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Anyone Can Build a Website.
Few Become Profitable Online Businesses.
What’s the Difference?

Solo Build It! for WordPress

Struggling With WordPress? Starting With It?
Introducing SBI! for WP

Have you ever noticed how building an online business seems so fast and easy in TV commercials? “Build a website — it’s easy!”

The good news is that it is indeed easier than ever to put up a website (due to the proliferation of easy-to-use sitebuilders). That is also the bad news because millions of would-be solopreneurs are building websites.

The worst news? “Site” is not the same as “business.”

Almost everyone fails. All that “build a site” and “it’s easy” advertising fails to mention one critical fact...

It takes more than a site to become the independent owner of a profitable online business. It takes a process, one that guides you every step of the way. There is only 1 business-building process with a proven 15-year history of success...

Solo Build It! — now available for WordPress

Follow it closely to achieve the goals you set for your business.
Do not be one of the 99% who rush to a near-inevitable future of failure!

What Is SBI!? How Does It Differ From SBI! For WP?

SBI! is a business-building product that has a 15-year history of the highest rates of online business success. When a recent study demonstrated how poorly most WordPress solopreneurs do, we developed a for-WordPress version of Solo Build It!.

Both versions of SBI! include its unique business-building system that grows long-term income and equity (i.e., salable value). More on this later, but for now, the key point is this...

SBI! for WP enables you to succeed at rates and levels that few WordPress users have managed in the past.

Why Most Solopreneurs Fail ⏳

The upside of being a solopreneur is wonderful (control, independence and freedom).

The downside? Time. More specifically, the lack of it.

One big enemy, therefore, is the constant firehose of information (e.g., Internet marketing, SEO, social media, “tips,” news, etc). Link bait plays off your “Fear Of Missing Out” (“FOMO”), wasting hours of precious time. Worse, following bad information (well-meaning or a scam) can set you back by months.

Even if you could follow it all, you should not be juggling so much time just to “keep up.” Instead, focus every hour on the actual building of your online business.

If you ignore all that noise, though, how can you keep up? Good question. You can relax...

We have your back. Our “FOMO team” tracks all those balls for you, sorting “signal” from “noise.” We send you that rare useful piece of new info that you actually need. You keep your eye on the ball of business, the one that means the world to you and your future. 🌏

How else does the lack of time doom your efforts? Here’s a big one...

Shortcuts! They Do Not Save Time

Lack of time leads most solopreneurs into taking shortcuts. SiteBuilding/Web Hosting services know this, which is why they start you off with “pick your domain name.” What a disservice.

Here are 4 common reasons to fail that all start with shortcuts. All are 100% preventable simply by doing the right upfront research and prep...

  1. Bad Early Decisions: Make all the right calls before you choose a perfect domain name! It makes all that follows so much easier.
  2. Failure to Stand Out: You may have noticed that successful blogs have something special. A special, intangible presence makes them stand out. Most sites never establish that. SBI! shows you how.
  3. No “Brand Of One”: You must build “trust and like.” Write to connect. Interact creatively. With SBI!, you’ll build an all-important “Brand of One” that prospective customers remember and like.
  4. Failure to Monetize: Making a realistic monetization plan is critical. Maximize your monetization potential and know ahead of time that it will more than meet your goals.

Those are just the basics. There are many smaller steps within each stage. They are all “doable.” Do them as if your business depends on it (it does!). And by the way, you’ll do this before you pick the perfect domain name for your new business.

Let’s summarize. Early mistakes limit your potential income, even pre-doom your business. Follow a proven process. Avoid the biz-damaging errors and maximize both your likelihood and level of business success.

Do this correctly, in order, no shortcuts, to get on the path to becoming that rare breed of solopreneur, one with an online business that...

  1. is valued by visitors who become enthusiastic customers
  2. generates growing, stable, multiple-stream income that is under your control, and
  3. grows long-term value in the business itself (i.e., equity). If you only grow income, you have merely created a job for yourself. But building a business that can be sold for a multiple of income is serious solopreneurism.

Why SBI!? Etched in Soul...
Written By Solopreneurs, For Solopreneurs.

Ask any solopreneur what his/her most common problem is. The answer is going to be, “time.” We never have enough time to do everything necessary to build a profitable online business.

SiteSell is not so much a company as a collection of solopreneurs. We not only “get” the time pressure, we still live it every day — so much to do! ⏳

The only possible solution for the everyday solopreneur was to design the only all-in-1 package of process, software, guidance, and help that squeezes every last ounce of time-effectiveness into what becomes your increasingly profitable online business.

Building a successful online business depends upon following a proven-to-work process. That “theory” has become the best track record anywhere. SBI!’s ever-evolving C Red Arrow Right T Red Arrow Right P Red Arrow Right M has delivered 15 years of unparalleled success.

And the gap is growing. The more complex things become and the more new developments that arise, the more simplifying and optimizing value we pack into SBI! (no change in price).

Your job? Every winning SBIer emphasizes the same key point... “Follow the SBI! Action Guide.” Simple as that.

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Solopreneur: An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running a business single-handedly. S/he might have contractors for hire, but retains full responsibility for the running of the business.

  – Urban Dictionary

What distinguishes them from entrepreneurs who start alone? Solopreneurs value the freedom and total control of running their own business, do not want the bother of managing people or being responsible to investors. Entrepreneurs, even at the “solo stage,” have bigger plans.

Most solopreneurs are happy to work within themselves to maintain the desired work-life balance and control. They recognize and accept the consequent limits. That desire to remain “small/solo/hassle-free” may (or may not) change when above-expected levels of success require the addition of more part- and full-time staff (“solopreneurs-in-transition”)...

When they hire 2 or more regular part-time employees (i.e., not “as needed” project by project), or 1 or more full-timers, they are in transition to becoming “entrepreneurs.” Beyond that level, we consider them to have become “startup entrepreneurs.”

The Big Picture of Solopreneur Failure notes 175,000,000 active sites as of October, 2016. That is 1/8 of the 1.4 billion “hostnames” (every type of website you can imagine). Disturbing trends...

Junk grows. Active sites decrease by 10% since Aug, 2012. It is already known that 80%-90% of solopreneurs “fail fast,” but fewer are replacing this fast turnover.

Discouraged? 😱 Don’t be. You don’t have to be part of “the vast majority.”

To Build a Profitable E-Business,
Act Upon The Fundamental Reality of the Way People Use the Web

Any Person, Any Small Business, Can Do It

Most e-business attempts fail because the owners never learn, focus upon, and execute the optimal process, using best-of-breed tools. At a more fundamental level, many do not recognize and adjust to the profound difference between offline and online business...

Crowd of People    Women on couch using laptop

Offline, put your business where the crowds go. Get your cash register ready! It’s all about "location, location, location."


Online, the fundamental reality is different. No one "passes by." They search for "information, information, information."

Do What Profitable E-Businesses Do
Act Upon the Fundamental Reality of Online Behavior

It’s so simple. Not ”easy” (real business takes some work)... it’s simple. No technical barriers will frustrate and stop you. Instead, you focus on building your business. Provide in-demand information (”Content”) about something you know. From that point on, everything flows...

CTPM Image

Let’s review C Red Arrow Right T Red Arrow Right P Red Arrow Right M, the proven way to build any business online.

Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you - they don’t know you (yet!). They seek what you know. They want to interact with your social content. And often, they want to do it on their phones! Give it all to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start - at ”the search.”

Your topical content ranks high at the search engines (ex., Google, Bing), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. These visitors are known as ”Traffic.”

SBI! also maximizes your mobile traffic (increasingly important). And social media (ex., Facebook, Twitter) will widen your reach way beyond your site, while sending you even more traffic.

How effectively does SBI! drive ”Traffic”?

Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You ”PREsell” by OVERdelivering what they want from your site... relevant, original, information. Deepen the "connection" through the interactivity of social media.

Deliver it all in your own voice, in your own way. Go beyond merely instilling confidence... your visitors must like you (and they will). That’s important because people only buy from those they like and trust.

Convert warm, willing-to-buy (”PREsold”) visitors into income. Called ”Monetizing,” this is the "easy part" because ”M” cannot happen if you fail to first execute C Red Arrow Right T Red Arrow Right P, which drives Red Arrow Right M. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

Bottom Line
C Red Arrow Right T Red Arrow Right P is the motor that drives ”M.” SBI! delivers the motor and the Monetization. Once you have your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize income, growth and stability.

IMPORTANT: Most small businesses think of themselves as ”being” only one monetization model... they sell hard goods (or e-goods) - OR they display Google AdSense ads - OR they offer professional services - OR they are affiliates. Instead of "or-or-or," SBI! shows you how to develop ”and-and-and” multiple streams of income.