifically, the lack of it.

One big enemy, therefore, is the constant firehose of information (e.g., Internet marketing, SEO, social media, “tips,” news, etc.). Link bait plays off your “Fear of Missing Out” (“FOMO”), wasting hours of precious time. Worse, following bad information (well-meaning or a scam) can set you back by months.

Even if you could follow it all, you should not be juggling so much time just to “keep up.” Instead, focus every hour on the actual building of your online business.

If you ignore it all, though, how can you keep up? Good question. You can relax...

We have your back. Our “FOMO team” tracks all those balls for you, sorting “signal” from “noise.” We send you that rare useful piece of new info that you actually need. You keep your eye on the ball of business, the one that means the world to you and your future. 🌏

How else does the lack of time doom your efforts? Here’s a big one...

Shortcuts! They Do Not Save Time

Lack of time leads most solopreneurs into taking shortcuts. Sitebuilding/web hosting services know this, which is why they start you off with “pick your domain name.” What a disservice.

Here are 4 common reasons to fail that all start with shortcuts. All are 100% preventable simply by doing the right upfront research and prep...

  1. Bad Early Decisions: Make all the right calls (niche, content, site structure, visitor thumbnail, etc.) before you choose a perfect domain name! It makes everything that follows so much higher-yield. Heck, it’s usually the difference between success and failure.
  2. Failure to Stand Out: You may have noticed that successful blogs have something special. A special, intangible presence makes them stand out. Most sites never establish that. SBI! shows you how.
  3. No “Brand of One”: You must build “trust and like.” Write to connect. Interact creatively. With SBI!, you’ll build an all-important “Brand of One” that prospective customers remember and like.
  4. Failure to Monetize: Making a realistic monetization plan is critical. Maximize your monetization potential and know ahead of time that it will more than meet your goals.

Those are just the basics. There are many smaller steps within each stage. They are all “doable.” Do them as if your business depends on it (it does!). And by the way, you’ll do this before you pick the perfect domain name for your new business. Oh, right, we said that already - well, it’s important!😃

Let’s summarize. Early mistakes limit your potential income, even pre-doom your business. Follow a proven process. Avoid the business-damaging errors and maximize both your likelihood and level of business success.

Do this correctly, in order, no shortcuts. You will get on the path to becoming that rare breed of solopreneur, one with an online business that...

  1. is valued by visitors who become enthusiastic customers
  2. generates growing, stable, multiple-stream income that is under your control, and
  3. grows long-term value in the business itself (i.e., equity). If you only grow income, you have merely created a job for yourself. But building a business that can be sold for a multiple of income is serious solopreneurism.

Why SBI!? Etched in Soul...
Written By Solopreneurs, For Solopreneurs.

Ask any solopreneur what his/her most common problem is. The answer is going to be, “time.” We never have enough time to do everything necessary to build a profitable online business.

SiteSell is not so much a company as a collection of solopreneurs. We not only “get” the time pressure, we still live it every day - so much to do!

The only possible solution for the everyday solopreneur was to design the only all-in-1 package of process, software, guidance, help and auto-updating that squeezes every last ounce of time-effectiveness into what becomes your increasingly profitable online business.

Building a successful online business depends upon following a process that’s been proven to work. That “theory” has become the best track record anywhere. SBI!’s ever-evolving C T P M has delivered 15 years of unparalleled success.

And the gap is growing. The more complex things become and the more new developments that arise, the more simplifying and optimizing value we pack into SBI! (no change in price).

Your job? Every winning SBIer emphasizes the same key point...

Follow the SBI! Action Guide.” Simple as that.

We know it’s not easy to completely “get” SBI! until you use it. We also know that only the most serious and careful solopreneurs will give SBI! a try.

Most folks prefer the “it’s easy” claims of the GetRichQuick industry and the #ItsThatEasy hashtag of Wix. Respectfully, those people are not our target market. Only bad news lies ahead for them. Why?

Because it’s not “easy.” Building a business can never be “easy.” Everyone would be rich if that were true.

But SBI! can make it doable by breaking it down into step by doable step. It’s perfect for those who...

  • are serious about growing a profitable online business
  • bring a positive attitude and determination to the table.

It’s why SBI! will always consist of a small number of our favorite type of people... pleasant, hard-working and motivated. When they discover SBI!, they know they are home!

And that is why we make this guarantee...

The best way to understand the full SBI! for WP experience is to try it.
We are offering a 90 day guarantee on the best system for turning your Wordpress site into a profitable online business..

Yes, I’m Ready! Start Me Up!

Solopreneur: An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running a business single-handedly. S/he might hire contractors on a project-by-project basis, but retains full responsibility for the running of the business.

  – Urban Dictionary

You are a "solopreneur" if you want to start an online business on your own.

What distinguishes solopreneurs from entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs typically have a grandiose vision and bigger goals. Solopreneurs value freedom, control and work-life balance.

As a solopreneur, you do not want the bother of managing people or being responsible to investors. Of course, being "solo" limits the amount of time for growing the business, which in turn limits size and income. You happily accept that tradeoff.

How does a solopreneur grow into an entrepreneur?

Strong levels of solo success may inspire visions of greater growth. That requires the addition of staff. This is an affordable option for solopreneurs who generate $60,000-$200,000+ of net income. Self-funding from cash flow eliminates the need for (and responsibility to) investors...

You still hire contractors, as needed. But now you add part-or-full-time employees, in stages (as growing income allows). Even with an employee or two, you may still consider yourself to be a solopreneur.

Solopreneurs become entrepreneurs when they "snap" into a "grow a BIG business" mindset. Few choose to do so, but it is a viable option for the solopreneur who discovers "the entrepreneur within."


What common thread connects these solopreneurs (aside from their success)? They came to SBI! with 3 simple qualities that we call “BAM!” ...

  • Brain: you know a lot about a niche (no need to be "brainy").
  • Attitude: positive, optimistic, you know that ups follow downs and vice-versa
  • Motivation: high level of determination, able to focus and "get it done."

BAM by itself is not enough - most folks need SBI! to release their raw potential. Nor is SBI! sufficient. If you don’t have the motivation to get this far, for example, you’re less likely to succeed with SBI!. Then again, you are here!👍

The combination, “BAM + SBI!,” is what deservingly sets SBIers apart.

We live in an age of “I want it all now”...

Most folks prefer to believe “maybe it really is that easy.” SBIers know what it takes. Our small SBI! community is a special one... realistic, ready, motivated and focused on winning.

Folks with BAM have the discipline of impulse gratification and the determination to truly build a profitable online business. None expected it to be "easy." We do promise, though, that it’s doable.


The Big, Hidden Picture of Solopreneur Failure - Exposed! notes 172,000,000 active sites as of January, 2017. That is 9.6% of the 1.8 billion “hostnames” (every type of website you can imagine).

In October, 2016, it was 177,000,000 active sites out of the 1.4 billion “hostnames”, 12.4%. That’s a “down-spike” in a long-term trend. Total active sites have decreased by 11% since Aug, 2012 (193,000,000).

Worse, still, the vast majority of solopreneur sites “live” in the “long tail” of sites that receive virtually no traffic (which are almost 100% solopreneur sites). Finally, 10 times as many sites have been shut down as are active.

The big picture bottom line is dismal indeed...

Solopreneurs are failing and fewer are replacing them.

Discouraged? 😱 Don’t be. You don’t have to be part of “the vast majority.”

To Build a Profitable E-Business,
Act Upon the Fundamental Reality of the Way People Use the Web

Any Person, Any Small Business, Can Do It

Most e-business attempts fail because the owners never learn, focus upon, and execute the optimal process, using best-of-breed tools. At a more fundamental level, many do not recognize and adjust to the profound difference between offline and online business...

Crowd of People    Women on couch using laptop

Offline, put your business where the crowds go. Get your cash register ready! It’s all about “location, location, location.”


Online, the fundamental reality is different. No one “passes by.” They search for “information, information, information.”

Do What Profitable E-businesses Do
Act Upon the Fundamental Reality of Online Behavior

It’s so simple. Not “easy” (real business takes some work)... it’s simple. No technical barriers will frustrate and stop you. Instead, you focus on building your business. Provide in-demand information (“Content”) about something you know. From that point on, everything flows...

CTPM Image

Let’s review C T P M, the proven way to build any business online.

Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you - they don’t know you (yet!). They seek what you know. They want to interact with your social content. And often, they want to do it on their phones! Give it all to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start - at “the search.”

Your topical content ranks high at the search engines (e.g., Google, Bing), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. These visitors are known as “Traffic.”

SBI! also maximizes your mobile traffic (increasingly important). And social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) will widen your reach way beyond your site, while sending you even more traffic.

How effectively does SBI! drive “Traffic”?

Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You “PREsell” by OVERdelivering what they want from your site... relevant, original, information. Deepen the “connection” through the interactivity of social media.

Deliver it all in your own voice, in your own way. Go beyond merely instilling confidence... your visitors must like you (and they will). That’s important because people only buy from those they like and trust.

Convert warm, willing-to-buy (“PREsold”) visitors into income. Called “Monetizing,” this is the “easy part” because “M” cannot happen if you fail to first execute C T P, which drives M. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

Bottom Line
C T P M is the motor that drives ”M.” SBI! delivers the motor and the Monetization. Once you have your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize income, growth and stability.

Important: Most small businesses think of themselves as ”being” only one monetization model... they sell hard goods (or e-goods) - or they display Google AdSense ads - er they offer professional services - or they are affiliates. Instead of “or-or-or,” SBI! shows you how to develop ”and-and-and” multiple streams of income.